How To Achieve Credit Card Debt Relief

April 21st, 2015 by admin

It is true to say that a growing number of Americans drowning in debt from credit card. Bankruptcy is an option but the laws have changed and it is not always the best way forward. Some people are in financial trouble and have credit card debts due to job loss or unexpected medical expenses. The credit card debt relief is possible whatever the cause of the financial crisis and you are not alone in your situation. There are no instant solutions and your credit card debt relief will take some time to realize, and finally no more until the debt is cleared.

There are many companies providing the service of credit card debt relief today with adverts on radio, television or newspapers on a constant basis. Despite the amount of advertising involved, it is always prudent to know exactly what you are getting yourself involved in before it is too late. The credit card debt consolidation companies should be a concern of the Federal Trade Commission, and to warn people about the practices of these organizations. Many times when you try to settle your credit card debt, you end up with bad credit anyway, companies that have pledged to help the can obstruct.

One of the first things these companies do is sit down and go through your monthly expenses, you can try to figure out where the money is used, and often will get in touch with the company credit card debt relief advice for you if business it is not fruitful. It never hurts to follow the advice of their professional service for credit card companies for advice if you know exactly what you are going to affect your credit rating. Counseling services credit card to know what actions could damage your credit and what you should or should not do. Do not be afraid to contact us, because they can offer much more advice that can help you find your credit card debt relief.

Do not forget the bank, it can be extremely useful if you have excess capital to you at home, as they may be able to give their credit help credit card debt relief, but it helps if you have a full-time job . Equity loans can help, but only if the number of the new loan is less than the credit card debt, which was deleted and if you do not pay the debt of the house is in danger. Do not forget that another less costly option is to find a part-time position that could be used alone to help credit card debt relief. It is not uncommon that many people have more than a job, not only to support their credit card debt, but to feed his family. If they are used only for the immediate situation does not need this as a permanent situation, but only when the problems with credit card debt need a solution.

Finally, the most important piece of advice is to destroy the credit cards, because if you want your debt relief credit card within the meaning of something, you should not repeat the situation we have found the need to cope again!

Creditcarddebtyes is a Non-profit organization. Our mission is to help people by providing the best financial education and credit card debt consolidation services. We also provide services such as credit card debt relief and help the nationwide people to get rid of their credit card debt.

Interesting ways credit card companies make money from their customers

April 18th, 2015 by admin

Swipe it, charge it, whatever you do, you get instant payment in just a blink of the eye.  Credit cards are one of those little things you will always wish you have to accomplish your everyday tasks.  Most of the time, credit cards serves as back up payments when you do not really have the money you needed to purchase for a beer or something in a grocery store that very instance.  You might actually think that credit card companies do not earn that much when you are paying your bill in time.  Well, think again.

Credit card companies have different schemes when it comes to earning great revenue for their company.  Like many merchandise out there, credit card companies earn a lot from those little bits of interest rates they charge you every time you pay late for the purchases you made.  You are however given a grace period of 25 days to pay your bill before the credit card company starts adding interest to the amount you haven’t paid.

Most of the time, credit card companies sell their cards by partnerships with other merchants.  You can be given discount offers for buying a certain product if you are to use that specific credit card, issued possibly by either Visa or MasterCard, which are the two most widely used credit card merchants.  

Aside from late payment fees, your company can rob the money out of you by incurring other credit-related charges including fees exceeding your credit card limit and higher interest rates if you do not have a good credit score.  A classic example if when your credit score is below 720, your credit card company might only give you a credit limit of at least $300 a month, and charge you 5% interest for purchases exceeding your card limit.  Your credit score is mostly generated depending on how well you pay your balances on time.  

Balance transfer is another way that your credit card earns money. Most companies will offer cardholders with low interest rates for moving an outstanding credit balance from another credit card company to their card.  You will however need to pay for a balance transfer fee which will depend on how much balance you need to transfer.  

You will need to request a withdrawal before this will take place.  And as you have that cash in hand, a certain percentage will be added to your outstanding balance that you will need to pay for your next credit card bill.  

Lastly, credit cardholders are always obliged to pay annual fees for the use of their cards.  Besides, you will benefit from the card, and the company in turn need to generate income from its use.

Need a better platform to compare credit cards? Use Australia’s favourite brand and let them help you out for free.

Balance Transfer Credit Cards – 5 Critical Points to Consider

April 15th, 2015 by admin

Nowadays balance transfer credit cards have become more popular as way for consumers to lower rates and payments on their debts. Mortgages are harder to qualify for and home equity lines are reserved for elite borrowers with tons of equity.  Without the mortgage crutch, consumers are held hostage to the higher rates and payments that credit cards offered them in the past in exchange for their convenience. Balance transfer credit card issuers are attracting new customers in droves by offering lower rates and payments for an introductory period on balance transfers.

As with anything, the devil is in the details. Chances are, the credit card you want to transfer your balance to isn’t any better than the one you already have after the introductory period expires.  So why do we still make the transfer? It’s usually because we have made up our mind that we are going to pay off, or pay down the balance we have during the introductory period. Or, we simply need the payment break, however. Just as in Vegas, the house knows the odds, and odds are that you won’t pay your balance down or off. This brings us back to square one, or worse.

Balance transfer credit cards can be a life saver if used in the correct way. Making smart moves and sticking with your game-plan is essential to ensure you are making a wise decision. We have listed below the top 5 things that you should consider before you execute a balance transfer. To keep things short, each point will give a simple explanation, details for each by following one of the links below.

1) Consider your Credit – If you have questionable or poor credit, chances are the credit card that you are considering is much worse than the one you have. Don’t be fooled by the 0% interest rate for 12 months, read the details. Unless you are 100% sure you can pay-off your balance during the introductory period you are setting yourself up for a larger mess. When the intro period is up you may not be able to qualify for another card due to your credit or the economy.

2) Balance Management – A lot of people have an ‘all or nothing’ mentality about balance transfers. Meaning, if you have $10,000 in outstanding credit card debt and you are only allowed to transfer $5000 this may still be a smart business decision. If you can move $5000 to an interest free account, and pay that amount off in that time this could save you $1000 over the course of a year.

3) Credit Implications – Most people are unaware of the role that credit cards play as it pertains to your credit score. Credit cards are classified as ‘revolving credit’, meaning that balances and interest rates change. This credit type is considered the most volatile by credit bureaus and is graded as such against your credit score, as much as 35% in some cases. Maintaining a low balance to credit limit ratio is the key factor that decides whether your credit card boosts your credit score or lowers it.

4) Balance transfer fees – Most credit cards these days charge a balance transfer fee. You have to weigh this fee into your equation when you’re deciding whether or not to transfer your balance. Most credit card companies charge a 3% fee and have an amount that they cap it at. Read the terms (fine print) before you apply to make sure you know what they charge. Also, some cards may waive the transfer fee but actually move it to another fee category like an application fee or account set-up fee. Again, read the fine print.

5) Penalties and Rate Changes – All credit card companies have a clause that basically says, ‘We can change your rate at any time, for any reason and you are helpless to stop us.’ However, during the intro period you are reasonably safe from that clause, UNLESS you make a late payment. All credit card companies have triggers that will instantly kick you out of the intro period and directly into the regular rates. Look at your grace period very close and consider putting yourself on a payment plan that is a month ahead of the grace period.

Aubrey Clark is an Author and editor for Direct Banc, a directory of balance transfer credit cards , specializing in fixed interest rate credit cards.Aubrey is a native of Destin, Florida but now lives in Atlanta Georgia since 1999 with his wife and four children.

Online is the Best Way to Apply for Credit Cards

April 12th, 2015 by admin

Apply credit cards in India with numerous banks which provide credit cards facilities in India. Now, there are many online sites of credit cards applying to customers who need credit cards for shopping, online booking, %26 many others. It provides credit cards application to browsers and instant approval facility. Here you can browse your selection of more than 100 credit cards services in India. Through online you can compare dozens of credit cards that meet your criteria side by side. Once you come to a decision on a card, click to see the full details including a full independent review. It provides you with all the extra information you need to know you’re getting the best deal before you ever apply for a credit card. Now, apply for credit cards through online without any hassle.

Credit cards in India is a card issued by a bank, which allows purchase of goods and services on credit for a specific limit of credit money which you use in shopping or whatever, interest rate and time period. There are a range of credit cards to choose from, depending on the requirements of the person. You can apply for a credit card online, through paper application or by phone.

There are some instruction and information about how to apply for a credit cards online_

1. Get out information about credit card plans, rates and terms during online search, read carefully each and every data related to credit cards.

2. Fill out the paper application for credit cards of your choice in go through bank office and to apply online as you feel better. Guarantee that the application is endorsed by the credit card company and is an original document, not photocopied.

3. Apply credit cards online, which is usually the easiest, fastest and most preferred way of credit card application. Go online and search for the different credit card options offered by different banks.

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Information About American Express Blue Or Green Credit Cards

April 9th, 2015 by admin

Also known as AMEX, American Express is easily one of the most recognized names in the world of credit cards.  Even though many people have Visa or MasterCard credit cards, they are still interested in AMEX.  With Visa, MasterCard, and AMEX being the most popular and preferred types of credit cards, they are all great although there are also differences between them as well.

Both Visa and MasterCard are methods of payment.  Both will allow different businesses to accept credit card payments using their systems.  Neither of the two issue credit cards on their own behalf, instead they rely on banks throughout the world to issue the credit cards for them, provide the credit, and then charge the interest.  Your credit card bill goes to the bank, as Visa or MasterCard doesn’t see any of it.

AMEX, on the other hand, is very different.  American Express has their own payment system, and they also issue their credit cards directly to consumers.  Unlike Visa and MasterCard, AMEX runs the entire show.  Therefore, when a credit card says American Express on it, you instantly know who has issued the card, what payment system it has, and everything else you would need to know.

Even though MasterCard and Visa are used more throughout the world, American Express is always expanding their networks.  Visa and MasterCard are used in over twenty five million locations over the world, including third world countries, which makes them global credit card payments.  AMEX on the other hand, doesn’t quite reach this degree.  It is a great credit card, although it isn’t used around the world in areas where the other 2 dominant credit cards are.

You can get AMEX credit cards with rewards, although you’ll need to be careful where you look and what you select.  Normally, with Visa and MasterCard, you’ll have to look at hundreds of banks before you can find the best choice.  With AMEX, you can look at their website and find out what they offer and what type of APR you’ll have to pay.  Most of the time, you can find a credit card with low interest and a great spending limit – providing you have good credit.

AMEX also has several advantages that it offers customers in North America and Europe.  The credit card is accepted widely in both areas, offering you credit cards with great features and very attractive looks.  AMEX offers you great rates, good rewards, and excellent customer service as well.  

American Express also offers you Blue, which is a newly introduced credit card that offers you increased security, no annual fee, and 0% APR for the first year or so.  Depending on your credit, you may be able to get an extended period with no interest.  After that time has expired, you pay low fees, which make it a great credit card for anyone looking for a deal.  Blue is the newest card from AMEX, and will rapidly become one of the best due to its amazing features.

In the world of credit cards, American Express is one of the best.  They offer you a variety of different credit cards, designed to meet just about everyone’s needs.  You find them online or through a local provider, although online is the preferred way to go.  Simply fill out your application, and if you have good credit, you’ll be approved.  Before you know it, you’ll have a credit card from AMEX and be ready to experience life in the fast lane.

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Use and Misuse of Credit Card – True Facts

March 9th, 2015 by admin

Credit card is the plastic money popular among 3G (thirds generation) people. It generates cash quickly. People can shop even when they do not have cash in hand or account. This card is a method to raise small loan that depends on your monthly earning. It is similar to debit card but the difference is that in case of debit card you can shop only when you have amount in your bank account but in credit card you can shop without cash in your bank account. You can pay the amount later. The time for payment is limited by the credit card producer and late payment invites fine. Also in debit card payment interest is not charged and in credit card you have to pay some interest. There are both negative and positive shades of all things. There are both use and misuse of credit card. Let us know the true facts related with credit card.

Use of Credit Card: • One can accomplish the urgent tasks even when there is no money in the account. • One does not need to take loans on higher interest rate from anybody in the financial crisis situation. • The credit status of the person will not be tarnished among relatives and friends. One can maintain the usual monetary needs even when people do not have cash in hand. • One needs not to carry cash in hand all the time. • One can take instant decision to shop any item. • People are not forced to apply break on their needs and choice. • Wireless Credit Card has added wings to people’s dream. People can shop anywhere at anytime. Wireless terminal is good for online marketing and remote marketing. Terminal is a machine that read the encoded magnetic information to make the payment. This terminal help in credit card processing and regulate the plastic money payment.

Misuse of Credit Card: • Sometime people shop unnecessary items when they have credit card. This becomes the source of useless expenditure. • You have to pay more amount than the actual cost of the item. You have to pay the interest. • You get the burden of paying the credit card bill. If you do not settle the bill in limited time then you will be levied penalty for the same. • Your expenditure is likely increase when you have credit card in hand.

These are the use and misuse of the credit card. Hope you will make right and needy use of your credit card. You must have confusion about the settlement of the credit card. These processes are related with Merchant Services. There is a merchant account that is opened with the agreement of bank and the retailers providing facility for credit card payment. This account looks after settling the credit card payment.

Author Bio:-

This article is written by Ramesh Boopathy an eminent author for business Credit Card related topics. Currently he is rendering his services to pioneer Credit Card Terminals and Credit Card Wireless


How To Get A Credit Card 3 Tips And Guidelines

March 6th, 2015 by admin

The number of credit cards issued each day continues to escalate. Numerous people around the country seem to appreciate the increased convenience of doing online shopping and business. These cards are very important when one has to make payments involving large amounts of money. Credit cards are therefore, ideal for travelers, students, online merchants, homeowners, car buyers, individual shoppers, and so many other users. In the U.S, credit applications are not very complicated. If one wants to get a card, however, he or she must establish or reestablish a good credit history.

U.S. card issuers will surely investigate a customer’s financial status. The three accredited consumer credit rating companies – TransUnion, Experian, and Equifax make this investigation almost effortless. Therefore, any aspiring customer looking to apply for a card must reflect on their credit score issue. Many first time applicants find themselves wondering how to get a credit card. Is any one feeling stuck on the same issue? The following tips and guidelines will hopefully help many interested applicants get started.

* International and U.S. based applications: Every year many immigrants come to the USA for different reasons. Some come for further studies, tours and visits and job assignment reasons, and others win a lottery. How each of those immigrants plans to access funds from their foreign banks is always a difficult issue. The solution, though, is for them to get a card from a company such as American Express, prior to flying to the states. A foreign applicant who is confused on where to get a card can simply apply for it online. This will help him or her save money when in the states. For U.S. residents, applications are quick and simple, as one just needs to approach his or her bank or credit union and apply for one. Another method involves using the Internet to find various types that people prefer such as travel rewards, low interest, cash back, etc.

* What does the process entail? Unlike many other financial procedures, this is a quick and simple task. Among the issues listed on the application forms include an applicant’s personal information, such as names, income sources, place of employment, and duration of current job and so on. In many cases, card issuers will deny applications for people with terrible credit records or a very low annual salary.

* Can I get a credit card if my record is bad? The simple answer is yes. All one has to do to solve such a problem is to search for cards meant for people with terrible credit.

These are often two distinct types of cards.

1.) One is a prepaid credit card, which does not supply a cardholder with any credit line. He or she decides when to load the card and how to use the money. Though, cheap and reliable, it cannot help build or rebuild one’s credit record.

2.) The other type is bad credit card. Once a person gets this type, they will receive a small limited money supply for spending. However, a cardholder must repay the money with interest charges, usually at a substantially higher interest rate than those with a good credit score. Since, the card issuer will keep records of timely repayments; it is highly likely that credit report agencies will get them also. Therefore, this is the best type of credit card for building rebuilding a credit history.


Today, having a credit card has become a virtual necessity. Without one your financial options are severely limited. Whether your credit is stellar or dismal there are various types of cards that you can apply for on the Internet. Many even offer instant online approval, so you’ll know immediately whether you have been approved or not.

Compare Credit Card Offers?

Good Credit Cards or Bad Credit Cards we compare them all:

Five Tips for Credit Card Security – Really Helpful

March 3rd, 2015 by admin

Credit card security is a major concern witnessing many issues of credit card fraud. These days, the use of credit card is increasing because of flexibility and freedom it provides. People can shop even when there is no cash with them. It is types of loan card. People can have balance of debt on account of interest being charged. People are required to pay the credit card bill at the stipulated time. Recently, many cases of credit card fraud have been registered. You can follow the under mentioned five tips for security of your credit card.

Keep your card with you: You should not lend your credit card to anybody in any situation. Keep your card in your sight all the time. Most of the card fraud happens when your card goes in another hand even to a friend and relative. Swipe your card in Credit Card Processing Machine yourself at the shops you make purchasing. Do not give your card to shopkeeper for swiping.

Safely keep your credit card statement: You should safely keep your credit card statement. The statement contains account number of your credit account. If you leave your credit statement anywhere, one can collect information about merchant services you are availing. You should destroy the statement slip after every shopping. If not, then keep the statement in the locked drawer so that it does not go in illegal hand.

Make FIR about lost card: If your card has been lost or missed then instantly inform the credit card companies for blocking the card account. You should also notify the police and register first information report so that one cannot make wrong use of the card. Don’t take the situation lightly. Some people think that they will notify the company after some time. They try finding the card here and there. But in that duration anybody can make multiple shopping from your card.

Do not store password anywhere: Do not save the password in mobile, computer, diary or anywhere. Somebody can get your password and can make online shopping where swiping is not done. You should also not log your account automatically.

Be careful while shopping online: Many websites are fraud and provide online shopping option just to get your credit card number and password. Such websites after getting information can ruin you financially. Unlike dial up terminal and wireless credit card machine, swiping is not required for online shopping. They can shop things by stealing your card number and pin code. So, you should buy online products from authentic websites only.

These are the security steps that can let you make use of credit card freely. So be active for collecting the payment slip from the credit card terminals after every shopping and destroy them at the same place or keep safely.

Author Bio:-

This article is written by Ramesh Boopathy an eminent author for business Credit Card related topics. Currently he is rendering his services to pioneer Merchant Services and Merchant Credit Card Processing


About Low Interest Credit Cards

February 28th, 2015 by admin

Credit card usage is on the rise and it’s hard to know which credit card is right for you. If you follow a few simple guidelines, you can be sure to get the most out of your credit card. Beware of high interest rate cards as they can cost you more than you are willing to pay in the long run. Low interest credit cards are very prevalent and if you do some simple research, they can be a great financial tool.

When looking for a low interest credit card, be sure to read all the terms and conditions. Many low rates are just introductory and can rise significantly after the specified time period. Some can go up to 30 APR or more, so be sure to read the terms and conditions carefully. Most credit cards are variable after the introductory period and are based on your individual credit. Variable cards add a certain percentage point to the current prime rate, which is subject to change.

Most companies provide a 0% APR, Annual Percentage Rate credit card as an introductory offer. Many last six months, but some can last up to a year or longer. Again, beware of how high the subsequent interest rate goes up. These cards are great to transfer existing balances to so that you can save money and pay them off quicker. Just be careful not to fall into the trap of charging more than you can afford to pay off, simply because of the low interest rate.

A low interest rate credit card is beneficial to all people, regardless of your financial situation. Even if you are able to pay off the balance each month, you never know when an emergency will arise. Having credit readily available can be a lifesaver in a crucial time. Having a regularly used credit card is also good for your credit. It proves that you can use credit wisely and makes you a better risk. If you are not able to pay your card off entirely each month, having a low interest rate credit card versus a high rate card will save you hard-earned cash.

Before choosing a card, browse credit card companies’ websites. Many times, reward programs will be offered at no charge with which you can get cash back and discounts. Also, be aware of whether a company charges an annual fee. There are so many cards out there that, unless your credit is shaky, you can easily find a card with no annual fee. Most websites will allow you to apply online and some will give you a decision instantly. If you are not comfortable with applying online, you can also call and apply over phone.

Low interest rate credit cards are a valuable tool in anyone’s financial arsenal. If you are careful to consider all your options and read all the fine print, you can get a great card that is tailored specifically to your needs. Low interest rate credit cards are truly the best credit cards to hold.

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Instant Debit Card Loans Curb your requirements with debit card

February 25th, 2015 by admin

Instant debit card loans are formulated for the people to avail quick financial help at the time financial crises. Emergency and unexpected needs van arise anytime without any prior intimation and you may fall sort of funds at that time. In this situation these loans prove to be a great helping hand and furnish you instant monetary aid without any hurdle. You are advanced the financial help just against your debit card only.


Instant debit card loans are the best option for the people holding a debit card and require immediate financial help.  These loans help you to execute your needs like medical bill, household expenses, school fee, car repair etc.  You can get the loan amount ranging from £100 to £1500 for the period of 14 to 31 days. Basically these loans are free from the formality of faxing of documents or any other paper work.

How to apply?

One can easily apply for these by just filling an online application form. This form is very simple and easy it takes only two minutes. The loans amount is transferred to your account within 24 hours of approval. This online facility makes these loans   instant and hassle free. You can simply apply through your PC at home or office.

Who can apply for these loans?

In order to get financial help from these loans the borrowers are required to fulfill certain conditions-

1. The applicant should be permanent citizen of UK and should be an adult with the age of 18 years or above.

2. He should have permanent bank account under his name in UK itself which should not be more than six months old.

3. The borrower should also be a regular employed from the past six month within the same organization.

4. He should earn the minimum salary of at least £1000 per month so that will be able to repay back the loan amount on time.

5. He should have permanent residential address in UK itself


These loans are short period and unsecured so the rate of interest can be slightly high but it can be avoided by searching for the lower rates on the internet.   Applicants with poor credit history an easily apply for these loans as there is no obligation of credit check. So there is no barrier of default, arrears, late payment, insolvency etc.

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