Getting Your Credit Score Corrected

April 18th, 2015 by admin

The ability to restore one’s credit rating can be time consuming and tedious unless the individual has the right tools and resources that can make it quick and easy.

In a society of multiple options it is amazing that there are only three credit bureau agencies that help to define the financial future and ability for millions of American citizens. These three organizations are considered the final authority regarding an individual’s credit score which is a summary of their risk factors and whether financial institutions should extend credit or loans to them.

What happens if one of these agencies gets something wrong in the documentation? What happens when a fraudulent charge or account is opened that the user does not even know about? How an individual can find out if there is an issue and then how do they get it fixed? These are just some of the questions that many users have which is why an opening has been created for individuals who want to start their own business in helping out other people in this same dilemma.

In order to know that there is a problem with your credit, you have to first check your score which is now offered for free at least once a year by reputable online vendors. Once you have noted that there is an issue then it is time to try and get the issue fixed. Getting your credit repaired can be accomplished by contacting the reporting agency directly and if all three of them have the same invalid entry then they will have to be contacted separately.

Usually the first step is to send them written documentation of your complaint and paperwork disputing the charge. Since this may have to be sent to several places it is easier to have a credit dispute form letter template that already has the necessary wording where only the addresses and contact names need to be changed. If you decide to go through someone who deals with this as their livelihood then they may already have this at their disposal and you just need to give them the authority to send it on your behalf. This allows the professional to handle the details so that you can focus on the more pressing matters. It may seem like you are paying someone to handle an issue that you could do yourself but it is important to remember that they have probably already made the appropriate contacts and understand the process more than you do.

As a business owner who offers these services it is always helpful to have the right tools and resources that could speed up the process for the client ensuring that they can get results faster than if they did it on their own. Most software programs make these templates available so all you have to do is enter in the information on the dispute letter form and then it will print from there. This saves you time, money and hassle trying to come up with the correct wording and legal jargon that make this more impressive and forceful to the recipient. You will only be able to assist with the removal of fraudulent or invalid charges so don’t promise to clean it up if there is nothing that can be removed.

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Form Letters For Credit Disputes

April 15th, 2015 by admin

Have you ever looked at or received a letter from a legal firm? If so, then you will understand how powerful their language can be and you can have the same effect on your creditors by using the right tools.

Things happen in life and some of them are out of your control but it is important to always be monitoring your financial situation so you can find out how to make it right. One of the first steps is being able to understand how the credit score works, its effect on your financials and what your credit score number is. This information is very simple to obtain through a variety of websites that specialize in this type of data.

Once you have obtained a copy of your credit score report it is necessary to look over the information and find out if there have been any fraudulent charges made in your name. In order to have these incorrect items removed from your report you or a representative needs to contact the credit bureaus and the original agency that reported the incident. There may also be other points of contact that need to be made so having the right tools at hand is a necessity.

One of the best resources comes from the top credit repair letter templates which already have the body of information entered in so that the user only has to modify the specifics. Templates can be used for removing inaccurate information, follow up letters for the request, removal of inquiries, notice of intent to file and several others. The goal of these forms is to create a professional impression with the receiving agency to ensure that they take you seriously and will answer your request. It is also a common tool used by credit repair agencies whose sole purpose is to help individuals with these types of issues.

The only way to get the official process started is to send a formal letter because then the agency has to respond within a predetermined period of time and look into the problem. The templates allow the user or business owner to quickly type and print multiple copies of the same document and then move on to the next order of business. These can usually be obtained by purchasing reliable credit repair letter template which is available through a variety of online vendors that specialize in computer or credit programs.

These resources can save an individual time, money and the hassle of trying to come up with the proper terminology or verbiage that will get the inquiry started by the appropriate agencies. If you choose to utilize a business that provides this service then they may be able to speed the process along because they have usually developed the necessary contacts within the organization. These people have the time and goal to handle this where you may have more important things to focus on and are able to leave it in the hands of the professionals. Ensure that whatever company you opt to use does not make any promises that they will be unable to keep. No matter how great a credit repair agency is there is no way to remove valid and legal charges even if they do hurt your credit score. These companies can only seek to have the fraudulent items removed or to take action, in your name, when the agencies or businesses do not follow through.

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How To Correct Errors On Credit Report With Sample Credit Repair Letters

April 12th, 2015 by admin

Credit repair is the procedure of getting your credit agency report rectified when it demonstrates any disparities or negative data , so you can get a precise and most astounding conceivable rating. It gives an opportunity to the debt holder, which is you, to begin a new, when confronted with a staggering obligation circumstance.

The Internet is brimming with free example credit repair letters to aid you in reaching the three noteworthy credit departments at whatever point you have motivation to accept that there has been a mistake made in your credit record. There are sample credit repair letters for each issue conceivable, including:

Asking for a free credit report after you have been turned down regarding credit from any source

Illuminating the credit authorities that you have been a casualty of fraud

Asking for that the credit department expel request from your credit report

Asking for that the credit department enter new data about you in your record

Clarifying any late expenses in your credit record when requisitioning credit

Don’t let anybody let you know that you are squandering your time, either. There are laws set up drafted by the Fair Credit Reporting Act that state:

Credit agencies need to work to determine any debate about your credit record that you may have inside 30 days from the time they get the letter.

If you choose that the documentation to bolster your case was not sent to the charge card organizations and given the best possible consideration, the credit agency must resend the data a second time.

The credit department will send to you composed notification of the deciding after effect of the examination no later than 5 days after they are finished with it.

After data has been expelled from your document, a credit authority can not include it back again unless the Visa or advance organization can supply unrepeated verification that the information is surely genuine. You must be informed inside 5 days in respect to what is going to happen.

Credit offices are infamous for dragging their heels on question, however the Federal Trade Commission grimaces on any examination that takes longer than 30 days. Your examination ought not take any longer than this.

Ideally, your first attempt at testing a free example credit repair letter will yield great results, yet in the event that not, you must be tireless and attempt once more. Spare everything – each bit of paper, each crossed out check – that you utilized the first run through as a part of request to make resubmitting the data less demanding for you. Be patient and hold up a few months prior to attempting once more., our goal is to provide information to consumers on the best way to improve their credit and also to provide some information on available credit cards.

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Save wealth every single monthRaise Credit Score

April 9th, 2015 by admin

How You are able to Increase Your Credit History via Credit Repair.

With credit card organizations, landlords, lenders and also employers searching into your credit background, in this modern-day consumer driven world, credit repair has grow to be far more important than ever. If your report shows which you have had troubles paying your debts previously, your prospects for getting lent any much more income will diminish considerably. Credit repair could be completed by hiring an expert firm to deal with factors for you personally, or by taking matters into your personal hands, with no any further cost.

Credit will be the signifies by which it is possible to receive goods much sooner than you’d have otherwise afforded to, on the promise that you simply pay the income back inside the future. Acquiring such a practical source of cash at your disposal can lead to misuse, which will later be reflected within your credit report. A approach to boost this report consists of practicing credit repair, that is based largely on two aspects: identifying and eliminating any blemishes from your report and abiding by a set of suggestions which will enable you to keep a great standing.

Step 1: Asking for copies of one’s report

The initial and most significant issue you are able to do is always to obtain a copy of your credit report from all three of the key credit agencies: Equifax, Experian and Trans Union, and to thoroughly verify all the information on them for any false or misleading data. You happen to be permitted to order a free of charge copy per year from all of these agencies, and for a fee, they can even incorporate your credit score.

Step 2: Eliminating any false info

The Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) is often a federal law, by which you’re entitled to dispute any items on the report that you could prove are erroneous. Surprisingly, there is a really high possibility which you credit background will contain false or outdated data, but the very good news is that you will get it removed.

After consulting all three reports – because they might differ in content material, depending to which credit bureau your credit company has submitted your info – gather any documents that you just believe can back your claim, make copies and write to these credit bureaus. They are obligated to look into your requests inside of a period of thirty days.

Step 3: Managing your present debts

When you are certain that you just have eliminated all errors, the following action to take is taking a look at all your debts and wanting to pay back as several of them as you possibly can, as difficult as that may be. Should you be acquiring issues paying, take into account contacting your creditors and go over collectively a much better payment program, renegotiating the interest rate and any repayment fees. Good budgeting and conscientious spending will go a long way towards obtaining a better credit.

If you take the time and effort to actively seek an improvement for the credit status, you will surely notice that your loans is going to be accepted more rapidly as well as the interest rates will probably be lower, which in turn will allow you to save much more funds.

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Credit Solutions For Bad Credit

March 9th, 2015 by admin

How well do you know your credit score? Do you want to know about your credit score? If you find yourself in the position that your credit cards are at the maximum, that you slip payments, or are paying only the minimum due, you could be facing a severe problem. If you answered yes to one or more of these questions you could end up in the perils of having bad credit.

Trying to rebuild your credit on your own can be difficult, especially if you don’t understand where to start or how to obtain a copy of your credit report to see what companies are accessing it. A credit repair company will help people get out of debt and may increase their credit rating.

Credit Solutions is one such company that has a mission statement that says they will ‘produce a path to debt-free living that is as stress-free and comfortable as possible for each and every client.’ This business has managed resources in excess of $25 billion of unsecured debt like credit cards, and they have settled 800 million worth of debt since the beginning of the company. What are they offering and how does the process work?

Clients are offered organization and management of their debts as well as credit counseling. They also help their clients avoid debt consolidation loans and bankruptcy. The changes to the legal framework of bankruptcy have made it more difficult for people to get out from under crippling debts; a credit repair company can help with that.

Loan consolidation is simply a way to manage your debt in one easy loan. It works by gathering all of your debt information together including your mortgage, vehicle loans, and credit card balances and seeking a financial institution, such as a bank to consolidate all of your debts into one loan – usually with a higher interest rate. Credit Solutions lists this loan type as taking up to seven years to pay back with most of that being interest charges.

To settle your debt in twelve to twenty-six month’s, Credit Solutions takes control of settling what you owe. Often reducing the amount you owe, their experts contact your creditors on your behalf and try to reduce or make a settlement on the total amount due. This will help reduce your monthly payment and after the debt is settled, the debt will not appear as a third party settlement.

If you don’t know how to lower your debts, then obtaining the services of a credit repair company is a prudent choice. If you are unsure where you stand as far as your credit score, you can get a free copy of your credit report from the US Government via the Federal Trade Commission on an annual basis.

You will be able to see how credits view your credit once you obtain your credit report. 500-600 is a low score, 601-750 is an average score, and 751-800 plus is an excellent score. Have all your debts at hand and your credit report and call a credit repair business like Credit Solutions. It can give you peace of mind and help reduce those nasty letters and phone calls, organize and control your debt, and help you on the track to becoming debt free.

C.Stewart is credit repair specialist who works for non profit consumer credit counseling services company. If you are looking for information on bankruptcy, credit report, credit repair, or personal finance you’ll find it all in his articles.

Debt Organization Management And Credit Counseling

March 6th, 2015 by admin

How well do you know your credit score? Do you even know your credit score? Have you hit the limit on your credit cards and started missing payments? If your response was yes to one or more of these questions you can end up having bad credit.

Especially if you don’t understand where to start or how to obtain a copy of your credit report to see what companies are accessing it, trying to rebuild your credit on your own can be difficult. A credit repair company will help people get out of debt and may increase their credit rating.

Credit Solutions is one such company that has a mission statement that says they will ‘produce a path to debt-free living that is as stress-free and comfortable as possible for each and every client’. The company has already successfully managed over $25 billion in unsecured debt, similar to credit card debt, and settled $800 million of debt since it began. But how and what do they offer?

They help their clients through debt organization and management and credit counseling. They also help their clients avoid debt consolidation loans and bankruptcy. Because bankruptcy laws have changed, making it harder for people to rid themselves of huge debt, credit repair companies are on the rise and helping people become debt-free.

Many people have been able to manage their debt with a consolidation loan. It works by gathering all of your debt information together including your mortgage, vehicle loans, and credit card balances and seeking a financial institution, such as a bank to consolidate all of your debts into one loan – usually with a higher interest rate. Credit Solutions reports that these kind of loans can be paid with long terms of period with a big interest rate.

Credit Solutions promises to get your debt under control and help settle your debt in twelve to twenty-six months. Their experts contact your creditors on your behalf and try to reduce or make a settlement on the total amount due; often reducing the amount you owe. It doesn’t appear as a third party settlement, going this route can dramatically reduce your monthly payments and when each debt is settled.

If you don’t know how to lower your debts, then obtaining the services of a credit repair company is a prudent choice. A free copy of your credit report is available to you through the Federal Trade Commission once per year to help you understand where you stand regarding your credit score.

Your score on the credit report allows you to determine how you are perceived by creditors. While 500-600 is a low score and 601-750 is an average one, 751-800 plus is considered to be an excellent score. When you’re ready, call a credit repair specialist like Credit Solutions to begin reigning in your run away debt. Reducing nasty letters and phone calls, being able to control your debt, and helping you stay debt free will help you keep your peace of mind.

C.Stewart is credit repair specialist who works for non profit consumer credit counseling services company. If you are looking for information on bankruptcy, credit report, credit repair, or personal finance you’ll find it all in his articles.

Information On Report Dispute Letter Templates

March 3rd, 2015 by admin

Keeping track of your credit report is a very good habit to have. At times, it may be necessary to challenge any entries that you see reported on your credit report. There are several ways that you can dispute the entry on the report and the most common way is to draft a dispute letter. There are many ways that you can create a report dispute letter.

Financial experts suggest that it is a good idea for consumers to periodically check their consumer credit report. This is a very important step to take if you are going to make sure that only the most accurate information appears on your credit report. There are several listings of information on a credit report which make it important to check it often so that you can make sure that only the most accurate information appears on the report. Your credit report will list information such as creditors, amount of debt owed and length of time the debt has been open.

This is all very important information that must be reviewed frequently and you must check to see that there are no errors on the report. If there are errors on the report, it will be necessary to file a dispute with the creditor and it will be your responsibility to follow up with the reporting agencies to make sure that they have the most accurate information. If you need to report an inaccuracy on your credit report, you can use a credit report dispute letter template.

Credit report dispute letter templates are necessary when you want to dispute something that has appeared on your credit report that you believe is inaccurate. You should have the most accurate information reported on your credit report and you should immediately contest any information that appears on your credit report that appears to be inaccurate. If you find information on your report that is inaccurate, there are steps that you can take to resolve the matter at hand. First, you should send a dispute letter to the credit reporting agency and this will help begin the process of getting the inaccurate information removed.

There are many software programs that can help you draft a credit report dispute letter. These software programs are very inexpensive and very effective in helping you draft the perfect letter that will help you dispute any inaccurate information on your report. The software programs have letters that are pre-made that will help you get your situation resolved as quickly as possible. The letters are very helpful since they will allow you to address all of the problems that are contained in your report and you will be able to get the situation taken care of without much hassle at all. Simply fill in the important information that should be included in the letter and then send it off the the credit reporting agency for them to review it and to make a determination about the validity of the letter.

Your credit dispute letter should have all of the important information in it that will help the credit reporting agency conduct a thorough investigation regarding the validity of your claim. You should also have complete contact information that will make it easy to get in touch with you to further ask you questions about the situation at hand. The letter should also include information about the accurate information that should be listed on the report.

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Donamp#039t Let Divorce Ruin Your Credit Score

February 28th, 2015 by admin

Act to Protect Your Credit Report

Divorce is unpleasant enough without having to experience a huge drop in your credit score. While you may be more interested in your property and investments than in your credit report, creditors have no interest in how you and your spouse dispose of your belongings; they are only interested in your credit bureau report and your credit score.

Why is this information so important to you? Well if you and your spouse opened credit accounts, including credit cards, auto loans and mortgages jointly, you are both responsible for paying them back. Before you reply, ‘but the Judge ordered my spouse to pay that account’, just remember, creditors are not legally bound to follow the orders set forth in your final divorce decree. A judge’s order does not override what you owe your creditors and most attorneys don’t advise their clients of the potential for problems if one spouse does not follow the court order. Here are a few strategies to prevent the dissolution of your marriage from crumbling your credit score.

Close joint accounts. If it is possible, close all joint accounts before the divorce proceedings. This will keep an angry spouse from continuing to use the account and adding new charges that you may later be held responsible for.

Open separate or individual accounts. Turn all joint credit cards, gas cards and any retail accounts into individual accounts. The added benefit of doing this is that it will mean you won’t have to re-establish credit in your own name after the divorce since the new accounts will be opened using your present credit score and bureau report.

Settle with creditors. Try to settle existing accounts for an amount less than you owe. Some creditors will be receptive to this option to protect their money when they become aware of a potential divorce. Too many creditors have been burned trying to collect from angry spouses. If you do this, be certain to get a letter from the creditor that the account has been paid in full and a written promise that they will not file anything derogatory about the account to the credit reporting bureaus.

Freeze accounts. This will keep you and your spouse from being able to use the account and running up the balance. Once the divorce is final, the balance due can be transferred to the party charged with repaying it in the divorce decree.

Contact your creditors. Inform them that you are in the process of a divorce. If there is a change of address, make sure they know it so that you will continue to receive bills from all joint accounts.

Make sure all bills are being paid. A divorce is not quick when there is substantial money, property or children involved. During the long process it is easy to miss a payment and all it takes is one late payment to hurt your credit. If your spouse won’t pay, make a minimum payment even if you know that your spouse will ultimately be responsible. Preserving your credit is more important than standing on ceremony.

After the divorce check your credit report and credit score. Obtain your credit report and score immediately after the divorce. Look for any unusual activity, new accounts you did not authorize or an increase in debt you did not create. If you do observe any of these events and you suspect that your spouse is responsible, consult your attorney. Do this every 3 months for the next year.

Take action to correct errors and unauthorized activity on your credit report. Either contact your credit reporting bureau directly or retain a professional credit repair company and challenge the activity that you did not authorize. Have the erroneous information removed if possible. If you do decide to use the services of a credit repair organization, make certain that they follow all of the laws for credit repair including those provided by the federal Credit Repair Organization Act (‘CROA’).

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The Negative Effect of Bad Credit

February 25th, 2015 by admin

   In the present economy approximately 60% of the American people are struggling with some form of bad credit. Contrary to what the credit bureaus would like you to believe, credit repair or restoration services do work and can work for 100% of people in most circumstances. It may be necessary,in some cases, to gain the assistance of an experienced credit repair service company to conduct a full dispute process and correct the inaccuracies on your credit reports with the credit bureaus and the creditors, collection agencies, and courthouses. Bad credit can have a devastating effect on a persons entire lifestyle. These bad credit reports can result in bad credit scores that can cost a person real money through higher interest rates and will have a staggering effect on your life to the extend of even being denied employment. They are penalized and charged higher rates for this negative credit.

      Although it is illegal for employers to discriminate against people with poor credit or those who have filed bankruptcy, employers can and do discriminate against people with negative credit ratings. If suits have been filed to recover unpaid consumer debt, it is possible that a debt settlement could be negotiated for pennies on the dollar. Until steps are taken to resolve your bad credit, it can damage your creditability and make it almost impossible to obtain credit cards, a car loan, or even a mortgage loan. Nevertheless, a credit services company has the knowledge to recommend a variety of effective alternatives for resolving credit problems. They can work closely with the consumer to design a program especially for their own particular situation. Presently more than 80% of employers are doing credit checks and can legally deny a person employment based on what is in their credit file in certain situations. This is, of course, provided you are getting the best advice and have an experienced professional working on your case.

     Repairing your credit reports is the central element to re-establishing good credit. 7 out of 10 people have some inaccurate or negative credit mark that needs to be removed or corrected. Everybody must understand that your credit scores are arbitrary numbers calculated by private companies (credit bureaus) in the business of solely selling credit information for their own financial gain. There are professional debt negotiators that will utilize any and all means necessary to settle your delinquent debts and avoiding possible lawsuits from being filed against you. It may at this point be beneficial to note that most people are unaware when applying for any type of insurance their credit reports are being pulled. This can be the determining factor between acquiring either low or high insurance rates or being denied insurance coverage by a insurance company.

      The average consumer suffering from negative credit issues should be discouraged from attempting to repair their own credit. The process of disputes, follow-up letters, and negotiating with the credit bureaus and creditors can be an exhausting task to be accomplished by the consumer. It would be advised to hire a professional credit repair company to communicate with these credit reporting agencies and/or creditors on your behalf to dispute and remove negative, inaccurate, unverifiable, and incomplete information from your credit reports. Consumers should identify and seek companies which concentrate and focus on a process called ‘Credit Report Repair’. A process that identifies and corrects credit report inaccuracies to assist clients in maximizing their credit scores in order to get the lowest possible interest rates.

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The Truth About Credit Bureau Investigations

February 22nd, 2015 by admin

Credit repair is difficult enough when the credit bureaus follow the Fair Credit Reporting Act guidelines to a tee. When they shortcut the rules, it can become even more frustrating. It is enlightening to take a look at how credit bureau investigations really play out most of the time.

The first thing that happens is that the credit bureaus will receive your disputes. You may send a written letter, make a telephone call, or contact their dispute division by going online. No matter how you choose to begin this phase of credit repair, the credit reporting agency will put your dispute in queue to be processed. The waiting game begins.

Next the dispute you have sent for your credit repair will go to one of an army of low-paid employees with little, if any, training in credit investigations. These people will look at your dispute and make a quick decision about how to classify it. They are required to think fast because they have a quota to do an average of one dispute entry every 4 minutes. These people take their best guess and move on to the next dispute.

These codes are entered into an online system called eOscar. This is a computer-based system designed to make investigations of disputes easier. What it actually does is to turn what might be a very complex credit repair matter into a simplistic form answer that leaves out everything important to the case.

No matter how much time and effort you have put into proving your point, eOscar users will initially turn it into one of these two-digit codes. You may have gone to great lengths to hunt up records and gather testimony from authorities on your behalf. It will not help your credit repair if your information is reduced into these codes.

What is more, there are only so many codes. There is not one code for identity fraud and another code for a debt that has been erroneously attributed to the wrong name. They are both reduced to the words, ‘not mine.’ Credit repair is much more involved than that. The overlap of codes makes it impossible for anyone to get a clear idea of the actual circumstances of the disputed item.

The credit bureau is required to turn all of your evidence in to the creditor. Perhaps they feel justified that they are doing just that. In reality, all they are doing is providing a code that makes it easy for creditors. When the complaint is vague, it is easier to answer it. Your credit repair efforts are slowed down when this occurs.

The best way to combat this problem of eOscar and the two-digit codes during credit repair is to use a system called ‘method of verification.’ When the credit reporting agency tells you that it has investigated your dispute, you may feel that you have not been given due consideration. If you suspect that the judgment is based solely on codes entered into eOscar, you can request information on their method of verification. This requires the credit bureaus to provide proof that they have thoroughly investigated your claim.

By knowing how credit reporting agencies do their investigations on a routine basis, you can prepare yourself for the struggle ahead. You can get credit bureaus to look at your disputes, but it may take you some time and effort. That is why credit repair is seldom easy.

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