Online Bad Credit Signature Loans New Source of Cash for Borrowers

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When you have bad credit history and the situation of life becomes dull, and then the borrower always feels lack of money, and getting money becomes hard for you. Online bad credit signature loans may be perfect solution for financing emergencies. The lenders of online bad credit signature loans not only provide the loan but they also provide information about the terms and conditions of availing the loan. Usually online bad credit signature loans are given to the borrowers having good credit history. It is not easy to maintain a good credit score, therefore number of persons with bad credit history have increased and therefore the demand for online bad credit signature loans also increased. A new way has been created for them to help them to overcome from the problem. Borrowers having bad credit history also can apply for online bad credit signature loans. By signing an online application form. No collateral is given against the online bad credit signature loans, lenders who are attached with the company online bad credit signature loans ask for only a signed activation letter, your signatures are taken for collateral here, and therefore they are called character loans.

Online bad credit signature loans can be used for different acts like if you want to decrease expenses of, planning to go on dream vacation, want to get your home repaired, want to throw a grand party on your wedding day, you can repay your different small loans at once if you have borrowed. Therefore, online bad credit signature loans can provide you hassle free life.

If you are having bad credit score less than 500 come in the category of bad credit history holder. People who are defaulters, CCJ’s, IVA’s, arrears and others are considered to have bad credit score. Borrower must know about him that he has bad credit history or good credit history. Lenders who are attached with Online Bad Credit Signature Loans are willing to provide amount between $500 and $1500. Repayment duration for online bad credit signature loans is from one to five years. Rates of interests are reasonable varying from $8 to $15 per $100(approximately). The amount of online bad credit signature loans is transferred into your account within few hours in the same day. Since you apply for online bad credit signature loans. That is why you are asked to have an active checking account to apply for online bad credit signature loans. Now the days are gone when people used to brood because of miserable life due to bad credit history. The lenders are here to help you to provide online bad credit signature loans.

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Is there a good loan for people with low credit or bad credit?

I have a low credit score. Most my bad credit is old credit. I have a bunch of little loans from finance companies, but they charge really high interest rates. I would like to get a loan for about $5000 to $6000 to pay these off and have one payment that would be lower.

Perhaps you can get one of those credit cards that charge no interest for the first 12 months?

Different Types of Bad Credit Loans

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Bad Credit Loan Sources

Bad Credit? No Credit? No Problem! Guaranteed Approval Loans Are Available Up To $25,000 more info…

How much credit line can OrchardBank sercured credit card offer me with BAD credit?

Man. My company ran out of buisness long time ago, and I need about $1000 quick cash, but my credit is bad. After all research, the only option I have seems OrchardBank. How much credit line do they offer to someone with real bad credit under 520?

The average is a $200-300 credit limit. And they will probably charge you about $70 annual fee which they will deduct from your credit line right away.

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Repair Credit score Score five Swiftly Credit Repair Hints to Repair Your FICO Credit Score Promptly

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Do you have a lower or lousy credit score score that you would like to fix?

If so, then comply with these 5 credit score repair strategies to repair your FICO score instantly.

Your very first action is to request a duplicate of your credit score reparar credito report from every single of the 3 primary credit bureaus… TransUnion, Experian, and Equifax. You can very easily get hold of all three by mail, phone, or through the Net.

Your individual FICO score is primarily based on the specifics listed in your credit report, which has a background of your previous debts and repayments. Earlier than you can begin repairing your credit score score, you need to get a duplicate of your reports to see wherever you at this time stand and what requires to be finished.

Appear At Your Credit score Report

When you have received your reports, you’ll be ready to see the information and facts your credit score is becoming based on and what your predicament regions may well be. If you have a lower score, glimpse at your credit report and try out to figure out what accounts or information and facts could be causing the challenge.

Dispute Any Mistakes

You want to make guaranteed that all of the facts listed in your report is precise.

Seem for any type of blunders, particularly with your credit card accounts…as they are offered additional pounds in calculating your FICO score.

If you will need to uncover any inaccuracies, you have to have to dispute them with the credit bureau that established the report you are trying at.

Credit score Card Limits

A single of the things that you want to confirm is that the credit limits on your cards are currently being accurately noted to all three credit score bureaus.

If your credit report only reveals your recent balances and not your limits, it will give lenders the impression that you are maxed out on your accounts. And, as we know, getting maxed out on any account does not deliver a fantastic message to a new lender.

Maintain Your Balances Reduced

A tip that goes a lengthy way in fixing your score is to retain the harmony that you carry on your credit cards at beneath 50% of their limits…ideally in the thirty-35% assortment.

If your existing balances are higher than this and you strategy on applying for a significant mortgage, you want to spend down your balances 2 – 3 months before you use…to give your credit report ample time to indicate a ‘history’ of getting at the decrease proportion.

Examine For Lacking Accounts

You always hear about the guidelines telling you to dispute and get rid of the destructive products that are on your credit report, but what about the constructive ones?

You want to make guaranteed that all of your ‘excellent credit’ is being noted to the credit bureaus. Given that various creditors may perhaps not report to all 3 bureaus, a great account with a wonderful payment historical past may not be displaying on one of them.

This is vital for the reason that, when your credit score is calculated, any missing accounts could cause your score to be reduce than it need to be.

When possible lenders pull your credit score report and see that your score is low, they will see you as getting additional of a credit score possibility to them. This might lead to them to both deny your mortgage application fully or approve it at a substantially increased curiosity rate.

Customer reviews are place collectively by the numerous credit bureaus, which use details supplied to them from their consumer businesses. The most beneficial way to have a great credit score score is to make guaranteed that you control your accounts nicely and that each your lenders and the credit bureaus know it.

Does any other credit card offer free access to your FICO score besides Providian?

I once had a providian credit card that gives you free access to your FICO credit score online. Does anyone know if there’s other credit cards that offer their customers access to their FICO score?

No other card issuer gives a free FICO score. Washington Mutual ( now owns Providian, so if you have a WaMu card you still get a free monthly FICO score.

Credit Repair Is It Legal

April 29th, 2011 by admin

There is no doubt that the numerous dishonest acts of many credit repair companies and certain individuals have given credit repair a bad name. When reviewing information about credit repair from government websites and pamphlets, the word ‘scam’ is usually in close proximity. The FTC website states that ‘No one can legally remove accurate and timely negative information from a credit report.’ This is echoed in other government resources as well, stating that the removal of ‘accurate and timely’ negative information from a credit report is illegal. Some people take this to mean that credit repair itself is illegal.

They’re wrong.

Credit Repair, by definition, is the process of improving a person’s credit score. It isn’t just about removing negative information. It also involves adding positive credit accounts, and other credit profiling techniques that can help raise a consumer’s credit score. Is it illegal to add positive accounts? Of course not. Is it illegal to build a positive payment history? Once again, ‘NO!’ Is it illegal to change your credit utilization to raise your score? Obviously, the answer is once again ‘NO.’ But what about removing negative accounts?

Under the FCRA, consumers have a right to request an investigation into items on their credit report. Here’s what the FCRA says about the removal of disputed information:
‘(5) Treatment of Inaccurate or Unverifiable Information (A) In general. If, after any reinvestigation under paragraph (1) of any information disputed by a consumer, an item of the information is found to be inaccurate or incomplete or cannot be verified, the consumer reporting agency shall- (i) promptly delete that item of information from the file of the consumer, or modify that item of information, as appropriate, based on the results of the reinvestigation; and (ii) promptly notify the furnisher of that information that the information has been modified or deleted from the file of the consumer.’

- FCRA  611(a)(5)(A)

This text clearly states that any item found to be ‘inaccurate’ or ‘incomplete’ or that ‘cannot be verified’ must be removed (or corrected where appropriate). As a consumer, you have a right to make sure that every item on your credit report is:

1. Accurate
2. Complete
3. Verifiable
4. Timely

The credit repair process may involve issues with any of the above points. Is a credit limit wrong?That’s a problem, and you have a right to have it corrected or if the bureau and creditor can’t get their ‘stuff’ together enough to figure it out, then it should be removed. Is information missing?

It’s been a common tactic of creditors to leave out key information when reporting accounts in order to make a consumer’s credit look worse than it is. They do this to create ‘captive customers’ who won’t look as good to other competing lenders. One infamous example of this is Capital One’s practice of withholding credit limits as cited in the written testimony of attorney Leonard A. Bennett before the House Committee On Financial Services. Missing information can cause unjust and undeserved harm to your credit and finances. You have a right to correct it. Is the information verifiable? If a creditor can’t verify that the information they are reporting is correct, then it should be removed from your credit report. What is the DOLA? Should the item have expired? Unfortunately another common practice of creditors and collectors is what is known as ‘re-aging’. Re-aging involves reporting a false ‘date of last activity’ to make the negative item look newer than it really is. This keeps the negative item on your credit report longer, and makes it more damaging to your score. If you find re-aging on a negative item on your credit report, you have a right to dispute it.

Everything we’ve mentioned here is a regular part of what we call ‘Credit Repair’. Is there some part of credit repair that IS illegal? The sad reality is that some people and companies tout so-called ‘credit repair tactics’ that are, in fact, illegal. Some companies sell information and services that are dishonest, unethical, and illegal. For example, some companies promote or sell what is known as ‘CPN Numbers’, which is basically a fake social security number. CPN Numbers are illegal, and should NOT be considered a part of legitimate credit repair. Another common so-called ‘tactic’ of some so-called ‘credit repair experts’ goes something like this: ‘Just dispute all the negative information on your report as ‘not mine’.’
Disputing everything on your report as ‘not yours’ when it is indeed yours is dishonest, unethical, and probably illegal. In our opinion, it’s fraud. There are enough ways to honestly go about the credit repair process without resorting to lying. Besides, if you dispute based on fact you are more likely to have legal ground to stand on when a credit bureau or creditor fails to comply with the law.

So in response to the question…

Is credit repair legal?

Well, the answer is yes. If you act with honesty and integrity, then credit repair is most definitely legal.

Jay Peters is the founder of Credit Repair Publishing and has been
publishing credit repair information since 1994.  For their free
eBook titled ’28 Credit Secrets the Banks, Collections Agencies and
Government Don’t Want You to Know!’ Visit their website at:

Picking The Right Credit Fixing Companies For Your Bad Credit Repair Needs

April 29th, 2011 by admin

Should You Pay For A Higher FICO Score?

If you are considering using one of the many credit fixing companies to repair your damaged credit you need to know that while they are convenient these companies often do not deliver on what they promise. They are also doing something that can easily be done by you with just a small investment of your time and the tactics you can find in any of the good credit repair kits on the market today.

Three Things To Check If You Use One Of These Companies

The Cost Of Service- Take a good look at the cost that the company is going to charge you.Often times there are hidden fees such as a set up fee, credit report fee and administrative fee. These fees are on top of the monthly fee that they will be charging you to work on your credit report.

The Client Contract- Any reputable credit fixing company is going to provide you you with a contract that will state what they are going to do for you and the cost associated with that service. It should also state what they consider successful credit repair. Take a close look at the last part because many of these companies consider one negative mark being removed as a success.

The Guarantee Of Service- Make sure that any company making wild claims can back it up with a good guarantee that clearly spells out the terms, cost and expectations that are to be met by them. Often times there will be no guarantee offered because quite simply no one can guarantee this type of service or predict what is going to happen, there are just to many variable to consider!

Here Is The Best Way To Avoid All Of This

If you are serious about boosting your credit fast then a good Credit Repair Kit is what you need so you can do the work yourself. These kits start at about $35 and will give you all the information and tools you need to fix your scores yourself and save alot of money in the process. You can see the top kits I recommend at

What is the best way to fix my CREDIT SCORE?

I think my credit score is funked up. I used to own a house and I missed a payment or two when I was laid off from my job. I sold it and I paid off all my credit cards. I recently applied for a credit card and was denied.

I need to fix my credit score. Any suggetions?
I dont have any bills because I PAID OFF ALL MY CREDIT CARDS. I cant even get credit to pay down the bills early.

Try this to improve your score:

First know that the bureau must verify any debt you dispute. If they can not verify it, it must be deleted. They have 30 days to do this.

With 7 years in the credit business, I recommend disputing them all at the same time, as you will likely need to go through several rounds of letters to get what you want done. If something is blatently wrong with your credit report, call the bureau after they write back and refuse to remove it. Go up the food chain until a manager agrees to remove or amend the incorrect info on the spot. Don’t buy into their speach about re-disputing it – but make sure you have provided the information necessary by mail already to correct the error. It will not help you to insist on something being removed if you have not provided verificaiton on why.

When you mail in the dispute letter, mail in as much information as possible with it. If your verification is a bankruptcy, send in all the pages to your petition and tab the important pages for them to review.

Also mail in a copy of an electric bill and a copy of your ID to avoid any delays. See the FTC web’s site for your specific rights with collectors and debt reporting:

If your problem is directly with the creditors, write to them ONE time. If they do not remove incorrect information, write to your state’s attorney general’s office and the FTC. This will get you the results you seek if you are in the right.

If this is a collection agency problem, write to the same people plus the ACA at Collection agencies are generally slime, so know your rights before you call them. See your rights here:

If you have legit items that are bad, dispute them also. If they can not be verified, they must be deleted. It is not your responsibility to prove they are inaccurate, it is the credit bureaus who must demonstrate they are.

Hope this helps!

Seven tips to create a good credit score with your student credit card

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Everybody wants to build a good credit score.  This is important for students considering long term goals. The following tips will useful to build a good score on a student credit card.

Some people object issuing credit card to students due to the dangers in their use.  However, students should be exposed to personal finance management at least to a limited extent.  Keep in mind the following tips to make good use of your credit card:

Keep only one card for use. There is no need to take too many cards even though there are attractive offers around. Multiple credit cards lead to unnecessary shopping.  If you have more than one card, close by unused credit cards.  After all, why to pay additional fees? Stay within the limits sanctioned to you.  Pay the amounts due on time.  If you go over the credit card limits or do not pay back the dues, there will be late payment fees and interest on outstanding balances.  They all can make a permanent mark on your credit score.  Be smart enough while using credit card and be responsible in repayments. There is always a temptation to pay the minimum balance mentioned on the credit card statement.  This is just a nominal amount to keep the account going.  The principal amount and interest thereon will go on accumulating and will make the repayment very hard over a period of time.  Try to make full payment of the amount due. If not possible, try to pay as much as you can. Open a savings account to take care of emergencies.  Deposit at least some money regularly. It will earn interest and at the same time will be useful to pay off the overdue balances on credit card. Read by credit card application very carefully before signing and handing it over to the company.  It is usual for these companies to include some fine prints.  You should be mainly looking at the penalties for late payment and the rate of interest you will be charged on overdue payments. Develop the habit of checking and filing all the statements you receive.  Sometimes there may be a mistake by some creditors. Be smart to protect your identity.  Misuse of your personal information can lead to a serious damage your credit score even if you have not done anything wrong.

A lot of effort is required for building and maintaining a good credit score.  Following the above tips will help you to stay responsible as well as organized in your financial matters.

Chintamani Abhyankar, is a well known expert in the field of finance and taxation for last 25 years. He has written many books explaining inside secrets of the magic world of personal finance. His famous eBook Stop donating your money to IRS which is now running in its second edition, provides intricate knowledge and valuable tips on personal finance and income tax.

Is 710 a good credit score and what does it mean?

I dont know much about credit scores. If my credit score is 710 do I have good chanes of getting a loan or another credit card?

Again people, you all are only giving partial answers. The correct answer to this question is “it depends.” 710 is considered “good” on most credit reporting matrixes but not all. There are numerous models of score. Auto finance enhanced, mortgage, general, etc. On most bureaus the highest score is anywhere from 850 to 900. Anything above a 740 in most scoring matrixes is excellent.

Instant Credit Card Approval Great or Poor

April 29th, 2011 by admin
Life is filled with ups and downs. 1 is by no means confident when 1 may well have a will need for emergency revenue. In beneficial instances or in poor, persons might need to have an instant credit card approval to cover emergency expenditures like medical bills, some added money to pay bills and possibly perhaps for a much-needed holiday. This really is when 1 turns to instant approval credit cards. Thankfully, accessing instant approval credit card presents internet is now as relatively easy as getting some thing off eBay.

Instant approval credit cards are accessible by way of the net too as straight by means of the credit card suppliers themselves. Nonetheless, once you method credit card organizations straight, the procedure may take longer than you anticipate as you might need to wait for turnaround. So instant approval credit cards internet could prove to be a very much faster option. Just typing ‘instant credit card approval’ into a search engine provides you a massive amount of possibilities.

When picking out the correct instant approval credit card on line, pick from the web site that characteristics a wide wide variety of credit card organizations. This list should really have the rates and promotions of every single credit card provider. The rates ought to contain the APR rates, annual fees, stability transfer rates and any other rates linked using the instant approval credit card. You may then pick your preferred credit card enterprise and click on their link to study the terms and transactions involved applying on the net. You may get an instant credit card approval in practically no time at all!

With instant credit card approval, customers get to instantly know whether or not he or she is eligible for applying for the particular credit card. On the other hand, it need to be identified that ‘instant credit card approval’ along with the actual credit card application are two completely completely different processes. If your credit card approval is immediately confirmed, it doesn’t indicate that you simply is going to be receiving the credit card in a number of days. It truly is merely an indication of whether or not you’re qualified to apply for the credit card. The credit card application process commences from the approval.

You will need not be concerned concerning the security of the disclosed details for instant approval credit cards as the important credit card issuers and banks have extremely secure encrypted connections to shield this facts. Normally, an instant approval credit card is offered only to a consumer who has a great history. Nevertheless, with today’s competitive credit marketplace, most credit card providers have stretched their limits to present the credit card to consumers of differing credit records. It all depends upon the provider you method!

When applying for instant approval credit cards, you need to disclose specifics like your name, social security quantity, present address and any prior addresses you will have resided at more than the years. Not surprisingly, the most important benefit of receiving an instant credit card approval is the fact that this approval eliminates the difficulty that may be brought on whilst guessing regardless of whether or not the enterprise will approve you of their credit card. There’s no need to have to check out a bank in individual to seek out out in case you are qualified for an instant approval credit card. You’ll be able to get the facts on the web, by means of the net. This proves to be rather handy to all of the individuals who are urgently in require of a credit card.

Though it’s frequently not advised to apply for various credit cards simultaneously due to the prospective negative impact in your credit rating, given that instant credit card approvals frequently take much less than a couple of minutes, you might attempt to apply for much more than 1 instant approval card provide. With instant approval credit cards on the internet, there’s no need to have of you to be physically operating from 1 credit card business towards the other, sending inside your applications. You can only apply although sipping a cup of coffee on the comfort of one’s personal couch! In spite of this, probably the most critical factor to bear in thoughts regarding instant approval credit card method is the fact that just for the reason that you could have gotten an instant ‘approval’, it doesn’t imply that you simply have instant funds. Actually, instant approval could be a stepping-stone into instant debt in case you are not cautious, so believe twice prior to you set your heart upon instant approval credit cards.

I applied online for instant credit for chase Card online and was instantly approved. How do I use my new cred

I applied online for instant credit for chase Card online and was instantly approved. How do I use my new credit card account to purchase?

They will send you a card in the mail, then you will have to call in to their 800 number to activate it.

BE CAREFUL – you get 30 days as a grace period with no interest charged. Try to pay everything off in this period. Never charge anything you can’t pay off in a couple months. Do not fall into the credit trap. Cards are a tool – if you misuse them you can really hurt yourself.

Losing Your Job and Maintaining a Good Credit Score

April 29th, 2011 by admin

If you lose your job, you still need to maintain a good credit score. This may seem like an impossible task, but with some effort on your part, it’s achievable. If you think you are about to lose your job or you have recently become unemployed, find out why it’s important to sustain a good credit score and get tips that include budgeting and managing high interest debt.

A Good Credit Score Can Make Workplace Re-entry Easier

A good credit score can make it easier to re-enter the workplace. It can be difficult to get a new job after being unemployed for any length of time. Hiring companies inevitably will have a number of questions about why you have been unemployed. In addition, hiring companies often run credit reports on prospective new hires. Explaining the reason for unemployment may seem hard, but not having a good credit score just compounds the problem and can make workplace re-entry more difficult.

Budgeting When You Are Unemployed is Easier with a Good Credit Score

There may be other opportunities lost if you don’t have a good credit score. When you are unemployed for any length of time, budgeting and saving money is extremely important. If you lose your job and your credit score takes a nosedive, you may not be eligible to refinance your home for the best interest rates. You may also not be eligible for getting the best rates on insurance and credit cards if you don’t have a good credit score.

Tips to Manage High Interest Debt

Low interest credit cards can help you manage your high interest debt. If you become unemployed or know that you will soon lose your job, make sure that your bills are under control. You can manage high interest debt with a low interest credit card () or a balance transfer credit card . These credit cards will reduce interest rates for up to a year or more and can help decrease your monthly bill payments. This can be a big help when you are unemployed and trying to maintain a good credit score.

Lisa Nichols is a freelance writer, website content strategist and marketing and PR strategy consultant. Originally from Eugene, Oregon, Lisa is currently based in Covington, Kentucky (also known as greater Cincinnati, Ohio).

what is considered a good credit score?

i see all the ranges on the internet, but what is considered bad and good scores.

Usually the line dividing good and bad is a score of 620. Typically financial institutions won’t lend to people with a credit score under 620 – if they do, they get a much higher rate.

Here’s how scores are viewed by most lenders:
720-850 Excellent
700-719 Good
675-699 Fair
620-674 Questionable
560-619 Caution
500-559 High risk

How to Report an Error on Your Credit Report

April 29th, 2011 by admin

Have you been turned down for a loan recently? Have you applied for store credit and been refused? Did you really want that car and find out that because of your ‘credit score’ that they would have to require an unreasonable down payment?

Credit reports are designed to help businesses evaluate the risk factor in giving you money or valuable products on a line of credit.

The Fair Credit Reporting Act promotes the accuracy, fairness and privacy of information in the files of the nation’s credit reporting agencies. The act is enforced with regard to the consumer’s rights and requiring new responsibilities for the credit reporting agencies.

For example, a reporting agency must give you a copy of your report and they must provide a list of every inquiry about your credit report within the last year.

The agencies collect data on personal identification (name, address, social security number, current employer, etc), payment histories with all current and closed lines of credit that details how much you owe, when you’ve paid on time and what, if any have been reported to a collection agency.

The final two items are all inquiries that have been made on your credit report as well as anything that is considered a matter of public record such as bankruptcies, foreclosures and tax liens.

To repair or report errors on your credit report, you must obtain a copy of your personal report and score. The reports themselves are not uniform from company to company.

Experian may not list all the data of Equifax and vice versa. So, be sure to obtain credit history reports from the same company as the creditor who turned down your application. In some states, that may require a small fee, but after September 1, 2005 all states will have to be in compliance with providing a free credit report.

Once you have the report, verify the information. Every report is also scored. Scoring is the system that creditors use to determine your credit experience. These scores are valid for all three companies and are uniform in value.

Credit scores range from 375 to 900 points, but those numbers mean little on their own. A score of 650 or better usually indicates a very good credit history. Scores between 620 and 650 are considered average, while scores below 620 may prevent a person from getting a loan. If they do receive one, it is likely one with prohibitive interest attached.

If you look at all the information on your credit report and it’s correct, then you are faced with having to improve either your payment history, lower the number of debts.

If the score is low because you possess very little credit history, investing in a secured credit card can help generate good feedback to your credit report or a co-signer who can provide the creditor with a good credit history as security for your lack of one.

Inaccurate information, however, such as reported late payments that you disagree with or a listing for a debt that is not yours is repairable. Some companies offer debt consolidation or credit repair. Before getting involved with either type, be sure you thoroughly check out the company to avoid scams.

Doing the credit repair on your own is simple enough. Write a letter, detailing the inaccuracy to the reporting company. Send the letter and copies (copies only) of any documents supporting your claim to the credit-reporting agency. Some agencies allow you to do this online through their websites; however, if you need to send them hard data it’s better to use regular postal mail.

The credit agencies are then required by law to investigate the item in question, usually within 30 days. They must forward all information to the reporting creditor and if they cannot verify the veracity of their report or the creditor does not respond, the report will then be changed and updated to reflect the data provided.

The company must then notify you in writing of the change as well as provide you with an updated credit report.

It’s important to note, that if there is an inaccuracy on Experian that there is likely a similar one on Trans Union and Equifax. Each company must be notified, separately for each item.

Also, if you have more than one item you are disputing on your credit report, then you may have to send a separate letter for each instance, to be certain that each item is addressed.

While this can be a time-consuming task at first glance, it is the best way to remove inaccuracies from your credit history and repair misinformation damage to your credit report. If you request it, the reporting agency must also send notices of any corrections to anyone who received your report in the previous six months.

If the negative information reported to your credit history is accurate, then only time can repair the damage of the negative score. Most information rolls off after 7 to 10 years, but felony convictions, information on jobs paying you over $75,000 a year or credit of more than $150,000 has no time limit.

If you had a car repossessed, you’ll have to wait about 8 years to see the repossession removed from your credit history. Open credit lines, whether the information is negative or positive, will remain active on your credit history whether you actively use the credit or not.

Applying for credit is never a fun, even for people who are considered to have good credit. There is always an inherent fear of rejection by the creditor you are applying for. If you are concerned about your credit history, keep an eye on it.

It’s recommended that you check your credit history once a year at least, because in an age of identity theft, negative credit history can be part of the collateral damage.

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How can I get my credit report online for free with out using a credit card?

I no longer have a credit card and every site I go to asks me to purchase my credit report. Is there anyway that I can get my report without using a credit card?

if you are looking for the free credit score usa national site, check out this site

Here you can get your 3-in-1 free credit report and credit score rating

Good Credit Bad Credit No Credit….drive Away Today

April 29th, 2011 by admin

We have all heard or seen these car sales ads on TV or the radio; these ads target those living pay cheque to pay cheque. Dealers and Manufacturers play on the emotions, ego, and self-image of the vehicle consumer, knowing full well that the new car buyer can barely afford to make the payments on their sparkling new car. There are a few realistic and practical tips that will prevent you from purchasing one of these sparkling money pits.

Take emotion out of the car purchasing equation. If you plan on saving money and want to find the best bang for your car purchasing buck, you should not let your emotional attraction for the latest model interfere with your purchasing decision. You must realize that a vehicle is nothing but transportation, that new sexy car model won’t make you more attractive nor will it make you a happier person in the long term. Before you walk into your local car dealer know what practical features are required to meet your vehicle needs. Don’t base your purchasing decision on emotion.

Buy a shiny used car. There are many used cars on the market that are barely a year old with low mileage. These cars are your best bargain, as vehicle values drop thousands of dollars the moment they driven off the car lot. Take advantage of this fact and purchase a like-new used vehicle. There are amazing bargains out there and most of these vehicles still have factory warranty, as well as that delightful new car smell. You will definitely get more bang for your buck buying used versus new; get a year old Cadillac for the price of a new Honda. Ask your local car dealer about their lease backs, these are virtually brand new vehicles. There are many Edmonton used cars that provided excelent value.

Purchase domestic. Today imports vehicles are the latest fashion while domestic vehicles have lost favor. Domestic car manufacturers are desperately trying to regain market share, and they are offering more value for the dollar than ever; take advantage of these bargains. Import vehicles are priced higher and provide less value for the car purchasing dollar. Many people will argue that import vehicles are higher quality and manufactured to a higher standard; however most of these vehicles are built by Americans in American factories next door to the domestic car factory. These manufactures uses similar manufacturing technologies and often share components- including engines.

Gas prices will not be coming down. The price of fuel will never significantly drop in this energy driven world. Remember to purchase a vehicle that offers excellent gas mileage, this way as oil prices increase you will still be able to afford that summer vacation. Don’t buy that SUV for that one time a year you may go camping or to your summer cottage. Your local car rental company offers SUV, trucks and vans at quite reasonable prices.

The final point; vehicles are NOT assets they are liabilities that only make your wallet lighter.

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Test taking strategy; extra credit statements?

I’m strategizing for an important chemistry exam. My chemistry teacher suggested (before our previous exam) that extra credit could be earned on test questions by offering extra information that is pertinent but not nescessary to answer the questions.

So, I’m assuming the same rule aplies for our 2nd exam. I want to take full advantage of this and have been memorizing various formulas and definitions. However, I don’t want to write in a way that makes me seem like I **don’t***understand*** the question.

Here’s my question, I have very little room to answer the written questions, How should I indicate that this is a bit of a digression or extra information? Should I start like this: ‘Digression: blah blah blah’, or is there a better way?
or ‘Extra info: blah blah blah’

Don’t include any information that is completely unrelated to the question. If it’s a little off-course than you should definitely say something like “this may be a little bit of a digression, but…”

Just make sure you don’t go too off-topic. Like your teacher said – it has to be pertinent.