How to Fix Your Credit Score Using Bad Credit Repair Tips

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Developing a very low credit score a little underneath the 600s will technically identify you as having a bad credit in all the leading credit bureaus. Which means that you can be overlooked from the best saving deals on any loans that you will apply for; example personal loans, car loans, property loans, credit cards, student education loans, as well as re-financing of loans. Though it does not signify the loan applications will never be approved at all, there is a difficulty find a credit lending institution that may readily extend your credit.

On the other hand, along with the extension of credit to prospects with a low FICO score is the hard reality of paying back the loans at considerably higher interest levels. Therefore, you have to do everything you can to fix your bad credit by following these bad credit repair tips.

1. Pay all your outstanding debts by fully repaying those with the highest interest first. This may raise your possibilities of improving your credit score.

2. Do not close all your old credit accounts. Even if you’re not with them anymore and don’t want to use them again, it is better to just leave them alone. They are evidences of established account before and tell about your credit card history, paying habits, and ways in which steady is your financial standing before.

3. Inaccurately posted credit lines in your credit report will have a great influence on your credit score. If you find flaws or mistakes in your credit report, bring this to the attention of the credit finance company and dispute the entry. You have the right to do this because your credit standing is at stake. A zero credit balance should reflect on your credit report but if it shows otherwise, you must bring this to their attention and dispute the erroneous entry.

4. Applying for a debt consolidation loan is the very last thing that you need to complete to repair bad credit. For the reason that debt consolidation financial institutions expand you credit but offers very high interest rates on your loan. However, this is the best way to repair your bad credit because you do not need to pay off all your balances to several loan companies with different interest rates but all your loans are consolidated in one credit lending company and pay them off monthly with the computed total amount to be paid. This is a better option but only make certain that the monthly payment have to be paid in time to be able to get back on your feet from debt, increase your credit score, and have a chance for the many juicy deals from credit lending companies next occasion you apply for loans.

Credit rebuilding questions?

Ok I am trying to rebuild my credit to purchase a home let me give you a little bit of my credit background I had 4 credit cards closed totaling a debt of around 2000 dollars (i was 20 and dumb) I am now 25and started repairing my credit a year and a half ago I payed off all of the credit cards as in full and they now reflect that on my credit. I opened 2 secured credit cards with a total of 2000 available credit combined Ive made every payment on time in the last year and a half and pay them in full each month my credit score has gone up over this time a total of 34 points (i subscribe to a credit monitoring site) im currently at 620 and seem to be staying there I was hoping to buy a home later this year but im still doubtfull anyone have any tips other then what im doing as to raise my score ? I was thinking of adding to my secured deposit on my cards to increase my limits but im unsure how much of a difference that would make. Thanks for any advice

One secured card is all you need.
Two will not bring you any benefit at all. None.
Just make sure you replace the funds in full each month. No games.
And keep usage low. To below 30% of the available limit.
^ Just like you would use a credit card to get top credit.
Adding to the secured deposit will not bring any benefit.
It is 30% usage (stay below it) that is seriously important.

Although FHA required only 620, most banks will require a fico score of at least 640.
So a home may not happen this year. (the end of the year is close).
In the meantime, just keep putting away a down payment (savings).
With 20% down, you avoid PMI which can easily cost thousands a year.
^ it’s not tax deductible and does not go towards principal or interest.
Do not open any new credit a full 6 months before making a home mortgage.

Credit score QampA

July 31st, 2012 by admin

‘fraudulent credit card’?
In Dec 2003 my husband’s ex wife opened a credit card next to Capital One in his cross while he was stationed within Korea, she had the mail address listed as a PO Box within her hometown. He did not find out anything about this credit card until we be trying to purchase a house and it was on his credit report. She charged in the order of $150 on the card between the time it was open and Feb 2004, and now we are told he have to pay $1000.00 surrounded by order to carry it off his credit report. Are nearby any legal avenues we can filch because we knew nought of this card? We cannot afford to pay, as we should not because it be fraudulent, but we really need to get hold of his better so we can qualify for a home loan. We have informed the credit card company, and the waste to do anything and want payment surrounded by full. Anybody have any answers?

‘Minor offenses’ and credit reports?
Not paying a credit card bill on time (but still paying inside a week or so for instance) or other similar ‘minor offenses’, such as spending more than my allowed limit on my credit card, moderate our although no log are written to that effect in the report. I be just wondering how long it take for suchs events to be removed from a credit report (ie.: when the points lost for paying a CC bill a few days late will be ‘returned’) ?

1st time credit card confusion??
Once i start working and have a steady income i want to take my first credit card. I am 15 and a highschool sophomore. I will have a steady employment this summer and have a desperate habit of not keeping track of currency because i am disorganized. I didn’t know if that was possible if my parents put it beneath their name. I want to start building a appropriate and I want to hold a card with rewards and points. what quality of card do i need to go and get?? Am i even eligible for a card in any course shape or form? If not and I sound resembling a big idiot please do not make fun of me or anything. Thank you.

2 equifax score showing?
I have a client which I’m doing a home loan for and when I pulled credit, it shows 4 instead of 3. There are 2 equifax scores showing next to 2 different scores. Why is that and how can I go and get one of them removed? Thanks

3 years ago, I’ve file main source of income and can’t seem to be to reestablish my credit.. What can I do?
Does anyone have a suggestion on how to start over and angle my credit score?

A loan next to this ?
Do you know where I can achieve a loan when my job doesnt purloin out any taxes they just wages cash. Like some where on earth that does VOE? My is around 650

About how copious points will credit move about up?
I have a friend I am helping to augment his beside making him an authorized user on some of my accounts. He has singular 40 points since he’s at 620. How many points, on average, does an ‘excellent’ credit history add on per credit card?

After divorce, poor credit chalk up, requirement a vehicle. Would a co-signer give a hand? Parents will co-sign.?
I make 2400 a month web income but have a impressively low due to divorce. Would I necessitate a co-signer to get a loan?

Any Know almost Any of these Questions?
Questions about my credit mark.I’m new at this so some of these question may seem deep-seatedOnce ALL my credit cards are paid bad in FULL and I owe nil on them.will doing so make my credit step up or stay the same? long after I gain denied a credit card will that effect my credit score? And how long does it give somebody a lift to no longer effect your credit score?

Any tips on re-negotiating APR on credit card, or extending the 0% settlement?
I currently have a Washingto Mututal credit card that still have 0% APR until September 2007. I’ve been using the card but paying it surrounded by full every month. When the 0% expires, the APR will go up to 9.9%.I applied for an American Express Blue card because of the 0% donate up to 15 months. I received it today and the offer is solely good for 6 months, consequently my APR will go up to 19.23%.Can I re-negotiate extending the 0% hold out with any of these cards? Any tips on doing that? Is there also a path to re-negotiate my APR with American Express, or should I a short time ago cancel that card? (People told me AMEX is a polite card to have, but I believe the APR is ridiculous compared to my other card!)These cards will only be used contained by emergencies and will pretty much be remunerated in full respectively month. Also, my is contained by the 730 range. Any suggestion would be appreciated!

Anyone know give or take a few collection agency unifund?
i had a charge rotten on a credit card with a symmetry of 4500 in 2003 . The credit card company quit calling and sending packages so i thought they gave up. I am wanting to buy a house so I go online to check my and notice an open report from a collection agency called unifund within the amount of around9000 dollars . I have never received a note or phone call from these inhabitants . It has really hurt my credit. What should i do?

Anyone know surreptitious tips to raise credit score?
How can I have remunerated negative accounts delete? Is there a method to do it without have to wait years?

Apartment credit segment 2!?
Ok, so I emailed the apartment complex about my credit mark …so here is what they emailed me …by the way my credit win is avg of 581 -600 on my fico…what do you think my probability are of getting a smal ldeposit ? this is their response ‘ of 600, which you enjoy, is generally considered an average credit chalk up. You can expect to be approved under any a Minimal Deposit or a Half Months deposit if you have well brought-up credit history. When credit is ran we just go put a bet on up to 3 years to see established credit history. With you being a student beside a credit card and a car, you should enjoy plenty of established credit to qualify on your own. However, when we run our credit checks we don’t get backbone a score, we in recent times get rear a grade stating what credit rank tier you will qualify under. The tiers array from Reject, Full Deposit, Half Deposit, and Minimal Deposit. If everything goes as planned you can expect to qualify lower than a Half Months deposit or a Minimal d

Applied for Citibank mtvU credit card, they want documentation?
Hi! Two questions. First, I applied for a Citibank mtvU credit card for college students, have never had a credit card back, and got an email a couple days then asking for a copy of my student ID, tuition bill paid, phone bill, and utility bill, and if the phone bill isn’t surrounded by my name, after a bank statement surrounded by my name/address. The first two I can do, no problem, but the phone bill and utility bill I can’t because I live on campus and don’t own a phone. I could technically ask my mom for those, but I would rather avoid a be at odds if I ca.So one: Do you think I can lately send within my bank statement next to my name/address right (and the first two) or must I somehow do something about the phone and utility bill.Two: they said if they don’t receive it inwardly 30 days, the application will be considered withdrawn. If I just tolerate it go, would have applied hurt my (and would the withdrawn be see as a rejection)? And if so, should I apply for a different one soon after?

Applying for credit cards and stipulation some warning .should I do it online or on the phone? Now or subsequently?
I’m applying for two different credit cards; one which I will use for everyday purchases because it has a 3% brass back reward, and another that I will solely being using to income off a few K that I still owe on my saloon. I plan to use a card that has 0%APR for the first 15 billing cycles. I will be capable of pay sour the $ easily surrounded by those 15 cycles. I applied for the one with 3% brass back of late now online, and would similar to to go ahead and apply for the 0% APR card in a minute as well. Questions:Will applying for two cards within such a short amount of time look bad on my credit? Am I more probable to get approved if I apply online or via the phone?Will applying on the phone grasp me approved faster than if I apply online? Background info: I don’t know my credit score, but I do own two other credit cards. The major card is rewarded off within full every month. The other is a small store card that I used at Christmas for a TV purchase. I have 18 months to settle up it off at 0%, but net monthly payments

Arbitrary Closing of Credit Card Accounts?
One of my credit cards sent me a letter stating that due to ‘inactivity’, the narrative was going to be closed. Period. No opportunity to re-initiate portrayal use or anything. Its being closed and nought can be done about it. Problems:1) can’t find jack more or less this in the justification terms and conditions,2) can’t even bring access to account vocabulary and conditions on account’s website,3) the closing of the account will twist my credit score, and4) the closing of the portrayal will deprive me of the available credit in the rationalization.3) and 4) are clearly injurious to me as a Consumer, through no fault or performance of my own. The account is surrounded by good standing, zilch balance, beside no late payments ever made, and is in the region of 6 years old.How the F%26% is this official?!

Are at hand home loans for a credit ranking of 405?
Me and my fiancee are getting married in may. we be hoping to buy a house but i soon found out his credit score..and im pretty sure mine isnt adjectives that great either. The saddest fragment of it all is he isnt even surrounded by debt all that much newly by 12,000 or a lil more. anyhoo im just wonderin if theres some place to budge to that services in ohio that would possibly do a loan. We entail a second chance!

Are credit cards discouraging?
My is 630 which is not horrible but I am solitary 19 so I don’t have much credit anyways. I really do not want to get hold of a credit card. I find everything about them tricky, and I know they can win people contained by a lot of trouble. I don’t know if I would even be capable of pay the full thing sour every month. Is there a minimum on how much you use your credit card? Can you own one and then perchance charge 100 on it and then not use it for a while?? I want to establish more credit, and I salary my bills on time. IS nearby any other way to establish my credit.w/out getting on an reciprocal account next to someone??

Are credit repair companies legit and do they really comfort?
I am trying to raise my credit rack up quickly. Right in a minute I am at 593-around 650 depending on agency. So, by paying off the 5 credit cards that I currently have(some beside amounts ranging from 1,500-2,500), should that angle my a large amount? If not, will a credit repair company help or are they basically a scam?

Are debt negotiation companies legal and worthwhile? Does anyone hold any experience next to them?
I understand this will hold an impact on my credit score, but from what those companies detail me, they are able to cut back outstanding credit card debts by 40%+. Is this true or too good to be true?

As my credit improve, will my credit card companies lower my interest rates and increase my credit constrict?
My is 650 and have been on the way since I’ve been paying like mad more than the minimum recently. I come up with that I have pretty elevated interest rates. As my credit improves, will the credit card companies lower my rates or am I stuck beside the rates they gave me when I signed up? Also, I know they can purely choose to increase your credit limit, but do you more normally have to ask them to do that, or do they usually do it themselves? Thanks :)

assist beside scredit gain?
my is 719. what is that scheme. can i take a loan for 3 000$. t hank

ATTN bankers: What are the worst %26 best you’ve ever see?
Most of us are aware that FICO scores variety from 300 to 850, with 300 anyone reserved for the people next to the absolute worst credit, and 850 person reserved for a few elite relations with definitely perfect unshakable credit. It is hard satisfactory to get over 800, tolerate alone 850.Has anyone(who works in finance) see a score that be very close to any 300 or 850? If so, what types of things(collections accounts, long-standing cards, tons of loans, etc) on their report affected why their evaluation was so extremely giant or low? I’ve heard that it is possible to go and get a 300, but I don’t think I’ve ever see anyones’ score lower than a 420. Anyone?

Backround Check HELP!?
I just get hired for a Job as a part time Nanny. They want to do a FULL backround. What are they looking for besides criminal stuff. I am worried because I get a couple D’s my freshmen year of colleage and I don’t have a foolproof any.

BAD CREDIT after turning 18 i didnt brand name payments etc,in a minute 20 i enjoy remunerated everything contained by full is my credit accurate?
I got a credit card after turning 18 and i be doing good next to the payments at first but being young-looking and dumb i didnt pay after a while and have creditors started calling etc. now im 20 and i own paid adjectives of my debts in full except for one or two not here which are under $200, So since everything contained by the past be paid within full is my credit good, or have my gone up? Please permit me know!

Bad Credit Loan Needed?
I Have a %26gt; of 550 or lower and want $10,000 to pay past its sell-by date hospital and other miscellaneous bills so that I only enjoy one low monthly bill. Does anyone know of a place to go, I enjoy been going through debt consouling and it is still not helping. I enjoy a full time job, but no collateral or home. Is in attendance somewhere I can go? Please sustain, I cannot do this anymore, me and my 5 month old are struggling and entail help.

Bad credit loan?
Do you know of any companies that would give me a loan for around 30000.00 to wage of some really past due creditors? I really don’t want to wallet bankruptcy, but everyone keep turning us down. Our is discouraging, it’s in the 400′s and we don’t own any equity. Please help up to that time we lose everything!!

Bad credit loan?
I have some charge offs and some live accounts my is below 500 i judge. I have a appropriate job but i want to catch up if I bring a cosigner with really good credit will i be approved. Or should i own my husband with desperate credit a full time student and the cosigner apply.

Bad credit motorcycle financing comfort?
My experian is 515. I simply got a auto loan for $16,000 and a unsecured mastercard. I enjoy been trying to restore my credit. Is there any destiny I can get a loan for $2000-$3000 for a used motorcycle? And could I draw from financed through suzuki or kawasaki?

Bad credit rack up. remunerated allmy debt sour and enjoy deeply of change. I engender going on for 4000 dollars/month.Can buy a house?
I have a impossible credit score. I compensated all my debt sour and have profoundly of cash. I gross about 4000 dollars a month (after tax).Knowin that it take some time to clean a credit dictation, can buy a house if I put a big down payment lacking having to appropriate a big interest rate?

More Credit score questions please visit :

Credit Repair Help To Fix My Credit Best credit repair help to fix my credit

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Credit Repair Help to Fix My Credit

Are you seeking credit repair help to fix your credit? Look no further than Best Legal Credit Repair. With our personalized, comprehensive credit repair help programs, we can fix your credit in 4-8 months. All it takes is a free one-on-one consultation with one of our credit repair help professionals.
Unlike several other credit repair help services, we believe in using a personalized approach towards fixing your credit. We don’t use automated, computerized dispute letters, as everyone’s financial situation is unique. That’s why it’s best to seek credit repair help. Instead, we develop a credit repair help program tailored to your financial needs. Sign up now!

Best Credit Repair Help to Fix My Credit

If you’re questioning ‘what is the best credit repair help to fix my credit,’ sign up for Best Legal Credit Repair today! With our credit repair help, you can raise your FICO score, improving your chances of getting the mortgage and car loans you desire. Plus, all our credit repair help services are 100% legal! The professionals at our credit repair help company have over 15 years of experience in consumer advocacy and debt-related markets.
Our company truly provides the best credit repair help to fix your credit, as an average of 8-10 clients have had negative items removed from their credit reports within 3 months of signing up for our services! In addition to disputing errors, inaccuracies, and negative items on your credit report, we can fix your credit by helping you establish new credit (i.e.: trade lines, unsecured credit cards, secured credit cards).
Best Legal Credit Repair helps you to fix your credit by offering credit repair help. All our credit repair professionals will be available around the clock to answer any and all questions you may have about credit repair help or to fix your credit. We even offer a 100% money-back guarantee, and no fees get charged until services are rendered. Sign up now for your free consultation!

Learn why getting credit repair help to fix my credit is essential. Best Legal Credit Repair offers the best credit repair help to fix my credit.

Credit Repair Help to Fix My Credit

Is there any way to start a credit repair?

i need to refinance my home soon. Is there any way to start a credit repair?

if you are looking for the best credit repair site, check out this site

Here you can improve your credit score rating and reduce your debt with the help of an expert.

No Credit Check Loans Today All Tensions Are Sure To End

July 31st, 2012 by admin

The no credit check loans today are the best solution to you for those particular days when you get penniless by the mid of the month and find it really tough to manage money for the rest of the month. This problem often occurs if your earning is low and the members in your family are more. The expenses that occur in your day to day life only are enough to finish up your pay and in that context, there will definitely be nothing in your hands to face your emergencies. So, these are the definite perfect loans for you that can play the role of a rescuer to you at times.
No credit check loans today are available for borrowers with regular monthly income only. This is very much essential for you to earn regularly as then only you will be allowed to draw cash and will also be able to pay it off. These loans come with an easy repayment option according to which you can make its repayment right on your payday. For that you will only have to adjust the repayment date with your payday. The no credit check loans today offer 14 to 31 days of repayment with a cash help of maximum of £1500.
As these are credit checking free loans, you will be able to gain double benefits after opting for it. These will benefit you by a fast delivery of cash as no lengthy procedures like credit checking needs to be undergone and also, these will allow you even if you are a bad credit holder. So, these are the most appealing positive factors about these loans.
The loans no credit check will consider you eligible to draw the loans only if you meet the grounds mentioned here:
Being of an age of 18 years or above
Earning a minimum of £1000 monthly
Possessing a regularly checked bank account and
Holding a debit card as well
Fulfilling these grounds ensure you will get cash in it.

The no credit check loans today will let you gain double benefits after opting for it. These include a fast delivery of cash and then you will be allowed to get cash even if you are a bad credit holder. This is because these loans are credit checking free.

sunel soong has completed his masters in Business admin. Writing articles is now a way to expand this to customers and provide empowerment during information. To know more about urgent loans, cash loans today, need loans today, loans no credit check, same day cash loans, no credit check loans today visit

sunel soong has completed his masters in Business admin. Writing articles is now a way to expand this to customers and provide empowerment during information. To know more about urgent loans, cash loans today, need loans today, loans no credit check, same day cash loans, no credit check loans today visit

What are your thoughts on the following information?

Sometime this year, we taxpayers will again receive another ‘Economic
Stimulus’ payment.
This is indeed a very exciting program, and I’ll explain it by using a Q & A format:
Q. What is an ‘Economic Stimulus’ payment ?
A. It is money that the federal government will send to taxpayers.
Q.. Where will the government get this money ?
A. From taxpayers.
Q. So the government is giving me back my own money ?
A. Only a smidgen of it.
Q. What is the purpose of this payment ?
A. The plan is for you to use the money to purchase a high-definition TV set, thus stimulating the economy.
Q. But isn’t that stimulating the economy of China ?
A. Shut up.

Below is some helpful advice on how to best help the U.S. economy by spending your stimulus check wisely:

* If you spend the stimulus money at Wal-Mart, the money will
go to China or Sri Lanka …

* If you spend it on gasoline, your money will go to the Arabs.

* If you purchase a computer, it will go to India , Taiwan or China .

* If you purchase fruit and vegetables, it will go to Mexico ,
Honduras and Guatemala ..

* If you buy an efficient car, it will go to Japan or Korea .

* If you purchase useless stuff, it will go to Taiwan .

* If you pay your credit cards off, or buy stock, it will go to management bonuses and they will hide it offshore.

Instead, keep the money in America by:

1) Spending it at yard sales, or

2) Going to ball games, or

3) Spending it on prostitutes, or

4) Beer or

5) Tattoos.

(These are the only American businesses still operating in the U.S. )


Go to a ball game with a tattooed prostitute that you met at a yard sale and drink beer all day !

No need to thank me, I’m just glad I could be of help.

What you say is not really true. Walmart buys the products from China and resells them. At this point, whatever company in China made the stuff already made its money.

Sales from Walmart go to Walmart and some of that goes to its employees.

9 Questions to Ask Before You Get a Secured Credit Card

July 31st, 2012 by admin

Credit Cards are a fact of life.

You need one to make a hotel or plane reservation, or to rent a car, even if you plan to pay cash. Many stores require a credit card to accept your cheque. Responsible use of a credit card builds a good credit rating, too, marking the owner as mortgage-worthy.

But people who have never had credit or need to repair a poor credit history may not qualify for a regular credit card. For them, a secured credit card may be the only way to establish, or re-establish, credit.

Here are 9 questions to ask about secured credit cards:

1. What is a secured credit card?
A secured card requires a cash collateral deposit that becomes the credit line for that account. For example, if you put $500 in the account; you can charge up to $500. You may be able to add to the deposit to add more credit, or sometimes a bank will reward you for good payment and add to your credit line without requesting additional deposits.

2. Where can I get a secured credit card?
Check’s list of secured credit card issuers. If you’re a credit union member, ask about a secured card there. About half of the nation’s credit unions offer secured cards to their members and may offer lower interest rates and waive annual fees.  Many banks will also have a secured product that may interest you as well.  Be sure to shop around for the best overall secured credit card (one with the lowest charges etc.)

3. What kind of charges will there be?
Look for a card that doesn’t charge an application fee. Every secured card charges an annual fee, and they vary dramatically. Read the fine print. Some people have gotten secured cards and found their entire limit consumed with fees before they ever used the card.

4. How much money do I have to deposit?
Again, the amount will vary by the card. Most are $300 to $500. Your credit limit will either be the amount of your deposit or some percentage above that amount.

5. Are there any problems to watch out for?
Yes. As with everything in life, some are good and some are bad.  The good one’s have low fees and treat customers as customers instead of as a number.  The bad ones will try to take advantage of customers because of their situations, some will make you purchase an insurance policy for a monthly fee (on top of their other fees) before they will give you the secured card.

Do your due diligence and be sure to research the option before you apply for a card. In addition to such important items as the interest rates, fees and the required deposit, you’ll want to get answers to these questions:

6. Is secured credit card activity reported to all three major credit bureaus?
The simple answer is yes, it should be.  It’s a vehicle for building a good credit history. If the issuer doesn’t report, you’ve lost a major benefit.  Ask if the issuer will flag the report to the credit bureaus as a secured card. Consumer Action points out that such a flag could be a deterrent to rebuilding credit.

If you start receiving unsecured credit card offers in the mail after a few months of using a secured credit card, you will definitely know that your activities are being reported to the credit bureaus.

7. What is the timeline to qualify for an unsecured card?
The card issuer should want to keep you as a customer, so most will qualify you for an unsecured card after a period of making all your payments on time. The average is about a year.

8. How much interest will my deposit earn, and what kind of account does the deposit have to be in?
Generally, you’ll be getting about what you’d get if you opened a savings account at your own bank. The deposit options include a savings account, money market or certificate of deposit. Also, ask how long the money has to stay on deposit after the account is closed. Some banks will want to keep the deposit for a couple of billing cycles to cover any stray charges that arrive.

9. How can I make the best use of a secured card to build my credit rating?
Buy a few things and pay off the card every month. Do no carry balances on these cards, that is not the purpose of them.  It helps to pay in full every month to build your credit rating.

Secured cards make sure you never spend more money than you can afford while forcing you to save. This discipline will be instrumental when you get an unsecured credit card.

All secured cards have annual fees and higher interest rates than regular, unsecured cards. If you have enough discipline to use a secured card responsibly, you have enough to use an unsecured card and set up a better savings program on your own.

Secured credit cards should be a stepping stone on the path to building up your credit only.   It’s not a good idea to keep one any longer than you have to.

A real estate investor that has been working with Clover Properties Rent-to-Own for the last three years.  His goal is to help as many people as possible realize their dream of home ownership by educating them on credit helping them repair their credit and accumulate a down payment.   More information?

What secured credit card is the best choice for avoiding hidden fees and clauses?

I’m looking for a secured credit card to use on special occasions and pay off the balance monthly. What secured credit card is the best choice for avoiding hidden fees and clauses?

Take a look at this information page it lists types of cards and information, it should also answer your question.

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How to Dispute Equifax Credit Report

July 31st, 2012 by admin

On this webpage you will get information on How to Dispute Equifax Credit Report Online. It is important to monitor your consumer information reported under your credit report with credit agencies. Please make a note your credit report is a window for lenders to judge your credit trustworthiness. The better you have credit report it will bump your credit score. Higher credit score translates into lower interest rate credit card offers, wide choice in lending offers and a negotiation tool to get better deal from financial companies.

You may be contacting Equifax also for negative remarks being added to your file due to wrong reporting or because of late financial payments made to lenders. It could be simple doctor bill, which remained unpaid and went to collection agency etc.

Your options of disputing credit report with Equifax are through online credit report dispute option, U.S postal mail and direct phone call to customer service agent at Equifax.

Before getting into the dispute process go through Equifax website layout, familiarize yourself with ‘Submit a Dispute’, ‘Check Dispute Status’ and ‘Credit dispute Process’.

Equifax Credit Report Dispute Process

To initiate a dispute online with Equifax, it will be helpful to obtain your Equifax credit file with the 10-digit Report Confirmation Number. You can access a free online copy of your Equifax Credit Report through Annual Credit Report. This website has been set up by coalition of three credit bureaus. This website lets you download or view your credit report for each agency free. However this service you can avail free only once a year.

Things you can dispute on Credit Report with Equifax

You may have question on what reported information can be disputed?
Your credit report includes wide variety of accounts which you are operating such as Credit card accounts, collection accounts, inquires made by lenders, liens, judgments, bankruptcies or your personal information is not correct. While wrongly reported personal information may not influence your credit score but negative information or collection accounts reported on your credit report will lower your credit score.

just to keep in mind if you are submitting online dispute then results of your request can only be accessed by online only. In case applying by US Mail , the acknowledgement of your request will come through only US mail and there will be no option to view status of your request via online.

What supporting documents are needed to correct credit report

It entirely depends upon what information is incorrect on report. In case personal information is incorrect you will need to provide you residential address, employer details, social security number or driving license etc. In case any financial bills are in dispute then you need to provide bank statements of financial records to correct details.

How to Contact Equifax for Credit Report Dispute

1. Online credit report option

online dispute covers three step process. First you enter disputed information, Second you confiorm your information and lastly you submit information.

Website address: Equifax Website Link
Once you are on home page click on ‘Dispute Error on my Report’ link. This will take you to online dispute form. Fill out dispute form, verify your information and submit your request.
The conformation for your online dispute will be sent to your email address on file.
The results of your online dispute will be completed in 30-45 days.

2. U.S Mail Option
Write your dispute information to below Equifax address

Equifax Information Services, LLC
P.O. Box 740256
Atlanta,GA 30374

3. Applying credit report dispute by Phone

In order to contact Equifax for credit report dispute you need first your credit report. This can be availed by going to Equifax website. Alternately you can get report from Annual Credit Report.
Note 10 digit report number on credit report. This number will be asked by customer service agent for verification.
Phone number for Equifax to contact is given on your credit report.

Be prepared to provide supporting documents to correct disputed information. This is very important in case of collection accounts, credit accounts etc.

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How to dispute medical bills on credit report?

I recently ordered my credit report. I have 12 accounts in collections that are medical bills. I had health insurance at this time which is supposed to cover 100% of the cost. My question is what information from the health insurance company do I need to support my dispute?

If you had provided the original medical provider (OMP) your insurance information at time of service then it’s not a matter of “courtesy” for them to bill your insurance, it’s a matter of the law and of their agreement with the insurance company.
Here is an example for that law in Texas (your state will have a similar law)….
Texas Civil Practice and Remedies Code Chapter 146.002
(d) If a physician or health care provider fails to submit a claim in compliance with this section, the physician or provider forfeits the right to payment ……

You should request a full accounting of your accounts with the OMP’s and also contact your insurance company and request a written statement of why the bills weren’t paid. Depending on how old the bills are, if they are fairly recent and they weren’t paid then you may be able to have the OMP’s resubmit the claims to the insurance company for payment.

If the insurance info was provided to the OMP’s and they failed to file a timely or correct claim, and it’s too late for them to resubmit a claim, then it’s no longer a valid bill and the OMP’s have lost the right to collect on the debts.

Always deal with the OMPs HIPAA Compliance Department and not the collector, no matter how old the debts are or even if the debts had been sold to the collector. You have protection under the HIPAA laws and your states privacy act.

You might go to the Forums on the free site I’ve listed in the source box and do some reading in the Medical Forum. Look for the HIPAA letter series and use those to deal with the OMP’s, the letters are also free to use.

Five things you must know about credit reports

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Credit is the most important and powerful tool in today’s financial market. Often used for buying cars, renting or buying house or a building, shopping online or in brick mortar store, insurance companies, government departments etc. A good credit may also win you the best job in town. You have a credit card you make a good iconic symbol in the society that’s also what people think of it. True it is to a limit, a good credit score is a fortune maker, but a bad credit score will bring you all the nightmares. Credit score is a statistical tool to measure the credibility of an individual or a company; it helps the credit agencies to assess the risk posed by lending an amount as well as the percentage of interest to be applied. Moreover, a credit marks the financial status of a person or an organization.  There is numerous credit score models used around the world. In the United States it’s FICO a public-traded corporation that developed best known and the most widely used credit score models. Similarly, there are other agencies in different countries who offer different credit scoring models, such as Equifax and TransUnion in Canada, The Credit Information Bureau India Limited (CIBIL) in India and DUN %26 Bradstreet in Norway.


A credit report is document that holds data about your credit activity, the details include credit score, exact amount one has borrowed, the credit limit one has, the percentage of interest that has been applied by the lending agency. Moreover it also includes information on how well the person’s credit behavior has been. It tells how much amount has already been paid back, payment pattern, the amount the borrower still owes, the delays in payment, if any etc. A credit report is a document based on which the lending agency will determine a person’s credibility. A person’s credit report can be pulled out by any agency at any period of time to determine different factors associated. An employer may pull out one’s credit report only to assess how faithful or unfaithful the new employee can be. A rent-a-car company can pull it out to assess how your credibility in terms of payments. A bank would review your credit report to determine the credit limit in lending the money or the percentage of interest
to be applied.

There are five essential things that a person must know about a credit report.


1.      You must know how to read a credit report, as there are too many people found who
use credit cards, personal or mortgage loans but do not really know what their credit score is and how their credit behavior is being reflected in their credit reports. If your credit report is reviewed by another source other than yourself it will have a credit inquiry, this inquiry affects the credit score and one does not get any notification on the report being affected. Not all
inquiries have that affect, the only inquiries that affect your credit score are the ones resulted from your application for new loan. More credit accounts mean greater credit risk. Large number of inquiries also means greater risk.  For people with six or more inquiries on their credit reports are eight times more likely to declare bankruptcy.


2.    Looking for student, auto or mortgage loans may allow multiple lenders to inquire your
credit report, even though you only need a single loan. To compensate, the
scoring system ignores such inquiries 30 days prior to final scoring, but it
does not forego such loans older that 30 days period.


3.     There is a number score system based on which the vendor works. These scores are
listed on the credit report. A 0 means the account is too new to be assessed, 1 means the borrower pays on time, score from 2 to 6 interprets how much delay in payment has been made for example 5 means 120 days past due. 7 tell the person is bankrupt and 8 means the vendor had to visit the borrower for recovery. If there is an X in the list in means they do not have any information on the borrower as yet and if an N appears it means the borrower has zero balance.


4.      One of the important things that you must know is that creditors share your data. They report your each and every move to the credit bureau. The information is shared among them whenever you apply for a new loan.


5.    Credit report carries key information about you and your credit history. However, the report could sometimes also be incorrect due to some odd reasons. This incorrect information on your credit report could easily get you a denial for services which would have been otherwise approved. It is therefore very important to view your credit reports periodically. If you find your credit report incorrect you can submit a dispute against it. There are different federal laws in different countries made especially for consumer to file their dispute against wrong information on their credit reports.

What happens on your credit report if you make a settlement on a car repossession?

My mother was told she could not refinance her mortgage because of a car repossession on her credit report. The bank is always calling her and telling her that they will settle the debt for about $3000. What will happen on her credit report if she makes a settlement with the bank? Will her credit report still show a repossession? Will she be able to refinance?

Your mother’s ability to refinance a mortgage depends on a number of factors including her:
1. Credit Score
2. Types of delinquent accounts.

Conventional mortgage lenders will not grant a mortgage loan if there is an unpaid item in collections. Therefore your mother will need to deal with the unpaid balance. I recommend that she do so by negotiating a pay for delete settlement. This involves negotiating a final pay off (and it can be for less than the balance of the debt) in exchange for the creditor deleting the debt from her credit report. For more information and a sample pay for delete letter, read the article .

If the lender does not agree to a pay for delete, then she can attempt to negotiate a pay off, so her credit report will reflect a paid in full. If she negotiates a partial payment then her status will be updated to a settled status (partially paid) .

I recommend that she look into a FHA refinance, due to their easier credit standards. It is possible that lenders will want to see a paid in full status. Speak to your loan officer or broker about the best way to settle the account in order to be qualified. For more information read the article about FHA loans .

Quick Credit Fix In Relation To the Credit score Score Program

July 31st, 2012 by admin

Sending dispute letters that state the items is incorrect would be lying. But what give the credit bureaus the correct to ruin your credit score for the long run.

To stay clear of lying and however dispute their goods, credit fix firms and customers will typically inquire for verification on an merchandise and not essentially deny that it is theirs. This would not be lying at all and commonly gets the very same final results. Credit bureaus will discourage this by from time to time replying to these letters and asking for an specific reason for an investigation. All you have to say is ‘Honest Credit score Reporting Act.’

With the use of a credit restore application method you can carry out the rating method which corrects the credit rating or score. There are a selection of common misconceptions that individuals have about the procedure and some of them are detailed below.

Many credit bureaus are intent on guaranteeing that you keep with sight of a a lot less than healthy credit score score or rating. The credit bureaus often strive to make the process of credit repair as lengthy and complicated as they can. Doing changes to your credit report implies they have to regulate their information and this basically indicates they will commit more time and funds. This will in flip ruin their likelihood of doing extra revenue.

Distinctive corporations commonly restore credit for people today and this is not just the bureaus’ most ideal circumstances. Irrespective of whether it is in terms of software package, help with guides or something else these organizations help you navigate as a result of the numerous problems to do with credit score. Never forget that the bureaus are generally involved with their revenue margins and they are not automatically your greatest allies.

It is correct you can go about the total procedure all by by yourself without any support from any one. The danger with this is that if you do not have the perfect information and facts you are bound to make more trouble and you may possibly end up creating far more harm than there was to get started with.

You are not exactly required by law to use any of these two to type out your credit small business. It is really up to you to come to a decision if you even want to use any of them. The businesses normally need month-to-month payment and this usually means that the more time it lasts the additional they stand the opportunity to earn the monthly payment that you are supposed to make.

This indicates they will do all in their ability to make the process extended and tricky so that you can expend a little longer. Apart from that in situation you make any mistake be ready to spend even more time attempting to rectify the error no issue how small it may possibly be. All this is will finish up forcing you to pay them a lot more considering that the months will be carrying forward.

With the correct steps in brain you can really stop up sorting out your overall loan and credit card debt issue. This will lead to development of positive entries on your credit score report and this will be helpful to you.

A lot of shoppers think that credit restore expenditures a whole lot of cash but couple of understand the constructive effect of higher credit scores. Much better credit score means that you will be able to qualify for decrease interest prices, which saves money.

Can you pay someone to fix credit report?

Is this an urban myth? I keep hearing stories of people paying some guy 500-1000 to fix their credit score. I have a friend who works at a Jag dealership. He claims that a guy came in trying to get financed for a car on Monday and it didn’t go through, but the same came back on Saturday and it went through. He asked his customer what happened? He guy claimed he has a friend in Atlanta who delete certain items off your credit and boost your score? One of my husbands friend got his car repoed and has been foreclosed on and this year he got a new car and a house? He claim he got his fixed? I suspect this is illegal, but is it true?

You can, but why pay someone when you can do it yourself? Also, I think those stories are exaggerated as it takes time and effort to clean a credit report. If you want to learn how to do it, the forums at are a great resource.

An easy way to fix bad credit

July 31st, 2012 by admin

Having a bad credit that makes your day hell is certainly something that you will want to get rid of as soon as possible and that is why if you want to make sure this will happen soon, scouring the net for solutions is the way to go. Maybe you feel discouraged and down, yet you don’t have to feel this way, for there are many solutions that you will be able to employ in this regard.  Maybe you have heard that if you want to fix bad credit this will be something very hard, but don’t have the negative attitude employed. Be positive about everything that you are doing and all will be okay soon. In the following minutes, we will talk about a few of the solutions that you can employ for your problem.

First of all, you will need to know that if you have some cash that you can use in order to pay a part of your debts, that will certainly help you a lot. You might be dealing with credit card balances which are over the limit, so it is advised that you will get them reduced as well.

When it comes to this section of your credit report, it quantifies a percent of thirty of your entire score, so this will affect you a lot positively.

If a credit card debt payment history is what you are dealing with, then things can get a little complicated. But it is nothing that you cannot get out of, for if you will make weekly payments, your financial distress will soon melt away. The creditors will notice your financial behaviors and will give you thumbs up for that. The repayment history has a contribution of thirty five percent to your total score, so a little higher than the previous one.

Some people will need to opt for a debt consolidation as this will probably be one of the best solutions to them. The overdue bills will thus be covered very much easily and you will also prevent your creditors to gnaw at your jugular like before. The debts you have will get to be paid in full and in regards to the new loan, you should know that you will not have to deal with repayments options that will suck out more money, but less than before.

After you will employ these credit repair tips, you will certainly be happy!

Make sure to visit us if you would like to know more about credit report repair and credit repair tips.

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what is the best credit card for someone establishing credit or to fix bad credit?

i have two carloans that are in excellent status i just get told i have insufficient credit history and wanted to have more.

I agree with posters 1 through 3. A secured card is the best kind of card that you can get to build credit especially because they’re the easiest to get. The reason for this is that it’s pretty much like you saying, “I’m going to risk my own money to prove that I can build credit”, which isn’t bad because you can set your own credit limit. The more money you’re able to deposit, the higher the limit, which in turn can help your credit score because it creates a cushion between the total debt you owe and the available credit. Also you can think of this as building credit with a savings accont, because at some point later on, you get the deposit back after you’ve proven that you can pay on time, which I would suggest starting up an emergency fund with it. The key to using it to make SMALL purchases that can be paid off on time every month, while adding to the deposit to increase the limit. Usually after a year, the card upgrades to a regular card and you get the deposit back.

I posted several links to some secured cards that should help. From my past experience, Bank of America offers the best secured card overall