About Your Fico Score

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About Your FICO Score

Your FICO score is the number which determines your ability to pay back an amount of money in a loan without risk of default. This score is calculated using several different factors which all have a large impact on your credit. The faster you learn what these areas are, the more help you will have on improving any negative marks on your credit report and score.

The FICO score is actually an acronym for Fair Isaac Co and is used not just by banks and lenders, but also by landlords and even potential employers. The outcome of your credit score can and will affect your chances of getting a car, insurance, job, home and more which in turn will affect what your required down payment amount will be along with interest rates charged as well as the need for more information on you such as income statements and verification.

Your FICO score is based on the data derived from five different areas in your financial records. These areas are your payment history, types of credit used, length of time you have been paying off revolving debts, the amounts you owe, and any new lines of credit which you have currently applied for or opened.

Even though credit scores are widely used, there are three consumer credit reporting companies currently available to provide consumers with their FICO credit scores. Experian, Equifax and TransUnion all provide the credit scores using numbers which appear as very different from the other, but they all base their data on the same information about the individual being reported on. There are three different scoring methods that the credit reporting companies use in order to determine a fair number which are based on the needs for auto loans, mortgage loans, and consumer loans.

Credit scores can provide much needed information about an individual in order to expedite many processes which would normally take a lot longer to check into when considering loans, insurance, employment and more. FICO scores may be low for many individuals at times, but the good thing about your credit score is that they can always be improved over time through proper usage and regular monitoring of your credit.

S. Michael Windsor is currently publisher and a writer for My FICO Network. The MCN Online FICO Credit Score Guide is a premier FICO score and credit report information platform that provides individuals with a quality in-depth look at credit scores and reports and the associated products, services and information available today. Visit us today at http://www.myCreditScoreNetwork.com and subscribe to our FREE services.

The Problem of the Middle

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In the aftermath of the President’s State of the Union address, one thing remains clear; the President will attempt to make his reelection about the middle class. Indeed, President Obama characterized the next few years as a ‘make or break’ time for the middle class.

We frequently hear elected officials and candidates for office talk about the protection of the middle class but we rarely spend much time defining what the middle class really is. In 2008, the Annenberg Public Policy Center tackled this issue and discussed a variety of ways that may be useful in defining the middle class. One obvious way is through income. We could look at Census Bureau figures on median income and income ranges to help determine who fits within this middle class. Doing so produces middle class income ranges anywhere from $40,000 to approximately $70,000 or more. While income may be a necessary component of any definition of middle class, it is woefully insufficient.

A second way to define the middle class is through the eyes of Americans. Americans rarely view themselves as lower class or even working class. Voters are always more likely to consider themselves middle or upper middle class regardless of income level. This makes for a very large self-perceived middle class. However, are these self-designations accurate? Even though someone may associate themselves with being middle class, is this an accurate depiction? Perception may not be reality.

Yet another way to look at the middle class is quality of life. Quality of life can be defined in a myriad of ways but, for our purposes, we will look at quality of life as the ability to pay one’s bills, own a home, save for retirement, and provide a college education. When measured by these standards, fewer Americans may fit within the middle class category than they believe. Let’s look at the ability to pay bills. The primary driver of the debt for many Americans (besides mortgages) is credit card debt. Discerning trends in credit card defaults is difficult. The major credit card companies report lower default and delinquency rates in February, 2011 than their historic highs in 2009 (SmartCredit, 2011). However, patterns are always difficult to discern in credit card defaults as credit restrictions have tightened thus reducing the prospect of future delinquencies. Various sources report that the average household credit card debt has increased to approximately $15,000. There is little doubt that Americans continue to finance their quality of life with credit.

Another way to look at quality of life is through the lens of spending. The Congressional Budget Office (2011) also reports that real personal consumption spending has eroded dramatically and consistently since the 1960s.

Homeownership has always been called the American Dream. However, is this American Dream still part of the middle class equation? The foreclosure crisis has been documented extensively and foreclosure rates are at all-time highs. Personal savings rates are also down from a moving average of 8.1% for the entire period from 1955-2008 to an average of 2.9% for 200-2008 (Safe Haven, 2010).

Middle class employees always planned on having a retirement nest egg to rely on. However, the Employee Benefit Research Institute reports that nearly half of all late baby boomers are at risk of not having sufficient savings upon retirement.

Middle class Americans also dream of a better life for their children. Draconian cuts to higher education in many states threaten the ability of middle class families to send their children to college. In my home state of California, cuts to the California State University system have eliminated nearly 30,000 slots for incoming freshmen. This forces many prospective students into the community college system where cuts to classes have resulted in students finishing their Associates degrees in three to four years instead of two.

The quality of life dimensions to defining the middle class tend to show that the numbers of Americans truly living a middle class lifestyle are shrinking. Finding an acceptable definition of the middle class is further complicated by the contextual nature of quality of life. An income of $60,000 may help a family in rural Mississippi to realize most if not all of the quality of life indicators discussed above yet woefully insufficient for a family in metropolitan New York or Los Angeles. Therefore, the categorization of someone as ‘middle class’ is also contingent on where he or she lives and the choices that individual makes.

Whatever definition one chooses to use, it is clear that, at the least, the middle class faces great challenges in almost every facet of quality of life. At worst, the middle class is not what it used to be.

By focusing on saving the middle class, both parties may be missing the bigger picture. The real issue is the quality of life for Americans and how to improve this quality of life regardless of the categorization that one uses. It is readily apparent that the Obama campaign will focus its efforts on pointing out the income and wealth disparities between upper income wage earners and the middle and working class. The primary approach to accomplish this is the ‘Buffet Tax’ on upper income taxpayers. The campaign has its poster child for this type of attack in Mitt Romney, hence the reason why the Romney campaign was so hesitant to release the Governor’s income tax information.

For their part, the Republicans’ theme has already been sounded by three of the remaining four candidates, namely, that nearly half of Americans pay practically no income taxes. It is true that a small portion of taxpayers pay a large amount of tax liabilities. The Tax Foundation reports that the top 5% of wage earners pay more in income taxes than the remaining 95%. It also reports that in 2009, the bottom 50% of taxpayers paid an average rate of 1.85% while the top 1% paid an average rate of over 24%.

Therefore, the general election will be a battle for the hearts and souls of the middle class. The battle will be fought over the politics of envy (as Governor Romney characterizes it) or the politics of disdain. Middle class voters will be asked to either penalize upper income taxpayers through an increased tax rate, which the Republican candidate will likely call the politics of envy, or force lower income taxpayers to pay more, which will be characterized by the Obama campaign as Republican disdain for lower income Americans. Whether middle class voters choose the politics of envy or the politics of disdain is trumped by a larger question – Is there a middle class left to care?



Dave Powell is a Professor of Public Policy and Political Science. His blogs can be found at powellonpolitics.com.

Can I Wipe Out Credit My Card Debt

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Credit cards are a wonderful thing to have. They help to build credit when you have none. They provide added financial security when those unexpected events occur in life, such as a medical emergency or a broken down vehicle.  They can help get us by during tough times and as long as they are paid back within 30 days they are free.  However, once 30 days passes, a finance charge is added.  If the balance is not paid off, it just continues to grow and grow and grow, like a cancer.  This is why credit card companies love to offer you free credit card deals. They want you to have the cards and want you to over use them and even hope that you never pay them off. They love finance charges on high debt!

The drawback with credit cards is that they are too easy to use and too easy to ignore when payments are due. The finance charges seem small, but when the balance gets large enough, it can become nearly impossible to pay off. Many people find themselves in this hopeless state.

If you have large credit card balances and are now to the point where you don’t have the money to even make the minimum payments, you should consider doing a few things. The first is to contact the card company to find out if there is any way they can do to reduce the interest or the payment for you. Unfortunately, they probably will be unwilling to do so. Most card companies won’t even talk with you about these possibilities until you are past due on payments.

Another option is to talk to a debt management service. They can look at your budget and your bill and perhaps help you consolidate you debt or even contact the credit card companies for you and try to negotiate reducing you debt. They can help you understand the options available to you, even the ways that you might be able to wipe our credit card debt altogether. Many  of these services are free, so check around and look for an organization that will serve you needs.

Mike writes about ways to wipe out credit card debt

Educating Your Teens on the Importance of Avoiding Unnecessary Credit Card and Loan Debt

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In today’s economy, more and more parents are aware of the burden that debt can place on a person. Unfortunately, credit card companies are now targeting teens and college students and luring young adults into the credit card trap. It is imporant that teens understand how much debt can impact them later in life and parents will do well to begin to educate their teens about financial responsibility early.

Student Loan Debt

It can be very tempting to take a great deal of student loan debt while in school. The money from student loans can be used for many things other than tuition and books. Since it rarely goes directly to the school, young adult students can be tempted to use student loan money for things like laptops, electronics and other things they may or may not need as part of their educational venture.

However, students loans are exactly that – loans. And they will need to be paid back eventually. Although the qualifications to get a student loan can be quite easy, in today’s job market, the ability to make large student loan payments is not guaranteed. Many new college graduates are finding it difficult to find employment and are now faced with payments for their student loans that they cannot make. 

Inability to pay student loans not only effects credit negatively, but can be a burden that follows a student for decades to come. Unlike other debts, student loans cannot be eliminated, even in bankruptcy. Before taking on student loan debt, young people should think carefully about the consequences and their potential ability to pay it back.

Credit Card Debt

One of the largest criticisms of the credit card industry is their tendency to target young adults attending college. Often, young adults do not have much experience with managing their money and do not see credit card debt as real money they have to pay back. This can be very dangerous financially.

Negative credit from irresponsible credit card debt when they were a teen can make it hard for your son or daughter to get a job. Not only that, insurance companies and many other businesses now frequently use credit reports as a method of determining whether or not to accept a person’s business and what rates to charge them for services.

Credit card and student loan debt is a serious responsibility for any young person. It is important to educate your teens about the possible consequences of taking on unnecessary debt, no matter how old they are in life. High amounts of debt can be detrimental to future accomplishments and be a problem for years to come.

Julia Myers is a writer who enjoys sharing her knowledge and advice with readers.  For more on debt, Getting Your Financial Ducks in a Row offers readers information on helping your children escape loan debt.

Vital Credit Card Processing Charges Your Small business Demands to Know

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In this kind of account, any card info will not be stored in cellular phones seeing that it performs as a card terminal and getting transmitted to a secured payment processor. Right following the payment has been manufactured, no card information will be retrieved from your telephone.

Most organizations manage credit card payments. The credit card processing costs range. Ecommerce credit card processing charges are compensated from the merchant to the bank and to the gateway. There is a framework that is followed for each the financial institution and the gateway. There are one time charges, recurring monthly costs and transactions fee for the two gateway and the cash sent to the merchant’s account. In purchase to conserve income on these charges a lot of small business decide to bundle them. One particular time charges could involve set up charges and or application charges. The recurring fixed month to month costs are your simple operation prices for the services you have. For illustration, a gateway organization fees commonly involve transaction reviews and payment cancellations. Your financial institution may well cost a monthly statement price for servicing reviews. The future variety of payment you will encounter is the recurring variable month to month fees. This is the % that the credit card businesses cost to you for their companies. Checking rates on line and executing your exploration will assist you to estimate what your service fees could possibly be.

Corporations will encounter charges for their card transactions. If your customers are buying your merchandise and services on the internet, using cellular credit score card processing, or over the cellular phone, service fees will even now apply to you. You will want to avoid having to pay heavy costs by carrying out some comparison buying. Start off with your present-day financial institution and locate out what all the costs are for opening a merchant’s account. From that data go online and lookup for less expensive charges at other banks. Gateways require to be shopped for as well. Come across out about any specific packages that they offer, and if they will waive the set up charge for you. Sometimes they will be able to waive it or present you a low cost if you indication on with them.

With the details you have gathered you will be able to overview special discounts, how the fee structures do the job and you will be in a position to decide wherever you can conserve the most cash. Everyone would like your enterprise and they might be willing to function with you, be confident to ask concerns. Your achievements will come about sooner when you request problems and compare characteristics with prices.

Just about all buyers do not carry cash anymore when they go to shopping malls and other retailers. Because know-how is advancing each day, the demands of the men and women are also advancing. With this, you definitely have to be held up-to-date about what’s new in the marketplace this kind of as the use of cellular phones in card processing. There is almost nothing to worry when you method to use a cellular home business because cellular merchant accounts could give you the most up-to-date process of credit score card payments with a reduced retail price. Regardless of whether you are a taxi driver, electrician, healthcare practitioner or an workplace worker, mobile credit card processing is really possible.

The greatest credit score card processing site on the World wide web credit card processor

Bad Credit Installment Loans Online Best Option For Online User

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Nowadays, with the technology progress, almost everything can be finished through internet. Even if, borrower loan applications have been refused by the traditional banks due to poor credit scores, borrower still can obtain financial help from other loan providers through internet. The only issue borrower require take note is how trustworthy the online lenders are. Here are some basic steps to follow when borrower is in the midst of getting bad credit installment loans online.

Find your loan options:

Nowadays, searching for bad credit installment loans online can be a easy work. By clicking the websites of the online lenders, borrower will be able to obtain all sorts of information need. Borrower can roughly know the loan amount based on borrower monthly income. He can also know the monthly installment.

Ask yourself honestly:

I am not saying that bad credit installment loans are harmful. To a certain extent, they are genuinely helpful and friendly for people who are required money. Say frankly, different person may have different needs when they apply for these loans in online. Receivers need to evaluate the financial situation carefully to find out the loan is extremely beneficial for receivers or not. If receivers do not need money for an urgent matter, it is not wise for the receivers to obtain bad credit installment loans.

Find genuine online lenders:

If getting the bad credit installment loan is a must, then borrowers are advised to search for it through the internet. The application process can be extremely quick if borrowers are able to provide sufficient personal information. However, please do not submit any personal documents to any loan lender if the borrower has not done any background checking on the particular lender. It will be good for receiver or borrower to collect the data of those genuine lenders from the official website of the Better Business Bureau (BBB).

Consider the interest rates carefully:

Please accept the fact that borrower need to bear much higher interest rates when borrower pick up unsecured bad credit installment loans online from the special lender. In order to save as much financial cost as possible, borrower must spend some time to compare the interest rates of different loan lenders so that the borrower can select one which provides the best interest rate.

Borrowers have to protect him self from being cheated by dishonest financial companies. Please follow the steps stated above carefully and will be able to obtain bad credit installment loans online successfully. The borrower doesn’t need to own any fixed goods or property.

Getting Personal loan with online Lenders is now easy, just find a right source. If want more information about Bad Credit Installment Loans Online or need approval for loan then visit following site – http://www.badcreditpersonalloanss.com

If You Draw Cash on Your Credit Card You Will Be Out of Pocket

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It is a well known fact that drawing money out on a credit card at an ATM is costly but the staggering truth is that around 750 million pounds is withdrawn in this way every single month in the UK. The rates that the card issuers charge seem to be ever increasing at a time when they are already being accused of profiting with their exorbitant charges.

It seems that the biggest percentage of people who are doing this are people usually on low incomes or those who are finding it impossible to borrow money from anywhere else.

Research by the price comparison website Moneyexpert.com says that on average the APR (Annual Percentage Rate) for the ‘hole-in-the-wall’ clients has gone up by more than 2% in the last year from 21.27% to 23.48% and interest is charged from the moment the money is withdrawn from the machine.

Added to this, as if that was not enough, there is a one-off fee for every single transaction done in this way. This charge can be anywhere from around 2.5% up to as high as 3%.

So, just so that we know in pounds what that means, if a person were to withdraw, and in effect borrow, 100 pounds it means that they will pay 25 pounds and 98 pence, over a quarter of the amount borrowed, if they do not repay it within the year.

Some card providers charge substantially more than that, for example, the Abacus card from Vanquis charge 46.19% which is almost half of the amount borrowed which is extortionate. Also, where most other card providers charge an average of 15.9% on purchases, Vanquis charge an astonishing 39.9%.

Vanquis is owned by a company called Provident Financial, and they are very quick to point out that the Abacus card is suitable for people with either a bad credit history and past debt problems or no credit history whatsoever. Basically, they are higher risk which is why they have to pay higher rates for the privilege of being able to borrow.

However, the Office of Fair Trading insisted that providers of credit cards had to cut penalty charges for exceeding payment limit agreements or for late payments and because of this imposition by officials, in return, the banking industry has intimated that they may have to increase their charges.

Chief executive at MoneyExpert.com, Sean Gardner said: ‘Borrowing cash on your credit card is incredibly expensive and unless it is really necessary we would urge people to think twice before doing it.

‘The average APR was already expensive enough but card firms have pushed up rates by more than two per cent in the last six months. There are so many cheaper ways of borrowing than 23.48 per cent.’

A spokesman from the Consumer Action Group Marc Gander is very scathing about the lack of awareness by the borrowers and obvious transparency within the banking industry that these extortionate charges can be made and really are boosting the providers’ profits.

‘There is no doubt that the whole business is built of stealth. The consumer does not really know what they are paying,’ he says.

‘The banks have relied on customers being apathetic and not being astute in financial matters to rip them off,’ said the Independent Banking Advisory Service’s spokesperson, Eddy Weatherill.

Interested in getting a quote on a Secured Loan? Please Visit Loans-For-Me.co.uk for more information and other resources. Our sister site Brokers Online offers cutting edge articles and information about Peronal Loans and other financial products.

Bad credit loans for bad credit rating Especially offered for bad creditors

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Bad credit is a big issue while getting any quick loans. Generally, bad credit hurdles you in case you want to get applied for any loans. Are you seeking for loan, but you have bad credit? You feel afraid of getting applied for loans right! Now, you can easily apply loans with the aid of bad credit loans for bad credit rating which are especially designed for those bad creditors. With the assistance of this scheme, you have option of acquiring money up to £1500 for repayment period of 14-31 days.

Even you have regular income, you always face hurdle of finances whenever you meet unexpected expenses such as medical bills, car accidents, grocery bills and lots more. With the acquired amount of fund, you can easily pay off any expenditure such as medical bills, grocery bills, car repairs, credit card dues, improving your credit rating and home improvements etc.

To qualify for availing bad credit loans for bad credit rating you need to fulfill some requirements such as:

1. You must be a citizen of UK.
2. You must attain above 18 years of age.
3. You should have monthly salary of £1000.
4. You should hold an active bank account.

With the above criteria, you have option of getting such kind of loans even if you have bad credit records such as CCJs, IVA, defaults, insolvency and bankruptcy etc. Especially designed for those bad creditors, everyone who is having bad credit scores may easily apply for such kind of loans without any hassle.

In terms of approval and procedure of this scheme, you will enjoy quick access to such kind of loan with the aid of online application mode. You can take the comfort of your home or office to fill up online application form with your full details such as name, gender, age, address, bank account and phone number etc. Once the bad credit loans for bad credit rating is approved by the online lenders, you will gain the sanctioned amount of fund within 24 hours without any delay.

Bad credit is a big issue while getting any quick loans. Generally, bad credit hurdles you in case you want to get applied for any loans. Are you seeking for loan, but you have bad credit? You feel afraid of getting applied for loans right! Now, you can easily apply loans with the aid of bad credit loans for bad credit rating which are especially designed for those bad creditors. With the assistance of this scheme, you have option of acquiring money up to £1500 for repayment period of 14-31 days.

Martin Maxie has completed master in finance and working as professional financial consultant. To find secured loans, cash loans , payday loans that best suits your needs visit http://www.loansforbadcreditrating.org.uk/

The Dreamer’s Mind

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“I cannot understand why I dream such real dreams “, says young Kevin and that sentence repeats itself constantly throughout the exciting stories, until the moment when he accepts his vivid imagination as an integral part of himself.

The novel “The Dreamer’s Mind ” is an escape into dreams and imagination. He intertwines the sequence of events by closing his eyes and subsequent awakening. The story takes us through various epochs and situations, where he is on a pirate ship one moment, in a spaceship the next; in which he experiences the horror of the World War II, or he is in a war with the High Elves. Deeply experienced emotions and a clear vision of events are so strong that they blend and mix with the real world. Fast turnovers, short sentences, moving from one frame to the next, from an event to experience, easily bring to life the beauty and confusion of dreams, where everything is possible.….more info




Buy Online Without a Credit Card

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What is Graphcard?
Graphcard is an online payment system that enables anyone anywhere in the world to pay online without having a credit card
How does Graphcard work?
Graphcard brings together 3 players: customers who want to shop online, resellers who enable customers to keep their accounts liquid by selling virtual prepaid cards from Graphcard and merchants from whom the customers buy

To get started, each player has to open a Graphcard account from Graphcard’s homepage. For customers opening a personal account and distributors opening a reseller account, registration is completely free. There is a one time activation fee of $45 for merchant accounts. This fee is due when the merchant starts accepting payments online through Graphcard. Account-holders communicate with one another primarily via email.

For personal account holders and resellers, the next step after opening an account is to add funds to it. While resellers have a special arrangement with Graphcard that enables them load their accounts by wire transfer from their banks, personal account holders have various options; the leading one is to purchase a virtual prepaid card from a reseller. Alternatively, they can load using personal checks, electronic transfers from checking accounts, Western Union money transfers and money orders.

Once the account is active and funded, the shopping process begins. Customers identify the merchant from whom they want to purchase an item, and log on to their Graphcard account to send money via email to the merchant. If the merchant is registered with Graphcard, the funds are deposited into their account immediately. The buyer is not charged any fees for sending money this way. If the merchant is not registered but accepts checks or money orders, Graphcard makes payment using either option. When payment is effected, Graphcard notifies both the merchant and the customer of the payment via email. An online reporting tool also enables both parties to check the status of their transactions.

Graphcard has a cool feature that allows members to convert their Graphcard funds into an online debit card. This is accomplished by simply purchasing a virtual card using the funds from one’s Graphcard account. Graphcard then allows the account holder to view card details such as the card number, expiry date and CVV2 code via their secure 128 bit SSL encrypted website. The virtual card does not have personal information such as names and enables Graphcard account holders to shop online as they would with a traditional credit card but with the added benefit of anonymity.
So why should I choose Graphcard?
As an Internet user without a credit card or debit card, you will definitely want to sign on with Graphcard. Merchants looking for an additional revenue source should consider registering too.

Graphcard has opened up a whole new world of possibilities as it enables those without credit cards to shop from online sites such as Ebay.com Amazon.com, Yahoo.com, Google.com, lookingforromance.com and a wide variety of other merchants. The service is hassle free and straightforward: the only requirement is enough funds in one’s account to cover planned purchases.

For customers who possess a credit card but are concerned about the privacy of their financial information as well as protection from credit card fraud, Graphcard offers peace of mind. According to the Federal Trade Commission, credit card numbers and expiry dates are the two most sensitive pieces of financial information one can ever disclose to others. By using Graphcard, customers are guaranteed that fraudsters have no way of getting to that information.

For merchants, Graphcard is a dream come true as it gives them access to additional sources of revenue without having to worry about chargebacks. Recent studies show that at least one third of the estimated 750 million Internet users worldwide do not have credit cards to buy goods online with. This is due to the inability of their countries to accept credit cards. When a merchant begins to accept Graphcard, these underserved millions become viable customers immediately. Since Graphcard is a prepaid service, merchants are protected from the threat of chargeback and fraudulent purchases. Customers make their payment at the time of purchase and all transactions take place on a secure web site.
What about privacy?
Graphcard is the sole owner of all information that customers supply during the process of registration and when using the Graphcard website. While data such as names and shipping addresses may be shared with merchants from whom the customer makes purchases, bank accounts and credit card details are not divulged to third parties.
How does Graphcard make its money?
Since registration and online shopping is free for customers, the obvious question is how does Graphcard make its money? Graphcard’s main source of revenue is fees and commissions. For example, on conversion of an account to an online debit card, activation fees starting from $3.95 are charged. Monthly debit card statements cost $0.99 and another $0.99 is charged as a monthly service fee. Merchants pay a one time $45 to activate their account while Graphcard’s per sale commissions ranges from 2.99 to 5.4% of the total sale plus $0.44 per transaction.

So what is the downside?
The key challenge to this payment solution is signing up enough merchants who will accept Graphcard. As Graphcard account-holders are now able to convert their funds to an online debit card and make direct payment to merchants instantly, this problem seems to have been solved. Overall, buyers may still experience some minor glitches when paying on some web sites that are not set up to accept prepaid debit cards, but these are common problems and should not be a major issue.
In conclusion
As the boundaries of the digital economy expand daily, Graphcard will likely be one of the key players bringing in customers in currently underserved countries into the world of e-business. As its recognition grows, it may just become the premier method of online payments for those without credit cards in over 260 countries.

Pay Online Without a Credit card</