Possible to Have Low Income but High Credit Scores

April 21st, 2015 by admin

Somebody ran my credit recently. This made me very anxious since I had not checked up on myself for a few months and, to be perfectly frank, the economy has affected me as much as anyone and more strongly than most. So the person ran the report as I waited with bated breath, having no idea of what the outcome would be.

It turned out quite well:  the result was a most admirable 783. Nobody was more surprised than I.  As I said, the atrocious economy has affected my earnings.  Actually, that is an understatement.  My income is laughable.

When I took a close look at the report, I was able to figure out a few of the reasons that my score was so high in spite of my dramatically lower income over the past few years. Anyone trying to raise their scores should please take this as non-scientific observation, not gospel truth. Do your own research.  Without further ado, here are…

The Three Reasons for My Great Credit Scores:

I have closed many accounts in good standing. Closing accounts while owing nothing on them is kind of like breaking up with a lover without any acrimony. It will not diminish your social status and actually makes you look pretty good to potential new lovers. In the same way, paying off a credit card and closing the account makes you look attractive to other lenders.
I don’t have any 30-day (or more) late payments. This has involved a bit of juggling, but I always take care to pay my bills more or less on time. Even if you need to be a little late, make sure it’s just a few days. Stay under that 30-day bar.
I have big credit lines but only a little bit of debt. I have something like $100,000 in credit available but less than $10,000 in debt outstanding including my car payment. If you always pay your bills on time but don’t have any lines of credit — or if your credit lines are almost maxed out — it hurts your scores.  That’s my theory, anyway.

The credit bureaus use very sophisticated algorithms to calculate scores, but maintaining decent scores is not exactly rocket science, as it turns out.  Even if the bottom falls out of your income, it is possible to maintain a decent credit rating.  Just keep paying the piper more or less on time, and do not borrow unless you absolutely must.

Do you know where you stand? You should check your credit reports and scores.

There is hope for those who are unemployed and in debt as well.

Grow My Credit Score and Get My Loan Authorized

April 18th, 2015 by admin

Following becoming rejected for the house mortgage I had been counting on, I did a great number of hrs of investigation on the Online and realized that I require to boost my credit score score and then check out again later for a new mortgage.

While I was devastated by the, in spanish credito reduction of that residence, at least I sense like I have anything to operate on and that it isn’t hopeless.

But I felt very hopeless at the time. In simple fact, I felt embarrassed and ashamed. I felt angry and disappointed. It’s a great deal of get the job done to go household hunting right up until you come across a home that seems perfect.

It was even harder saving up all the income that I knew I would will need for a down payment. I had that down payment in hand. It in no way occurred to me that I wouldn’t be in a position to get the mortgage. I considered receiving a mortgage loan was a little something any one could do as lengthy as you are fiscally solvent.

But it turns out that some of my frugal habits worked in opposition to me in my credit score. All that income I had been conserving, had not been working for me in creating a credit rating. It would seem unusual to me that however I’ve in no way been in really serious debt, and have often been cautious about not purchasing things until eventually I can pay for it, that in some way translates into my not staying a beneficial credit score chance. To prove I am a very good danger, I have to have to indicate that I can tackle credit score that will improve my credit score score.

Nicely after I argued in my head prolonged ample about how unfair it was, I made the decision it wasn’t executing me any superior and that I would just have to start to play the game. I observed out that there are many different web-sites on the Net where by you can go to locate out what your rating is. Then there are other internet sites which train you how to enhance your score. So if you’re owning the similar complications I am, think about receiving some assistance at a single of these credit sites.

Low Credit Score Unsecured Loan – Get Swift Loan for Everyone

April 15th, 2015 by admin

This low credit score unsecured loan scheme is a kind of bonus for all those UK people who have not good credit profile from some past time. This is because this scheme is also approved for those who have low credit score and even you can clearly understand your own from this loan scheme name. And good thing is that you do not need to provide any kind of collateral and this is true and if someone asks you to provide this then contact directly to the lender. This all is offered to you and you will believe this when you will apply for this and will have the money approval soon.

To apply for this low credit score unsecured loan scheme, you need to download the online application form via the internet and you can easily do this within some minutes. After downloading this, fill this with all the particulars asked with genuine way and then send it back to the lender website via the same online means. As soon as you will do this, you can expect the approval of loan application and not only this, even you can expect that you will have the money in your bank account within next 24 hours.

There is an eligibility criterion before have the loan amount in your bank account that you should have UK citizenship and must need to give a valid and active account number, which must be of the applicant name and also need to be more than 18 years of age. You will not get the applied loan money on the same day while this scheme offers you on the same day of applying if you will apply this from the banks but this loan scheme offer you all such facility on the same day of application submission.

This low credit score unsecured loan scheme is a kind of bonus for all those UK people who have not good credit profile from some past time. This is because this scheme is also approved for those who have low credit score and even you can clearly understand your own from this loan scheme name. And good thing is that you do not need to provide any kind of collateral and this is true and if someone asks you to provide this then contact directly to the lender. This all is offered to you and you will believe this when you will apply for this and will have the money approval soon.

There is an eligibility criterion before have the loan amount in your bank account that you should have UK citizenship and must need to give a valid and active account number, which must be of the applicant name and also need to be more than 18 years of age. You will not get the applied loan money on the same day while this scheme offers you on the same day of applying if you will apply this from the banks but this loan scheme offer you all such facility on the same day of application submission.

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Follow the Easy Steps and Improve Your Credit Score

April 12th, 2015 by admin

The ease of use of good quality recognition is significant in on the increase and maintaining an affluent standard of living. Many of us do not really be aware of how to generate and administer a vigorous credit score. element of it is that we do not take the moment in time and put in the endeavor to gain knowledge of about what to do in more factor, and the supplementary measurement is that when we do, we find a lot of involvedness

1. Until the end of time recompense bills on point in time.

2. Until the end of time be in this world below your resources.

3. Put aside wealth in an investments account for minute to huge procures. If we do not could do with it, do not pay money for it.

4. Make sure your credit reports every 6 months for inaccuracies, inexactness, ambiguous info, replacement substance, and unenthusiastic credit that are out of date. A free of charge credit report can be obtained once a year online. If you wish for to pull your credit reports more than once a year, they can be purchased for around $9 with each credit bureau. If you get hold of your credit reports from one of the credit bureaus, your scores will not be subordinated.

5. Maintain credit card sense of balances near to the ground to in the region of 1/3rd of the restrictions. on no account go over this amount and not at all hit the highest point your credit cards, this will consequence in lowering your credit scores. Hang about on top of your credit restrictions, be attentive, some credit card companies are lowering customers limits for no motive and unexpected.

6. Have two or three rotating credit cards open at any given time. Having too many open spinning credit cards, even if they are at a zip balance, illustrates that you could go out tomorrow and run the credit card limits up. If you put up the shutters any accounts you would like to seal the newer ones and not the elder ones. The older ones give you a superior credit score. Lending companies appear at the time period of the unfasten credit card books. They frequently seek at least one to two years of paying your expenditure on the dot.

7. If you encompass your social security number on your driver’s permit, have it tainted to a standard computer caused number. If you be unable to find your driver’s license, it has all the information somebody desires to take your credit characteristics, specifically. They can use your information to gain credit, buy things online, gain credit cards, etc.

Taking the social security number off your driver’s permit will also put off automobile dealerships from consecutively your credit reports without your approval. A few dealerships will inquire you to offer your driver’s license for insurance reasons, but really use your social security number, name and address to sprint a credit report on you to see if you have superior sufficient credit prior to spending added time with you.

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Good Credit…Who Needs It

April 9th, 2015 by admin

Life is full of unexpected events. Car repairs, medical emergencies, house repairs, and unforeseen high bills are some of the things that you may need extra cash for.

Many families are feeling the crunch of the recession, so therefore extra funds are limited. Bank loans and personal loans are becoming increasingly hard to get. In order to be approved for any of these loans, you must have good credit. Banks and lenders look at people who have poor credit as irresponsible and high risk. Let’s face it; they want to ensure that the money lent to you will be repaid.

Not being able to make payments on time does not necessarily mean that you are irresponsible. A loss of a job or birth of a child may have deemed you unable to make deadlines. Never less, lenders don’t take into account the reason for late payments. Credit scores decrease. Your situation is not hopeless. There are a number of things that you can do to increase your FICO score.

Contact the creditor and make arrangements to pay off the unpaid balance. By doing so the creditor may not even report the delinquency, and in the event that it is reported, the debt can be reported as balance paid, increasing your FICO score.
Order your credit report and check it for any inaccuracies. If items on your report were reported inaccurately, contact the credit bureau in writing. If the credit bureau is unable to verify it within 30 days, it is then removed from your credit report, therefore increasing your FICO score.
Get a secured credit card. Many banks offer these cards. You can also apply for these cards online. Once you receive the credit card, use it for small purchases and be sure to make your payments on time. This will also increase your FICO score.
Apply for a department store card or a gas card. These cards are usually easier to get due to the fact that that they want you to use their card to purchase their product. Be careful to charge only what you can pay for. Make monthly payments on time. This will help you not being charged high interest rates and will encourage an increase to your credit limit over a period of time.

By following these easy steps, you will gradually see an improvement to your FICO score. For even more tips and help to increase your FICO score, go to


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Debt Consolidation for Credit score Card Debt

March 9th, 2015 by admin

Don’t get a large credit restrict until there is a motive for it and you can pay for to conveniently spend it off each and every month.

Individuals cards with the longest repayment period- Male positive you choose a credit score card with a very long fascination cost-free period and depart having to pay the invoice right up until the very last minute. Why shell out factors again early if you can continue to keep your income in your unique pocket? If it is at all achievable you want to stay away from paying out any interest payments.

There are hundreds of choices for you when it arrives to picking the perfect card for your individual conditions. But have you ever wondered exactly where did this plastic revenue of credit card come from? Whose genius was it anyways?

However the concept of ‘have now, fork out later’ existed considering the fact that the 1700s but it was only in the early 20th century that the banking institutions started off taking credit score safety in sort of overdrafts. In 1914 Western Union gave its prospects a metal card permitting them fascination cost-free deferral payments. This gave their clients a independence to expend over and above their indicates. On the other hand, the thought of actual credit score card did not strike ‘father of Credit score Cards’, Frank McNamara until he forgot his wallet again household while going out for a dinner with good friends.

This embarrassing time was just as well considerably for McNamara. Therefore, he developed the ‘Diner’s club card’. It was to begin with a businessmen’s card for dinners and retails purchases while traveling but by the stop of 1950 it had become a phenomenon. A nationwide frenzy that commenced with just 200 customers who could use it in 27 dining establishments, it swelled to like significant size that it spread above the whole USA with 20000 consumers and a lot more different types of stores subscribed to it as credit score companies. The Diners card charged seven % for each particular person transaction with card subscribers having to pay a 3-dollar annual charge. Outlets and assistance firms readily extended this facility. They could benefit from it since the clients put in additional than they would if they had to fork out the hard cash up frontally.

The General Petroleum Company was one of the first businesses to offer an real credit card that authorized for fuel and automotive fix purchases to its workers. They could use their card and make payments towards these points with portions of their paychecks.

The monopoly of Diner’s club was brief lived. McNamara withdrew his share of money from the organization in 1952. Quite soon American Express launched its very similar still much more generalized credit score card and Lender of America arrived out with BankAmericard (now called VISA) in 1958. Grasp card arrived up in 1966. These new industry players overpowered the old titan.

While McNamara developed credit cards, John Biggins is acknowledged as the inventor of the lender credit card. He labored at the Flatbush Nationwide Lender of Brooklyn in New York. In 1946, Mr. Biggins made the ‘Charge-It’ system in which community merchants who accepted the card would deposit gross sales slips into the lender and the bank billed the customer.

Credit score cards are being the only way to spend. A long time ago we would not have imagined of these cards turning out to be the new way to do transactions.

It’s extremely important to make certain and perform your own homework on any credit card products prior to making a purchase. We take out the guess work and supply you trustworthy opinions to help make your choices easier. Secured Credit score Cards 101,

How does reaffirming mortgage affect credit score

March 6th, 2015 by admin

Filing a bankruptcy even if you still have your mortgage should have you reaffirming it so that you’ll be able to keep your home. Doing this will have you creating a new loan agreement that you will be obliged to pay for every month. Another good thing about reaffirming your mortgage is that you can give your credit rating a quick boost if you get to pay for your bills on time all the time; however, missing out on it may have you losing your home.

1. Everyone probably knows that filing for a bankruptcy will only do damage to your credit even if you reaffirm your mortgage right away. It will remain on your credit for seven or even 10 years and it may have a huge effect on your future transactions because your credit score will surely make a huge drop. Practice good financial habits and you’ll save yourself from filing for bankruptcy.

2. Reaffirming your mortgage may have its benefits but again, there are still risks that go along with it. Foreclosure of property is probably the worst thing that could happen if in case you won’t make your payments on time. And of course, late payments and missed bills will reflect on your credit score and credit report that can stay for years, even if you’re done paying for it.

3. Reaffirming, of course does have its benefits especially if you can pay for all of your bills regularly. Not only will you boost your credit score, but you will be able to save your mortgage within a specific timeline. Declaring a bankruptcy will mean that you no longer have a monthly income which means you won’t be able to make your monthly payments. If you decide decline in reaffirming your mortgage, then you might as well walk away from your house and start back from scratch as soon as you get over your bankruptcy declaration instead of continuing to pay for your payments on time.

4. If you plan to file for bankruptcy, your options will be, reaffirming your mortgage, give up your property or pay off your mortgage. If you choose to reaffirm your mortgage, you will be required to make payments till you get your bankruptcy cleared; if you do choose to surrender your property, you’d be required to make monthly payments, but you will of course lose your home. But if you have enough money to pay for your mortgage to finish it off, then you can happily keep your property without even reaffirming your mortgage at all.

Your credit will do you a lot in the future. It will help you out with your loan applications, job interviews and even the place where you’re planning to stay. Try your best to avoid the things that will damage it and keep on boosting it whenever you can. Have a regular credit score check and maintain on keeping your credit as healthy as possible.

Joy Mali is an active blogger and shares extremely interesting financial management tips over the web that encourages people to check free credit report regularly %26 to build a working credit report for a happy financial life.

Building Good Credit 3 Essentials to Know About

March 3rd, 2015 by admin

When it comes to building good credit, you have to pay attention to your credit score. But how is this credit rating established? It is crucial you know the answer to this question whether you are just starting to build your credit or you are trying to fix it. Knowing the answer will make you more aware of the consequences of your actions and have you take the right steps towards an excellent credit score. As we all know, if your credit is excellent you will stand a better chance of obtaining the credit you want and on your terms. In fact, you will even start receiving pre-approved loans from financial institutions. And before you know it, you will be on the road to financial success.

Repayment History

How well you repay your debts is number one on the list when it comes to calculating your credit score. Therefore, it is essential that you establish a repayment history particularly if it’s your first time in obtaining credit. How do you do it? Simply get yourself a couple of credit cards and start paying your purchases with these. However, be careful not to over spend because it is important that you pay the totality of your balance each month. If this sounds too risky for you, you can just use the credit cards to buy a small number of things every month. Keep in mind that it is not how much you charge on your credit card that counts, but rather how well you repay your debt.

Credit to Debt Ratio

Your credit to debt ratio is the amount of your credit card limit versus how much you used. And this is number two on the list, right after repayment history, which is reflected in your credit score. For example, your credit card limit is $4,000 and you have $2,000 worth of credit left, this means you used half of the credit granted to you. Your credit score is more severely affected as you get closer to attaining your credit limit. It is recommended that you don’t go over one third of your allowed limit.

Varied Credit History

A varied credit history is number three on the list of things that are taken into consideration when calculating your credit score. For example, the FICO score will determine your ability of paying your bills by looking at your debt in general and how well you manage it. This means they want to see not only your ability to pay your credit cards, but also how well you pay installment loans such as car loans and mortgage.

Now that you have seen how to begin to deal with building good credit, all you have to do is apply these principles. And you will soon attain financial freedom.

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Does Shopping Around for Credit Hurt a Good Fico Score

February 28th, 2015 by admin

Your FICO score is based on your credit report and 10% of the score is weighted on your applications for credit listed on it. In particular, your FICO score looks at how many accounts you have recently applied for, how many new accounts were opened, how much time has passed since opening a new account, and how long it has been since you have applied for credit.

Looking at the criteria, people have come up with the idea that shopping around for a loan can hurt your good FICO score. This could stem from the fact lenders want you to get a loan from them and not shop around. Shopping around actually is the sign of a responsible consumer and your FICO score recognizes that. This is why when you apply for a mortgage or an auto loan you will be given an allotted period of time to shop around and it will not hurt your good FICO score. The formula used today gives you a 30 day window to get several different quotes from lenders. So if you apply for a mortgage and get quotes from several different companies, it will actually only count as one if it is done over a 30 day period. This is also true for auto loans. If you do go over the 30 days, it will count against your good FICO score and is seen as two different inquiries. Another note is a mortgage can take over 30 days to get and this will not hurt your score. The shopping for a loan is what matters and must be done in a short period of time with two weeks as the standard.

Credit cards do not get the same treatment and applying for several cards in a short period of time will hurt your good FICO score. The FICO score once again only makes the exception for mortgages and auto loans. What you need to stay away from is applying for any different types of credit when trying to get a mortgage. This will hurt your FICO score and lenders too do not like to see the use of other forms of credit right before a big outlay like a mortgage.

The proactive way of shopping around for a loan is to get your FICO score on your own and then talk to lenders. This will help you get an idea of the potential loan you could get. There are several different sites like MyFICO that actually allow you to see what you will get on a mortgage. You can plug in the amount and the term and you can see an estimated monthly payment based of your FICO score. You should always know your FICO score before applying for any loan. You will be more informed and prior to the process you can make the decision to whether or not you can afford it.

If you are still wondering what is a good credit score, visit Kyle’s blog FICO authority. There you can find more information on how to get a free online FICO score before applying for a loan.

Good Fico Score – Lowering Limits

February 25th, 2015 by admin

Often consumers can get a bit confused about the right way and the wrong to improve a FICO score. The idea of lowering your limits is just one of those ideas. The idea comes from the rational that lower credit limits means you are a less of a risk to a lender because you can get yourself into trouble borrowing large amounts of credit at any given time. Since you are less likely to get yourself into trouble, the better FICO sore should be. This is wrong way and an incorrect way to think about improving a FICO score.

The first reason why this will hurt your chances of getting a good FICO score is the based on the FICO formula itself. 30% of your FICO score is the measurement of how much you owe and more specifically is your utilization. This is found by taking the credit balance and dividing it by the credit limit. The lower the better is the rule and this is what will actually help you get a good FICO score. A lowing a credit limit means you will be dividing how much you owe by a lower number creating a high percentage. If you ask for your credit limits to be lower it has the effect of raising your utilization and damaging your FICO score.

The second reason why lowering credit limits might not be a good idea is the fact your FICO score uses your credit history. Meaning it you have done no real method to improve your overall credit standing. You have lower your limits but you have done nothing to the things that really matter such as paying on time and paying off your balances.

Lowering limits should never be advised when trying to achieve a good FICO score. Consumers are better off focusing on paying on time and reducing their spending. What a lower limit can do for you is control your spending. If a consumer is struggling to budget and plan a lower limit my make them think twice before buying an unneeded item. Lowering limits could be method from saving you from your spending habits, but is not a method of improving a FICO score.

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