Bad Credit QampA

January 13th, 2011 by admin

Does Having Bad Credit Affect Your Eligibility To Join The Military?

I have bad credit, and was interested in joining the Air Force reserves. I am curious if this is going to affect my ability to obtain a security clearance or not. I am having such a hard time getting in touch with a recruiter, and am still waiting for my calls to be returned. I am curious if this is a waste of time for me or not. I am planning on fixing my credit, but have been financially unable to do so.

It will definately affect your chance of a SC. That is one of the main components of getting a clearance. It basically tells them of your responsibility and trustworthiness. If you can pay your bills on time it shows those to values, and you need those same values because with a SC you will need to keep secrets. It definately isn’t impossible though, so give it a shot.

You may also have some difficulty of joining, but it shouldn’t affect you too much on this aspect.