Blood and Justice A Private Investigator Mystery Series A Jake Annie Lincoln Thriller Book 1

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When sixteen-year-old Jenny James goes missing, and the local police are unable to find her, the girl’s frantic mother hires private investigators Jake and Annie Lincoln to search for her daughter.

When the body of Jenny’s boyfriend is discovered, the mystery of her disappearance deepens. Shaken out of their comfort zone of Internet searches and poring over public records, the couple soon find themselves facing the frightening possibility they are looking for the latest victim of a serial killer.

As more bodies pile up, the town is gripped with fear. It seems no one is safe, and the Lincolns race to solve an impossible puzzle before they become the killer’s next victims.

About This Mystery Series

Book 1: Blood and Justice (A Free eBook)

Book 2: Cold Justice

Book 3: Justice for Hire

Book 4: Captive Justice

Book 5: Justice Overdue (Coming Next)

  • A private investigator series of criminal thrillers on kindle, this thriller detective series features Jake and Annie Lincoln.
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    College Students and the New Credit Card Landscape

    July 30th, 2014 by admin

    In the good old days of credit card marketing, banks would set up tables on the quad and offer college students freebies like water bottles, t-shirts, and candy bars, in exchange for filling out a credit card application. What’s more, predicting that these young people would join the work force as professional, the credit card companies didn’t mind that students lacked any credit history, because they knew that the average student credit card is held for many years, as the cardholder gradually increases his or her salary and spending power.

    The downside, of course, of the making it so easy to get a credit card for students, was that students might get more than one card, and begin using it before fully comprehending the responsibilities that come with carrying credit. Too many students would use their newfound credit limits to fund entertainment, travel, and other purchases that were not paid off at the end of a card’s billing cycle. As a result, some students graduated with substantial credit card debt on top of their student loan debt. Sallie Mae conducted a study that showed about 84 percent of all college students having credit cards, with 56 percent of them, having more than four!

    The Credit Card Accountability, Responsibility and Disclosure Act of 2009 included provisions that went into effect in early 2010, making it harder for people under 21 to get a credit card without a strong credit history. Of course, most people that age have not lived on their own and developed a history of paying bills on time to establish a credit history. Alternatively, under the new law, students under 21 can still get a credit card but they have to find someone to cosign on the application. This is typically a parent. Understandably, many parents are reluctant to cosign for their children, because if their children fail to make payments on credit card debt, and the cosigner doesn’t cover for them, it could damage the cosigner’s own credit score.

    Credit card companies are now required to get a parent’s written permission before raising credit limits on a student’s credit card account.

    Also, credit card companies cannot market cards by giving away freebies on campus, or advertising in campus newspapers.

    Students and their parents can opt to go the prepaid card route. A prepaid card is similar to a checking account debit card, but is not tied to a bank account. Backed by the FDIC and issued by various banks, prepaid cards typically carry a MasterCard or Visa debit brand mark. They can be used for signature or PIN transactions, and even let you withdraw money from an ATM. Like a standard debit card, a prepaid card draws funds from the cardholders account. Funds are put on the card account and replenished in several ways, including direct deposit, Western Union, Greendot MoneyPaks, or by handing over cash to a cashier who then adds that amount to the card. Prepaid cards typically have fees such as a one time activation free (e.g., $9.95) a monthly fee (e.g. $4) and a per transaction fee, such as $1 each time a purchase is made.

    Parents can put cash on a prepaid card for a student, helping the student manage his or her money, and still have the safety and convenience of paying with plastic.

    David Pratt writes about student Mastercards and Visas and other personal finance issues. He works at MiCash debit MasterCard in Washington, DC.

    Know the All Three Credit Bureaus at a Glance

    July 30th, 2014 by admin

    You don’t have to sign up for a trial membership of a credit protection service to get free copies of your credit reports. There a few one-stop websites where you can order credit reports from all three credit bureaus: Experian, Equifax, and Trans Union. It’s easy all the sites will walk you through the same process offering to sell you their products along the way. Remember, your goal is to get free credit reports, not buy stuff. Follow the prompts and you will instantly get your three credit reports free of charge. When you get to the site and start clicking around to request your free report, a few things might concern you. The main thing…and it is kind of unavoidable is the request for you to enter your Social Security number. If you have strong reservations about entering your SS number online, you can just skip the rest of the article and look up the 800 number and do the transaction on the phone. But either way, you will to have to provide your social security number.

    Credit reporting agencies pull as one credit related information and put up for sale it to businesses and consumers. They are also regularly called credit bureaus in the United States.

    There are a lot of of these agencies in the nation state, but the three main ones are Equifax, Experian and TransUnion. For the most part creditors and lenders will report their figures to one or all three of these bureaus.

    The biggest and the oldest credit reporting agency is Equifax. The nominal is TransUnion. Experian is headquartered in Ireland. Equifax, Experian and TransUnion all have their individual bureau credit reports. These reports are bringing together from the customer credit histories gathered from lenders. For the reason that creditors do not until the end of time put forward their data homogeneously to the same bureaus, credit reports may be dissimilar.

    Each agency too has its own credit score. Equifax and TransUnion use the FICO score algorithm to analyze their scores. The FICO scoring model is the mainly widespread one used in the country. In excess of 90% of banks and additional fiscal institutions use a FICO score to admittance a person’s credit merit. Experian uses its own proprietary scoring replica.

    The United States government has a centralized law that protects customers from inequitable credit reporting business practices. This regulation is called the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) and the Federal Trades Commission (FTC) oversees the enforcement of it.

    One requirement of the FCRA is that it allows consumers to apply for a free copy of a piece of their bureau credit reports once every 12 months. Requirements for Equifax, Experian and TransUnion reports should be made at

    Liberated admission to bureau credit scores are not incorporated as element of the FCRA. They can though be purchased for a titular fee or are often provided for open with definite online promotions.

    It is central to at times check one’s credit report for reporting errors and sham bustle. Such instances can wound one’s credit profile. Repeatedly diagnosing one’s description may also lead to better supervision of one’s finances.

    Shrewd one’s credit report is evenly as important. Because numerous financial institutions use scores as danger indicators, preventing a low appraisal of one’s score and open doors of opportunities for an improved lifestyle.

    For details of our credit report Service,Please Visit our website

    Repair Bad Credit And Have Lenders Compete For Your Business

    July 30th, 2014 by admin

    Maybe you’ve never been denied for a loan or a credit card so you’re pretty sure that you don’t even need to check your credit reports.  And you certainly won’t need to do any credit repair, right?

    Well, a study titled “Mistakes Do Happen” by the U.S. PIRG stated that “79% of the credit reports surveyed contained either serious errors or other mistakes of some kind.”  Just because you continue to receive approvals on credit or loans doesn’t mean that your credit reports are error free.

    Outdated or inaccurate accounts on your credit report can drastically change your score, and as a result your interest rates.  Consumers with excellent credit ratings receive the best rates in the industry, potentially allowing them to save thousands of dollars per year.

    Read the Reports

    Most Americans see their credit reports when they apply for a loan and have their credit pulled by a lender or bank.  You can’t fix a mistake if you don’t even know about it.  The major bureaus give a free credit report to consumers every 12 months.  It’s free!  Make sure you’re not one of the 79% with errors.

    Educate Yourself

    There are plenty of websites and online forums that will coach you on the finer points of credit repair.  Reading your credit reports may seem like a chore, but if the abbreviations and codes seem confusing, seek help.  Reputable credit repair companies give free consultations designed at diagnosing problems on those credit reports.

    Be Responsible with Credit

    One of the major reasons that consumers don’t reach their optimal credit score is because they are careless with the credit that they do have.  Obviously making payments on time is critical, however paying the minimum amount due each month is not going to help your scores.

    Having your cards maxed out is certainly not going to help either.  Part of the score is a debt-to-limit ratio which calculates your total debt against the total amount of your credit limits.  The rule of thumb is considered to be about 20 percent of your total limit should be in use to demonstrate your credit maturity.

    Settle Any Outstanding Debt

    Even the smallest debt from years ago can lower your credit score and cause you to pay more in interest rates.  See if you can negotiate a pay-for-delete scenario, but even if you can’t, a “paid in settlement” account is still better than the derogatory mark of an outstanding debt.

    Enjoy the Fruits of Your Labors

    If you are diligent enough to repair bad credit and to push your credit score to its potential you definitely won’t regret it.  You will have lenders and banks competing for your business.  This creates a situation where you’re assured the best interest rates.  The amount you save in monthly payments will definitely offset the time and energy that you had to put in to make sure that your credit profile reached this point.  Your future self will thank you for it. is an industry leader with experience in Credit Repair Services and Debt Settlement Solutions.  My Credit Group Inc. – A nationally recognized authority on credit repair, helping people improve credit scores legally and effectively for over a decade.  Consultations are free and credit repair is backed with a no-risk guarantee.

    Making An Instant Online Credit Card Application A Safe Process

    July 30th, 2014 by admin

    The Internet has altered our lives in umpteen different ways and we can now go shopping, book holidays, download books software and music, and even make an instant online credit card application from the comfort of our home.

    When you begin an online credit cards application you’ll find the process to be quick and easy and comparison charts make it so easy to find a low interest rate, or the best deal to suit your personal requirements. Whether you’re making an instant online credit card application for the first time, or are an experienced cardholder ready to switch to a new low interest rate, there are a plethora of companies and agencies willing to help you find the best deal around. But what about the risks involved in giving out your personal information online? Are you safer in making your application offline? Well.. when you apply online, almost every company offering you an instant online credit card application form will have a secure area where you complete the form and your personal details will never be seen by any other human while the information is sent through the Web to the credit card company.

    It is definitely safer to give up your personal information or even credit card data over the Internet than it would be offline. The personal information requested in an instant online credit card application form are no different than those requested in a card application form you would pick up at your local bank or in your mailbox. But consider for a moment, the dangers in applying for a credit card offline.. You will typically, post your completed card application form to the head office of the card issuer or hand it in to a representative at your bank. Either of these offline methods is open to security risks. Post can be stolen or delivered to the wrong address etc. and paperwork can be misplaced in any office situation. Online, you will immediately notice when you are in a safe, encrypted page because the URL address showing in your browser at the top of the site you are at, will begin with ‘https’ instead of ‘http’ for an unsecured web page. Also you will notice a gold padlock on the right of the web site address at the top of your browser. Never supply your personal data on the internet unless you notice the gold padlock and you are absolutely positive the site is an encrypted area. (It is also worth checking if the security certificate is provided by a respectable organization like Verisign).

    There are other distinct advantages in deciding to make an instant online credit card application. Firstly when you tender your application online the process is much speedier and there’s a chance you will receive your credit card quicker than if you had used the offline application method, posting it the following day. Secondly, the online facilities for making comparisons of credit cards from different companies is so easy on the Internet and it would be far too difficult to make the same comparisons offline. It is good practice before you apply online for one, to compare interest rates, reward schemes and annual fees before you start your online application. This option makes it much easier for you to find a low interest rate or indeed find the best deal that suits your personal needs. With an instant online credit card application, you are also able to contact each card issuer by email should you come across any difficulties in completing your application form. Typically, your email will be answered within a few hours, but some will respond almost immediately.

    So, to sum up, rest assured, you can apply online in the knowledge that when you make your instant online credit card application, your privacy is secured and your personal details are passed through the system safely. Your new low interest rate may turn out to be the best deal on the Web!

    Trevor Taylor writes of his experiences in helping others to find easy approval credit cards. Please feel free to visit our website at and discover the full facts about easy approval credit cards.

    If you are a victim of Credit Card Fraud. What should you do

    July 30th, 2014 by admin

    You may hear about credit card fraud on the news, but you don’t have any real idea what’s it all about. Credit card fraud happens when your credit card information is used without your authorization, mainly for personal and financial gain. This takes several forms, but the results are always the same: it hurts your credit worthiness, no thanks to the accumulation of credit card debt. There has been a rise in credit card fraud cases in the past years, but despite this, many still become victims.

    Credit card skimmers, dumpster divers, email scams or the old-fashion crime of stealing are all ways by which ID thieves obtain someone’s credit card information. If, in case, you become a victim of credit card fraud, the following tips below could help minimize your damages.

    Contact your provider

    Credit card providers have a 24-hour hotline specifically for reporting credit card theft and filing fraud reports. Consumers are held liable, by law, for only $5 per card, so once they report a theft or loss to the issuer (even before fraudulent transactions start to appear), they have no further responsibility against such charges.

    Likewise, if the fraud involves the credit card account information of the victim, but not the credit card itself, that person has no liabilities for unauthorized card use. However, this should be reported once suspicious charges are detected, to quickly minimize the losses. If consumers wait too long before they report, they could lose everything in their credit card accounts, and end up paying for the damages themselves.

    Inform the authorities

    Don’t forget to inform the authorities any time your credit card is lost, stolen or just used to rack up fraudulent charges. File a report with the local police and don’t forget to keep a copy for yourself. You’ll need the police report to verify the nature of the delinquent charges with your credit card provider as well as with the three credit reporting companies.

    Notify the credit reporting companies

    It’s important to inform the credit reporting companies about any fraudulent charges on your account. This will help clean out your record, especially if the charges have made a significant mark on your credit files. In addition to this, these companies will also place an initial fraud alert on your account, due to any fraudulent activities: This serves as additional credit card fraud protection for you. Keep in mind that your credit card contains your vital financial identity and can be used by thieves to establish new lines of credit in your name. With the help of fraud alert, creditors will first call you to verify your business with them, thereby preventing identity thieves from totally messing up your identity.

    Be Vigilant

    There are different ways to help you stay vigilant during this time. First, you have to make follow-up letters to the credit card providers and credit reporting companies for reference. You should outline the important details of the fraud case and summarize that you have already reported the problem to them.

    You can also do manual credit monitoring this time, because as a credit card fraud victim, you are eligible for a free copy of your credit report. You should scrutinize your report carefully this time for any errors and unauthorized charges. It will help minimize losses related to credit card fraud. There are three credit reporting companies, with whom you can check your credit files once every four months. Just be sure to check all your credit reports to ensure that all of them are accurate and up to date.

    Finally, you have to check your credit card statements monthly or use your online account to check your credit card status to ensure that no one’s using it to their advantage.

    Joy Mali is an active blogger who is fond of sharing interesting finance related articles to encourage people to manage and protect their finances. She also covers topics on why you should check credit score regularly and tips on how you can check your credit score to avoid id theft and credit scams.

    Whyamp#039s Credit Repair Is Very Important

    July 30th, 2014 by admin

    Your credit ranking is the thing that banks along with other companies work with to check on whether or not they should consent to your purchase, loan or job request. Naturally, this may imply the main difference between an affirmation or a refusal and how come credit reports repair is significant for anybody who is declined.

    Credit repair is essential as soon as your credit standing is 600 or lower. To present you a thought how this is estimated, everyone begins with a decent status, but the event that you’re past due on a payment or perhaps a loan, this will have an influence in your credit history.

    Can this always mean you will not be capable of getting a loan? Sometimes no however you would probably have rates repair credit reports, credit reports repair, fix credit report, how to increase credit rating, credit improve score, repair to that can be much higher in comparison with someone who has a good credit score.

    The best way to resolve that is by paying off past credit card debts and being sure that it does not happen over again.

    If you agree this can be achieved right away, think again because the amount of cash you owe may be too large and many those who had this matter are only ready to paying it entirely after a few months and even years.

    Should bankruptcy even be a choice? Certainly not, because your history is usually kept on record for ten years and you can’t evade it.

    You can’t fix your credit comparable to your car if you don’t know what is wrong. To accomplish this, you must have a duplicate of your credit report by obtaining this from one of the three credit agencies mainly Equifax, Experian, and Trans Union.

    If your credit profile is in your repair credit reports, credit reports repair, fix credit report, how to increase credit rating, credit improve score, repair to grip, analyze what the heck is on it. If you know for a fact that some concern was already fixed, send a letter to that particular credit agency together with the assisting documents so your credit report can be repaired.

    In case you have outstanding balance, the case takes a different approach since you need to pay for it before you can get hold of a settlement letter which must be also directed at the credit agency for filing.

    Until such time that happens, you have to have some way to cover it. You can find much better terms by having a debt consolidation plan which is designed to buy you a little while at A cheaper mortgage rates.

    Unexpectedly, credit restoration might be as easy as borrowing money as your credit standing might not strengthen unless you make application for a loan. You don’t have to borrow a lot since a little amount like $500 is sufficient to have the process started. Once again, just be sure that is paid in the arranged time and in full.

    After reading this, you already have the answers as to the reasons credit repair is needed. Could it have been avoided? The answer is yes but it’s too late to consider that after the biggest thing to do is focus on the circumstances.

    Credit repair may be uncomplicated or complicated and if you can’t do it by yourself don’t be worried to ask help from a credit consultant. It won’t be long when you will once again be in good status and you will once more get a credit line.

    And that means you don’t have to have credit repair once again, keep an eye on your bills and don’t spend beyond your means. is a resource for guiding you on how to improve your own credit without the need for expensive credit repair companies. The site provides lots of resources on the whole process, a member’s area where you get the latest updates, and bonus materia with help you with your project. The author is an experience with budget, bankruptcy, housing, and credit counseling for the past 5 years.

    Online Credit Card Merchant – Importance Of Merchant Credit Card Processing Online Explained

    July 30th, 2014 by admin

    Obtaining Online Credit Card Merchant fast, safe, together with convenient technique of doing on-line card processing. These kind of profile are used mainly to just accept Merchant Credit Card Processing Online equivalent purchases. The actual a merchant account usually maintain your monthly payments designed for around Twenty four hours then transport the cash immediately plus credit ratings the idea on the organization company’s bank-account. With all the modern day styles and eCommerce proliferating in the business globe these days, it really is vital to use a credit card merchant account which in turn operations the web bank card usually there would be critical problems inside generating income as well as maintaining a company cut-throat.

    There are lots of firms of good reputation which provide vendor that may manage Online Credit Card Merchant to get businesses and also commercial businesses. No matter if you do have a business or possibly a large range, there exists need to have the Merchant Credit Card Processing Online incorporated with your own balances to have a continual within your company procedures. The net cartomancy abilities can be found with the diamond of an deal with the financial institution financial institution along with the fee of your typical fee, using the furnishing of the required equipment to create a launch. Before starting the particular processing account and its particular capabilities, there are several essential things to consider to become accepted about the details of on the web unit card control.

    To begin with, men should discover any settlement entrance is a running application regarding Online Credit Card Merchant this connections your exchange coming from a buyer’s bank card for the on the web processing account. The idea confirms some sort of evidence procedure for a consumer’s bank card data to be able to facilitate the particular change in settlement on the solution banking account. Another factor could be the cash get, a term used in on-line bankcard producing, which suggests control some sort of cost down payment that is created to a unique credit card merchant account. As there are a negotiation which often means the activity as soon as funds in the Merchant Credit Card Processing Online are generally properly utilized in the net processing account.

    Online Credit Card Merchant are of help along with important to increase revenue into a big magnitude regarding business establishments. Research has shown that this shortage of your free account from your profitable company or maybe business oriented institution drastically lowers gain up to 70%. This is the quite a bit mainly in the corporate environment exactly where brutal level of competition is common. Instruments may also be provided in the consumer credit running products and services which increase efficiency in addition to results operational surgical procedures. You will find the on-line credit card software which provides great increase to help company gross sales. This is a computer software unit which enhances those sites involving stores whom give purchasing carts, and this permits precise checking associated with expenditures. Miracle traffic bot offers easy characteristics which can make this ideal for providing on the internet bank card handling companies.

    Provide your clients a convenient experience with shopping by simply accepting plastic card repayment. To just accept charge card monthly payments, you first need to open up a credit card merchant card account. Online Credit Card Merchant is now needed for consuming firms to higher heights. Charge card merchant accounts extend the buyer platform and when your business operations is rising by the day, you’d fairly seek out far easier ways of repayments to create Online Credit Card Merchant  shopping easier on your buyers. You don’t have to move through issues of obtaining overdue reports. Your free account permits you to Merchant Credit Card Processing Online. Wifi providers along with other electronics help you aid on the internet dealings.

    For more information on  Merchant Credit Card Processing Online visit my website.  

    Get Your Costfree Credit Report Discover Out What All of us Else Understands About You

    July 30th, 2014 by admin

    It genuinely is variety of scary to know that strangers can pull your reporte credito gratis credit report and therefore accessibility your credit score historical past – and that they use it to produce a photograph of your lifestyle.

    All they need to have is your social safety amount – and that isn’t very difficult to get any more.

    From that they can identify a lot of points to some degree of accuracy.

    For instance, they’ll see how several distinct addresses you’ve utilized through the past seven many years, how countless new accounts you’ve opened, how numerous occasions you’ve gone purchasing for significant purchases, and even who you may well have aided out by co-signing a mortgage.

    The top rated portion of a credit report consists of names, nicknames, aged and existing addresses, Social Safety range, birth date, and recent and earlier employers.

    Hence, a prospective employer shopping at your credit report will see if you’ve been occupation-hopping. That’s something you’d instead they didn’t know, given that it will undoubtedly hurt your probabilities of currently being hired. He or she will also see if you move from town to town with regularity – and if you do, will weigh the odds of you leaving following they make investments the time to train you in a new place.

    They’ll know if you pay out your revenue tax on time, for the reason that the report will indicate any tax liens, along with bankruptcies and judgments.

    They’ll even know if you’ve modified spouses, simply because your credit report demonstrates who shared obligation for just about every debt.

    Seeking at your monetary daily life gives folks an impression of you, and of how you conduct your daily life in common. Of course that’s nobody’s home business – but it’s a truth.

    Strangely plenty of, the Major 3 credit score bureaus don’t constantly have the very same data, because they compile their information independently of every other. That’s a single motive why it’s vital for you to receive a credit report that exhibits the findings from Experian, Equifax, and Trans Union.

    Generally, when a financial institution pulls your credit score report he or she will uncover that the enormous Three have each and every assigned a distinctive score – sometimes as considerably as forty points apart. Some lenders will act primarily based on the middle score, whilst people will go with the lowest score.

    Since of this discrepancy, it’s in your ideal interests to know what details each and every credit score bureau has – and is sending out in response to inquiries. (Don’t forget, if you come across an error on your credit score report, you have to have to notify every single of these credit bureaus, not just an individual.)

    Conversely, if you’ve been a victim of identity fraud, you can contact a person and it will notify the other people. Get your no cost credit score report these days – see if the entire world has an accurate photo of who you genuinely are.

    How will debt settlement affect your credit score

    July 30th, 2014 by admin

    Outstanding debts giving you sleepless nights! Don’t know what to choose to come out of this never-ending financial rut? Scared what will happen if you file for bankruptcy? Worried about your low FICO score, if you choose debt settlement? As surprising as it sounds, a lot of people are extremely concerned about their FICO score when they decide to choose debt settlement to come out of credit problems.

    First of all, how can you enjoy the benefits of a good credit score when you have a huge outstanding debt? And what is the point of having a decent credit score when your overall financial well-being is a total mess? Don’t think of your credit score as a matter of pride and ego. Instead, take it for what it is. A tool used by lenders to determine the risk of lending you money. So if you have delayed a mortgage payment or have abused your credit cards, then your score is not going to be impressive in the first place.

    Now you may worry that if your FICO score is already low, then what will happen to it once you go for debt settlement? Will it be further dented? Yes, debt settlement can have a negative impact on your credit score, but it is only temporary. Once you have settled your debts and are careful with your finances, then no one can stop you from basking in the glory of an impressive credit score.

    Debt settlement is a process where in you renegotiate your debt with the creditors and repay the revised amount in a fixed span of time. It can take maximum three years for you to be completely debt free. Depending on your monthly income, your expenses and your outstanding debt, the creditors will be willing to renegotiate the amount if they think that you will not be able to pay back the original amount.

    So if you are wondering how long you will have to bear the brunt of a low FICO score after choosing debt settlement, then keep in mind that it will completely depend on your sincerity and dedication.  Just as you sort out your outstanding accounts, your credit score will slowly and steadily continue to rise.

    There are, however, some tips you can follow to resurrect your credit score during the process of debt settlement:

    By all means do not miss any monthly payments. This will not only hamper your credit score, but also give a chance to future lenders to reject your loan application. Make it a habit to pay the monthly installments at the beginning of the month, instead of paying after completing your other obligations. Once you have paid off a particular account, inform the agency about the zero balance by sending in proof of payment. Do not rely on your creditor to send the updated status to the agencies. The faster you send the updates to the agencies, the sooner it will reflect on your credit report. Remember that once you have cleared all your dues, within one year you can actually acquire a good credit score (above 600).

    While completing the procedure of debt settlement, remember to be consistent. Bear the discomfort of monthly payments and put up with a low credit score for a while; once you are debt-free, you will not regret it! If you qualify for debt settlement, do not make the mistake of missing out on payments. As debt settlement gives you the opportunity of paying less and getting out of debt quickly. It is a good idea to do it under the guidance of experts, who have the knack of negotiating with banks and creditors.

    National Credit Help is a Debt Elimination %26 Education Company that specializes in substantially reducing the amount of debt owed.