Bad Credit Loans Loan In Canada Clarification Of Bad Credit Payday Loans Part Forty One

February 28th, 2011 by admin

Your Career: Help wanted (except for you)

The unusual attributes some hiring managers have on their no-hire lists include smoking, the unemployed, people with accents or non-traditional hair styles, and college drop-outs.

Bad Credit Loan Sources

Bad Credit? No Credit? No Problem! Guaranteed Approval Loans Are Available Up To $25,000 more info…

How do you get an credit card with bad credit and if you are working by cash income?

I working at home because I am disable, the only way I make money is building a website to earn money and all my money go to the bank, i do not get paystub but cash because it been deposit in the bank, i want to get an credit card but I have bad credit, i will like to know how you build an credit if you cant get an credit card, i want one for orders and things of that nature! Do someone no how ,what bank offer credit without looking in to your credit?

Why dont you try getting a Visa Debit Card from your bank.
It’s like a Visa card but you only spend what you have in your checking account.

You need to really build your credit back up so maybe get a secure credit card and work your way up to unsecured.

Below is a website that can give tips on how to fix your credit. Good Luck

646-470-CARZ (2279)
Author:nycardeals (NY Car Deals)

Payday Loans Over the internet No Credit Check for the troublefree Loan Application

February 28th, 2011 by admin

It will likely be so complicated for a person to acquire a loan when he or she is known for a bad credit rating. Sometimes, approval of the loan will never even come. Now, this will likely be a typical motive why a lot of people in need of immediate money consider an online payday loan. This is undeniably a trouble-free means in getting a loan for urgent financial needs. There will be no credit checking that will be made by the loan company.

Personal loans that may be acquired from the bank would force you to have collateral. They will also do credit checking on the borrower before they will approve any loan application. However, if you choose to get a web based payday loan, you can keep away from every one of these prerequisites. There may also be no need to accomplish any monetary paperwork if you are applying for a payday loan online. This kind of loan definitely has a lot of benefits. This loan is not going to neccesitate any form of collateral from the borrower. Credit checking will absolutely not be needed because it is not going to be performed Since faxing will not be mandatory, this loan is definitely trouble-free on the part of the individual who is borrowing money. Easy request procedure can be a fantastic advantage of this sort of loan. Approval will come in only a short time. Approval could be granted within 24 hours after the application is submitted.

Now, this sort of loan may have several advantages but this also has various basics that should be fulfilled so that you’ll become an eligible applicant for this loan. The age of the person availing for the loan needs to be 18 years old and above. The person must be an earner and he or she must have a permanent job. A checking bank account must also be present and this should be an active one. Now, these will not the only requirements for availing the loan for the reason that other requisites might be added by the loan company. Genuine facts have to be supplied to the online loan form. Details which will be requested involves your name, address, employment particulars along with the account information.This is unquestionably extremely simple to avail. This is extremely easy since it just needs the following steps – fulfill the necessities, fill up a web-based application form, submit and wait for one day to get the loan approved.

payday loans no credit check – On this site you can find the types of loans, news and articles on personal finance or use free loan calculator.

Writing Home work, All ready answered just need checking. :D ?

The verb of a sentence
expresses a noun or pronoun.

1. The verb of a sentence
expresses an action or state of being.

2. Identify the subject in the following sentence.
Driving on this road is hazardous in heavy rains.

Know about some Credit Repair Secrets

February 28th, 2011 by admin

One of the reasons why many people do not have a 700 to 800 credit score , is because they are under the impression that trying to raise your credit score is illegal. That is definitely not the case, and some of the best credit repair secrets come under the category of plain common sense. So if you are looking for a good way in which you can raise your credit score rating then the easiest way to get a 720 credit score, is to know about some credit repair secrets, which are extremely easy to follow. These secrets are not going to be told to you by either a credit reporting agency or by any creditor. That is because the moment you knows about some credit repair secrets and asks the reporting agency as well as the creditors to rectify it, it is going to cost them a lot of money. And that is definitely a thing they do not intend to spend.
So here is one of the best credit repair secrets, which is simple and easy to follow. It is also going to help to raise your credit score really fast. So if you want to improve your credit rating, this tip is going to be instrumental in making sure that your credit score goes sky high on your credit score scale.
The main point of credit repair secrets is that you are going to argue on any sort of negative items which are shown on your credit score report and which detract you from 720 — 800 credit score. This means that you are going to do a little bit of arguing, and by knowing some credit repair secrets your credit rating can be improved and this will be an extremely easy way by which you can raise your credit score.
These credit repair secrets also helps you to  remember to keep a copy of your credit score report as well as a letter disputing the negative points on your credit score report, before you send it to the credit score reporting agency. This bad credit fix repair needs that you show the credit rating reporting agency that your credit score report has a number of negative items on which you wish to dispute. This bad credit fix repair to be done by getting your credit score report copy and looking at your credit score on credit score scale.
After that, you are going to implement the bad credit fix repair tip and check the copy thoroughly so that any sort of mistakes can be rectified as soon as possible. Make sure that every single item and listing on the report is yours, because some small mistakes can creep in. Then dispute these negative items and wrong items vigorously.

If you want to raise your Credit score and wants to know about some credit repair secrets , visit

Business and Services | The Worth of a Business Credit Card

February 28th, 2011 by admin

Among the so many varieties of credit cards, one underestimates the value of a business credit card. Many people choose not to apply for a business credit card because aside from having a defined target market of business owners or business executive-he seems to be complicated to use. Although a business credit card has more requirements and has higher interests compared to other types of credit cards there, unlike the common concept, t can be very helpful if used properly.

What is a business credit card?
Basically, business credit card is for consumption by business people. Compared to the regular credit card, business credit card has high limit low interest rates. Depending on the manner of choosing a business credit card can also bring many benefits automatic.

As is pointed towards businessmen or those people who are heading towards building a business, the business of power advantage credit card definitely these small businesses. Grants of the credit card business flourishing business of extending payments while improving cash flow. Apart from bringing the image of a reliable credit card, business credit card boasts of having detailed reports and giving customer service quality as its major trademarks.

Aside from having limits and low interest rates, a business credit card provides many alternatives and numerous credit options for small businesses. A business credit card also caters to large corporations that are crafted to help those people who are starting their own business to grow while closely monitoring the baseline of credit.

Simplifying business credit cards
It really pays to go to the bank when one applies for a credit card to get the chance to answer all immediate inquiries. But since business credit card is for businessmen who are always on the go, many card issuers offer business credit online applications for business credit cards. When one applies for a business credit card, no need to visit the bank. There is also no need to wait in the queue just to talk to a bank representative. When you apply online credit card business, all you have to do is select the credit card business that would fit perfectly into your small business or corporate credit requirements right from the comforts of your home or office. Aside from offering safe, secured processes, and simple are designed help you take care of your business start, most business credit cards online offer accessible features to help the card holder business credit as payment and information online. The logos and customized access to the company’s immediate cash are also available online. Online features of the credit card details of other sector bids for the monitoring and easy access.

Most of the applications business credit card offer free fee for first year and Lingui?? No preset spending limit or finance charges. Membership viable offers credit card reward other business program that enables the member to earn points toward travel, merchandise and other rewards for your business. Some of these business credit cards offer small businesses a line of credit up to $ 100,000 in a competitive APR as low as + 1.99% premium for cash and check purchases, 100% of line is available as cash is not required and ninguÌ?? No collateral. The holder or the customer’s credit card business might receive fee-free checks as well as a card to access the account. The daily savings or exclusive savings, express approvals, no annual fee, rebates of up to 5 per cent on all qualifying purchases, and the introductory annual percentage rate of 0% (APR) on purchases during the first half of year membership card offers some of the great majority of business credit cards.

While most of the tender value of the credit card issuers business of large cast, it is very important to investigate first what makes your business needs. If your business credit card is meant to invest in inventory or just for payroll, it is significant to find a flexible business credit card that can handle almost anything. If you choose to go directly to bank online or request a credit card business, a number of suppliers of business credit card first are there to help you find the product of the right credit card as easy and convenient as possible.

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helphlephelphelphelphelphelphelphelp pleaseeeee?

1. The electrical force is a universal force that exists between any two _____-d objects. Opposite _____-s attract while like _____-s repel. What is the missing word?
A. blue
B. charge
C. time
D. pole

2. Electricity and magnetism are two aspects of a single _____ force.
A. static
B. polar
C. electromagnetic
D. gravitational

3. Objects change their _____ only when a net force is applied. Laws of _____ are used to describe the effects of forces on the _____ of objects. What word is missing?
A. work
B. energy
C. waves
D. motion

4. _____ is a universal force that each mass exerts on every other mass.
A. Gravity
B. Helium
C. Electricity
D. Politics

5. Gravity = _____?
A. 9.8 m/s2
B. 8.2 feet/sec3
C. 23 miles/hour0.5
D. mc2

6. Moving _____ charges produce magnetic forces, and moving magnets produce _____ forces. What word is missing?
A. political
B. electric
C. gravitational
D. credit card

7. equals one joule per second. Seen on light bulbs, 80 W.
Work Wiggle Wanda Watts
8. electric resistance, equal to volts divided by amps, V/A
ohm rom ram dum
Math Problem
9. What is the force of a car with a mass of 2000 pounds accellerating at a speed of 10 feet/second2?
A. 200 foot-pounds/sec2
B. 2000 foot-pounds/sec2
C. 20,000 foot-pounds/sec2
D. 200,000,000 foot-pounds/sec2

This is not botany, this is a physics worksheet. And most of it is really easy, you should be able to answer it without help.

Fix credit or credit fix

February 28th, 2011 by admin

It’s really the same thing.  A rose by any other name is still a rose.  Whether you need to fix credit or you need a credit fix; you basically want the same thing: A higher credit score, a credit report with fewer derogatory items on it.  The question is how to go about doing just that. 

Your credit score is the biggest determining factor lenders look at when assessing your risk for any type of loan. This 3-digit number affects the outcome of you getting an auto or home loan; not to mention if you want to refinance your mortgage, manage your debt, and save for the long run. And if you are able to qualify for a loan, your credit score affects the rate you will be offered. Because of this, having a healthy credit score may save you hundreds of dollars every month because you’ll be paying much lower interest rates. 

There are many ways to fix credit and raise credit scores, and unless you know what they are you probably won’t get the results you’re hoping for. Understanding the credit repair process makes it faster, easier and much more effective.   Hiring a professional assures you that you are going to get the best results possible for your credit fix.

One of the best ways to get a credit fix is to get new credit.  Since your credit is primarily driven by your credit accounts over the last 24 months, getting new good credit should help substantially improve your credit scores.

One thing remains constant, when you need to  fix credit  Or  a credit fix ?   then hire a professional if you want the job done right!

How can I fix my credit score and raise it to 700?

My credit score is about 657 I want to raise to 700 and higher, any way I can get my credit report fix and how do i do that?

You need to make sure that you pay all of your bills on time every month. Next, if you have credit cards, you need to make sure that the most that you are using of your available credit is less than 20%. Check your credit report for any inaccuracies and get them fixed.

Online Application | San Francisco Giants® Extra Bases® Credit Card

February 28th, 2011 by admin

The San Francisco Giants® team logo can now be featured on the Major League Baseball™ Extra Bases™ Credit Card issued by Bank of America.    ( ).   This rewards credit card is scoring big with avid baseball fans and credit card consumers across the country.  Like many department stores, colleges and airlines have done for decades, Major League Baseball™ teams are now being displayed on consumer credit cards.  These sports oriented rewards credit cards — a great way for fans to express their undying team loyalty –  are proving to be a home run in the credit card industry.

Features offered by the Major League Baseball™ Extra Bases™ Credit Card from Bank of America include:

•           No annual fee.

•           0% introductory Annual Percentage Rate (APR) on balance transfers and cash advance checks for your first 12 billing cycles.

•           Earn 1 point for every net retail dollar spent redeemable for MLB™ autographed memorabilia, once-in-a-lifetime MLB™ experiences, cash rewards and travel with no blackout dates.

•           Get an official MLB™ licensed jersey after your first qualifying transaction(s) using your MLB™ Extra Bases™ credit card.

During a period of economic instability, uncertainty in the stock market, illiquidity in the credit markets and the softening real estate market, one thing remains constant – sports fans are crazy about Major League Baseball.  Historically, baseball has given the public something to believe in and something to hope for, particularly during difficult economic times.   With the MLB™ Extra Bases™ credit card, Giants fans can be reminded of their favorite team every time they take out their wallets.  Real fans carry the card with pride.  Visit to complete the credit card application online in a few short minutes.

How to pay off credit cards enrolled in a debt management program?

I have been in a debt management program with a local credit counseling service for about 8 months. My parents have offered to co-sign a loan so I can pay off the cards. The loan with the bank is a lower interest rate than the cards and will pay them off faster with a lower payment each month. Should I pay the cards directly or go through the credit counseling service? Which is better for my credit score?

The Credit Counseling company will probably get you a better price in the long run because they will negotiate a lower rate than you can. But, you are being charged a very large amount of compounded interest on every dollar that you owe them for every Month that the amount is owed. Let Mom and Dad help IF the interest rate and terms are better than you are currently paying the credit card companies. And, if you can afford to pay all of your bills iccluding that payment. Remember that the credit counselor is making money on you, they will not always counsel you to your advantage.

Everything you Wanted to Know About Bad Credit Repair

February 28th, 2011 by admin

It may not be possible to provide you with everything you wanted to know about credit repair in this brief article, but here we attempt to give you the do-it-yourself basics and the facts about the many credit repair schemes that are being advertised and should be avoided.

Some companies advertise that they have a credit report repair Software and also they will teach you credit repair secrets, for a fee of course. There is a lot of free information here, if you know where to look. Before you take a credit repair course or sign up for credit report repair, read the facts and the laws relating to credit repair. In this way you may avoid some disappointment and save some money.

Credit repair is a popular subject. It seems that almost everyone wants learn about credit repair. Books and software programs that claim to contain everything you wanted to know about credit repair are being sold on the internet and in retail locations all over the country. There are some questionable credit repair schemes and some companies suggest action which is illegal. Consumers can learn to repair their own credit, but it takes time and patience. The safest bet when hiring someone to do the work for you is to hire a credit repair attorney. In this way, you can be sure that you will achieve results; they know everything there is to know about credit repair. You can also be sure that a credit repair attorney will not advise you to do anything that is illegal. Most of the popular credit repair lawyers do not charge more than the other credit repair companies and some offer money back guarantees.

One of the credit repair schemes investigated by the Federal Trade Commission involved a company that told their customers that they had a special valuable computer disc. This computer disc was supposed to contain everything you wanted to know about credit repair, when in fact there was nothing unique about the disc or the services offered by the credit repair company. They charged consumers, before results were achieved. In order to protect consumers from these credit repair schemes, companies are not allowed to charge customers upfront fees. In addition, consumers have three days to cancel any contract that they sign. Of course you may not enjoy the same protection when buying a book or software program that claims to contain everything you wanted to know about credit repair. So make your purchases carefully and look for money back guarantees.

The do-it-yourself basics for everything that you wanted to know about credit repair include reviewing and correcting the information on your credit reports. In response to a recently enacted law, the three major credit bureaus, Equifax, Experian and TransUnion, created a website to allow consumers easier access to their credit reports. Until this law was enacted, the credit bureaus were allowed to charge consumers a fee for a copy of their credit reports. You are entitled to a free copy of your credit report once in a twelve month period. You are also entitled to a free copy if you have been denied credit recently, if you are unemployed and plan to apply for a new job within the next three months or if you are on public assistance. The companies pushing credit repair schemes will not tell you where to find the information that you need to repair your credit reports, before you pay them. One way to identify a legitimate credit repair company is to look at what they claim they can do. If they claim to be able to do things for you that you could not do for yourself, with time, patience and know-how, then they are credit repair schemes.

The first place to go for everything that you wanted to know about credit repair is The credit bureaus are allowed to promote other services and products on this site. These are not credit repair schemes, but they are usually credit monitoring services or newsletter subscriptions which may or may not be helpful to you in your current situation. Be sure to spell the website address correctly, this writer has written a number of articles about credit repair and has been advised that she occasionally misspells it. You can link directly to the site from Credit Fix Solutions or the Federal Trade Commission’s official website for consumer credit.

The Federal Trade Commission website is also a good place to visit for everything that you wanted to know about credit repair. Their advice is discouraging to anyone that hopes to attain immediate credit repair, because there is no such thing. But they do provide a sample letter that you can use as a guide if you are planning to dispute information in your credit reports. You can dispute any information on your credit report that you believe is inaccurate, misleading, outdated or unverifiable. Unverifiable means that the credit bureau cannot verify the information.

Disputing information on credit reports is the main topic of most books that claim to contain everything you wanted to know about credit repair. Credit repair schemes may also focus on disputing negative items on credit reports. In fact the company that claimed to own the special computer disc, simply advised consumers to dispute every negative item on their credit report. It is not illegal to dispute any information on your credit report, but it is illegal for a company to make false claims about their services.

This is probably not everything that you wanted to know about credit repair, but it may be enough to get you started. Before you buy a book or software program, visit your local library. Experts have been writing books that are supposed to contain everything you wanted to know about credit repair for a long time. The only information that may not be accurate, depending on the date the book was written, is information concerning fees charged by credit bureaus for copies of credit reports. But, this article provided you with that information. Remember to avoid the credit repair schemes, take your time and have patience. Good Luck.

Mark Henry is the author related to Credit Repair Software, Bad Credit Repair Credit Repair Software Kit only at Buy Credit Repair Software to repair your credit rating, to raise your credit score and to maintain an excellent credit score.

Those of you who have used Lexington Law credit repair services, how did it work out?

I’d like to know of anyone who has actually used Lexington Law credit repair and of their experience. I’ve gotten mixed reviews on the company, so I’d like to hear from some actual users. Was it successful? How long did it take? Any problems? How was their communication/customer service? Do you get to talk to a real lawyer ever?

i used this company. i was with them about six months. to tell you the truth i did not see any different on my credit report. i spoke with a worker in the office when i signed up. i did not recieve any information in the mail , and i wasnt called to let me know if ther were any changes on my credit report. you have to have a checking accout so that they can take it out of your acccount every month. no coummuication at all with this company. i would not use this company again.

Bad Credit Loans Loan In Canada Clarification Of Bad Credit Payday Loans Part Three

February 28th, 2011 by admin

Everybody experiences unplanned and unexpected financial expenses during their lives. This is where bad credit payday loans have a role to play and can help people with bad credit records solve their financial emergencies. Sometimes the expenses, bills and debts are small enough for people to pay off immediately. However, there are times where people cannot afford to settle the debt or expense, especially if it occurred suddenly without any warning or anticipation. People, who are short of cash and especially those who have bad credit histories, are not successful when applying to traditional loan institutions likes banks and credit unions. They have no option but to apply for a bad credit payday loan in order to settle their respective unexpected expense. The main benefit to borrowers of bad credit payday loans is that the application and requested cash are all approved and deposited respectively, very quickly. These two benefits or advantages are exactly why people apply for bad credit payday loans.

Many people with bad credit scores and who are successful with their bad credit payday loans applications can have as much as a thousand dollars deposited immediately into their nominated bank accounts. Potential borrowers of bad credit payday loans need to realise that many loan or lending companies and businesses provide bad credit payday loans for many different credit types. Examples of these credit situations are bankruptcy and or people who have country court judgements held against them. Even with these financial threats against them, potential borrowers can still apply for and be granted bad credit payday loans. All living situations that potential borrowers find themselves in are also acceptable by bad credit payday loan lenders. These living situations can include people or borrowers living in their own homes, as a tenant or if they live with their parents, all these credit types are considered by bad credit payday loan lenders.

The pre requisites needed by borrowers of bad credit payday loans are that they have to reside in the United States or Canada or in whatever country they are applying for the loan. They also have to be working in that country and must be at least eighteen years of age. Potential borrowers must also own a bank account which has been registered in their name and belongs to them. The basic concept of a bad credit payday loan is that the borrower will pay back the money lent to them through the loan very quickly. This repayment is done usually at the end of the same month that the loan was granted. It is also usually paid back to the lender on the day that the borrower receives their pay cheque or salary for the month. Paying back the loan this quickly also reduces the interest rate charges that will automatically increase for as long as the loan remains unpaid.

To read about the various types of Canada loans available at BHM Financial or to apply directly online for a Canada loan in any one of the Canadian provinces namely, Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, New Brunswick, Newfoundland, Nova Scotia, Ontario, Prince Edward Island and Saskatchewan, visit the loans in Canada website at You can also text chat with a BHM Financial loans consultant now, online, about your Canada loan, by accessing this link Canada loans text chat.

To learn more about the different kinds of Canada loans offered by BHM Financial visit Bad Credit Loans Loan In Canada Clarification Of Bad Credit Payday Loans Part Two.

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My credit is really bad and I need someone to help my repair so I can refinance my mortgage. Any suggestions?

I have bad credit and I would like to refinance my mortgage so I need some help repairing my credit at a decent price. Any suggestions?

Everybody wants you to go to xyz company. It took you awhile to get bad credit and it will take you a while to repair it. It is very simple pay off your bad accounts or bring up to date. After that pay consecutive payments for two to three years. There is no quick fix. Items on your credit report stay for 7 years so all you can do is to show that you are paying on time.

10 more things you can do with a credit card

February 28th, 2011 by admin

If you think a credit card is just for borrowing then think again. There are hundreds of cards offering many different perks…The UK is home to 60million credit cards, according to the British Bankers’ Association. But could your card offer you more than just credit? Here are 10 more things you can do with your plastic…

Earn cashback

Cardholders with a high credit score could earn cashback every time they use their plastic. The market-leading deal is the American Express Platinum Cashback Card, which pays 5% cashback for the first three months, to a total spend of £2,000. After that, you earn up to 1.25%, depending on the amount you spend.

Its representative annual percentage rate (APR) is 19.9% variable, so you’d need to be confident you can clear the balance in full each month, or your cashback would soon be cancelled out.

Save money on groceries

If you regularly use the same supermarket then it might be worth seeing if it offers a linked credit card, allowing you to earn extra loyalty points and discounts.

The Tesco Clubcard Credit Card is a good example as it’s also one of the market-leading cards for purchases, offering 13 months at 0% on purchases and nine months at 0% on balance transfers, for a 2.90% fee.

The card doubles up as a Clubcard but gives you an extra point for every £4 you spend with it, plus 500 extra points if you spend more than £300 in the first two months.

These points can be used on discounts in store, or for a variety of getaways, magazines and experience days.

Get stuff for your car

The AA Rewards Credit Card lets you earn points to redeem against items for your car, like child seats, roof racks and even car insurance – as long as you buy it through the AA. As you shop, you earn one point for every £2 spent, but you get one point for every £1 spent when you use the card on a service for the car, fuel or other motoring expenses.

The card also comes with 12 months at 0% on balance transfers, for a 3% fee, and 10 months interest-free on purchases. Its representative APR is 16.9% variable.

Build airmiles

Frequent fliers can save a fortune on flights by using the right credit card. Different cards are linked to different airlines, so be sure to pick a card that operates with your preferred carrier.

One of the best airmiles credit cards on the market is the BMI American Express Credit Card. If you spend £250 within the first 90 days, you get 20,000 destination miles – enough for two economy tickets to Amsterdam or a return business class trip to Moscow.

After that, you earn 4.5 miles for every £1 you spend at and 1.5 miles for every £2 you spend elsewhere. It also comes with three months at 0% on purchases and has a representative APR of 16.9% variable.

does it hurt your credit to close out long standing credit cards in good standing? If so why?

I was going to consolidate two credit card onto a new lower interest card and cancel the old cards. However, I was informed that closing the old cards would not look favorably on my credit report. I thought this was strange as good credit reflects on your credit report for 10 years and keepin the old card open whould make your debt ratio higher. Can someone explain this to me?

What the other posters have told you is true. However, I personally don’t believe in keeping open all credit cards just for the sake of having them.

In your case, I suggest keeping the oldest card open and closing the other. That way you keep the history and higher limit but end up with only 2 major credit cards instead of 3.

What Exactly is a Fico Credit Score Composed Of

February 28th, 2011 by admin

What Exactly Is a FICO Credit Score Composed of?

Your FICO score is a very important item to keep monitored on a regular basis due to the fact that it, in a large part, has a lot to do with getting loans, insurance, even a job and more. As we all know, FICO scores cover a lot of our financial background, but what areas are these? There are five main areas and the percentages may differ slightly between reporting companies. Payment history, amounts owed, length of credit history, new credit, and types of credit are all considered in your credit score.

Payment history holds the most water in terms of FICO scores as the area usually consists of around 35% of a credit score. This factor shows how well an individual has made payments in the past and if there have been any delinquencies along the way. Other items such as bankruptcies will show up under this section. Remember that if any delinquent payments appear on a credit report, time has an affect on the weight of that issue.

The next category is amounts owed. Amounts owed consists of around 30% of the credit score and this category basically consists of what your outstanding balances are and how much credit you have left in your revolving debt accounts. This is looked at in the form of a ratio where it compares balances against the actual amount of money available to you. Remember that opening more accounts will not exactly help you in the long run if you find yourself in this situation as it will affect another category which is the new credit area.

Next, the area involving the length of your credit history takes its position at around 15% of your FICO credit score. This area simply measures all the data referring to how long you have actually been making payments on different types of loans or revolving debts. This has a lot to do with your credit score as it shows the potential lender how much evidence of experience with making payments you can provide them with so that they can, as always, minimize their risk that the borrower may potentially default or not make payments on time.

Now, back to the item regarding opening new accounts to add more credit to your balance and available credit ratio, when a person opens new accounts or even makes new account inquiries, this all goes onto that person’s credit report therefore affecting their score. New credit inquiries consist of about 10% of your credit score. Now some individuals may have applied and obtained new accounts as they improve their credit after a bankruptcy of history of delinquent payments. This situation, if positive, will really help a person’s credit score after the fact. But in most cases it’s best to have the same accounts for longer periods of time.

Last, the types of credit accounts that you are currently making payments on affect your credit report as it consists of around 10% of your credit score overall. The main issue here is that the lenders want to know, first, that you are paying loans off on time, but also, what types of accounts these actually are. An account from a popular electronics store where a person makes payments on a new microwave oven is not the same as a mortgage. FICO scores are adjusted in order to show this difference in your credit report.

If there is one thing to remember, it is that your credit score is one of the most valuable things you can have when applying for a loan and more. Your credit score, however, has much more relevance to your actually getting the job you want or even being able to receive medical insurance in many cases as well. Everyone wants clients, employees and customers who are responsible and who get the job done be it making payments or completing tasks for an employer. If the credit score is not monitored regularly, the negative issues, whether or not they are your fault (i.e. identity theft) that commonly affect individuals’ credit scores may very well take affect. So watch that credit closely and make sure that you are being represented in the fairest of ways overall.

S. Michael Windsor is currently publisher and a writer for My FICO Network. The MCN Online FICO Credit Score Guide is a premier FICO score and credit report information platform that provides individuals with a quality in-depth look at credit scores and reports and the associated products, services and information available today. Visit us today at and subscribe to our FREE services.

Does cancling a credit card do damage to a persons credit & Fico score?

I recently opened a new bank checking account.
When I tried to get a credit card through that same bank I was denied, due to having too high of a credit line & too many credit cards.
I have no debt at all & have over an 750 Fico score, but with such a high credit line I will have to cancel some existing cards.

According to FICO closing an account does not raise scores and in fact could lower a score, in most cases it will do nothing.

As you stated the banks are “jumpy” about opening new accounts, many people have found that even with great account history, some of their cards have raised the APR and lowered the credit limits.

Even once an account is closed it is still reported on your credit report and it’s history is factored in your score.

It they turned you down for too many accounts, then that is just the reason, nothing to do with your creditworthiness, they just feel you could get yourself into deep debt.

So don’t close any accounts as it will only lower your debt utilization,

Read the source I have referenced, it is from FICO
Hope this helps answer your question