Strawberries Everything you need to know

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This book is intended for the novice but does include several advanced topics for the more experienced reader.….more info




The ADD/ADHD Healthy Living Guide Everything you need to know about how to alleviate manage and heal Attention Deficit Disorder

June 30th, 2015 by admin
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#1 Kindle Bestseller in Attention Deficit & Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder – 2015!

Dear Parent,

If your child has been diagnosed with ADD or ADHD, or you suspect that he or she fit the criteria for this illness, then “The ADD/ADHD Healthy Living Guide: Everything you need to know about how to alleviate, manage and heal Attention Deficit Disorder” is going to become an invaluable source of information for you.

You are going to learn what ADHD really is, how it is caused and what triggers need to be avoided. You will also learn how to alleviate symptoms and otherwise manage them. You may even be able to help your child achieve a complete recovery!

Surprisingly, Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), are relatively new terms. They are both used to describe the same type of behavioral health problem that has been talked about for about the past 200 years. In this guide, we will use the term ADHD as that is what is used in clinical settings.

It is believed that the first references to ADHD are found in research done in 1798 by Sir Alexander Crichton. A report published at the US National Library of Medicine, National Institutes of Health, points out that Crichton distinguishes two possibilities of abnormal inattention as the oppositional poles of pathologically increased or decreased “sensibility of the nerves”. (1)

It wasn’t until 1980 that the formal diagnostic criteria for ADHD was published in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders. By 2011, it was reported that 11% of children aged 4 to 17 had been diagnosed with this illness. This percentage continues to increase, which means your child is certainly not alone. (2)

Whether your son or daughter has received a diagnosis, or whether you are wondering if he or she has ADHD, you can begin using many of the suggestions in this guide right away in order to find almost immediate improvements.

The most important thing to know is that ADHD is manageable. Your child has the same prospects for a successful life as any other child. And, because you are reading this guide, you will learn exactly how to create that opportunity.

….more info




Credit Card Fundamentals Everything You Should Know

April 9th, 2015 by admin

The credit card is one of the most acrimonious merchandises among all the financial tools accessible. Probe around and you’re sure to treasure people who pay all their expenditures using credit cards as well as others who blaspheme the merchandises are the quintessence of pure evil. Opinions among financial experts and thought leaders are just as mixed. Quite a few experts won’t even let clienteles pay for his merchandises using credit cards, and are obdurate about the vicious powers of credit card and the intrinsic worth of debt asceticism.

A credit card is nothing but a contrivance. Whether its possessions are supportive or detrimental depends on the expertise and acquaintance of the user, an individual with the power to indicate how to use the contrivance. Presenting here is the whole lot you need to be acquainted with in order to make the most out of this particular financial contrivance, taking advantage of its benefits without sinking into any deceptions. 

Here are some of the common deceptions for dealing with credit card rewards.

Credit cards are not for every Tom, Dick, and Harry.

Like contrivances, in the wrong hands, they can be perilous. If you have disposition personae like a propensity to dearth self-discipline, if you’re in the process of refurbishing your finances, or if you’re not equipped for personal accountability, avoid credit cards until you are conceptually, psychologically and emotionally prepared.

What is a credit card?

A card distributed by a financial corporation giving the holder an opportunity to borrow moneys, typically at point of sale. Credit cards charge interest and are predominantly used for short-term financing. Interest typically originates one month after a purchase is completed and borrowing restrictions are predetermined according to the individual’s credit assessment.

BankCircle Explains ‘CREDIT CARD’

Credit cards have higher interest rates (around 39% per year) than most consumer loans or lines of credit. Practically every store permits for payment of goods and services through credit cards. Because of their comprehensive acceptance, credit cards are one of the utmost prevalent arrangements of payment for consumer goods and services across the world.

How does a credit card work?

Behind the scenes, the credit card signifies a sort of financial account. By using credit cards, consumers can offer a bank’s money as a substitute of their own, to pay for a product or service today, and over time, they pay back the bank.

When you indicate to pay with a credit card at the point of sale, the merchant you’re dealing with authenticates your account with the bank for permitting the purchase to go through. If everything appears worthy, your purchase is added to your credit account. Several establishments are involved with each swipe of a credit card, and money exchanges hands concerning all these establishments each time a credit card is used. Merchants pay fees to accept credit cards, and ultimately the card-issuing banks collect chunk of this as income.

Using other people’s money (viz Credit Cards)is often superior than exhausting your own because it lets you preserve your own money accessible for other commitments, but if you purchase something with someone else’s money although not being capable to pay back that type of loan, the consequences can destroy your individual financial future.

Once a month, the bank accumulates your credit card consumptions and sends you a bill. The best and only alternative we endorse for dealing with that bill is to pay in complete by the due date. If not, you have to pay at least a minimum amount due, determined by the bank (usually 5% for the total amount due), to avoid late payment charges and other actions as deemed suitable as per the agreement.

Even if you avoid late payment fees by paying the minimum amount due, an interest fee will be accrued to what you owe the subsequent month.

When you pay on time and in full, the bank contemplates you a well-mannered consumer, and will testimony this conduct to credit agencies that appraise whether you’re a virtuous borrower. You want these establishments to contemplate you a virtuous borrower, because it could have financial significances in your financial future.


Why do people hate credit cards?

Using a credit card makes it easier to spend money. Scientific studies have revealed that individuals are more likely to complete a purchase if they anticipate to pay with a credit card than if they anticipate to pay with cash. Cash just appears scarcer, so individuals are more prospective to try to preserve it. Credit cards don’t harvest the identical kind of psychological obstacle.

Furthermore, with cash only, an individual under no circumstances spend more money than you have. Using credit cards, that’s cool. The bank doesn’t check individual’s bank account before approving a purchase, they just check to make sure that an individual is underneath his credit limit and the transaction doesn’t seem to be fraudulent. In fact, even if the transaction would put an individual beyond the approved credit limit, the bank will likely to accept the transaction anyway just so they can charge an individual a fee for being over the limit.

As a consequence, individuals spend more money with credit cards than they would otherwise. This just generates more profit for the banks while making it conceivable for users to destroy their financial future. In practice, many individuals do let credit cards damage their financial future, and they do so without even comprehending the mess they’ve made for themselves until it’s very tough to clean up.

Credit cards are like hammers. Hammers can be a very valuable instrument. You can drive in more nails with a hammer than you can without, but you can also injure yourself if you aren’t paying attention and crash your finger. This is where complications can arise. When this is the philosophy behind the usage of credit cards, consumers avoid financial complications — and likewise, the real purpose of credit cards is to create significant profit centres for banks.


What are the benefits of using credit cards?

With the potential for injury, why even practise credit cards at all? First, the perception of using other people’s money for a small period of time. Time-shifting your money can come in handy if you need to buy essentials for yourself and your family (though this can create a hazardous instance). Credit cards can also support you consolidate your expenses, but that’s only an insignificant advantage.

There are two foremost benefits to credit cards, without which, it wouldn’t be worth the hassle to practise Credit Cards as a substitute of debit cards or cash.

Credit cards generate a barricade between merchants and your own money.

If nothing else, credit card establishments are virtuous at handling fraud, and they generate a line of defence between fraudsters and your money. You should always check the guidelines when you open a credit card, but in practically all circumstances, you are not accountable for any unauthorized usage of your credit card account. And contrasting a debit card, unauthorized usage doesn’t disturb your bank account, so you’ll still have your money if you ensue to need it for somewhat else on the same day somebody uses your credit card account.

Credit card rewards.

This materialises to be one of the finest marketing tools of all time. In order to gain more users and more credit card transactions, banks offer a variety of incentives to cheer new consumers to apply. The issuers entice consumers with assurances of sign-up gratuities, cash back rewards, frequent flyer, and 0% interest rate Balance Transfer or EMI purchases. The savviest credit card consumers take accruing these rewards to an extreme.

How do I qualify for and choose a credit card?

Just about everyone over the age of 21 with a consistent and healthy income can qualify for a credit card. For those who don’t have a credit history or an income, secured credit cards are available. For these Credit Cards, consumers need to place a deposit with the bank, and the credit card is issued basis this deposit. This is an excellent way to build up credit history to succeed for an unsecured card or loan in the future.

For consumers with a credit history and consistent and healthy income, the choices are much broader. Determine which credit card fits your requirements based on the benefits. Some were stated above, but there are more alternatives at the bottom of this article.

Choose a credit card that matches your requirements. It can help to browse card reviews that pertain to the type of card that works for you.

The finest Credit Cards for 0% interest rates on balance transfers. These are respectable for reducing balances on high-interest Credit Cards wherever you aren’t capable to pay the full bill each month.
The finest Credit Cards for accruing frequent flyer points. If you travel frequently on a particular airline, having a Credit Card branded for that particular airline can benefit you save money on supplementary travel fees and airfare.
The finest Credit Cards for receiving Cash Back. Cash Back is the holy grail of credit card rewards. They often deliver the biggest advantage per rupee spent on the Credit Card, predominantly for somebody who doesn’t travel on the same airline regularly. Every purchase earns some form of cash back, sometimes as high as 5%.

If you have any opinions about what might be essential for folks to be acquainted with about credit cards, please leave your comments here. This covers just the fundamentals; there are advices for the more advanced credit card user that will be suitable for BankCircle readers.

BankCircle is a threshold that acts as a conciliator between customers seeking loan and various financial players existing in the market. We are well recognized, secure, quick, and have excellent custom satisfaction support. You can ask for paisa any time. With our 24*7 strong customer support, we cater to need of the customers and facilitate them to review the multiple options available in the financial market. We assist them in understanding the cost involved in taking financial assistance and help them out with the best deal. With our expert team having tremendous knowledge of the pecuniary market, we provide our customers with large database to compare the offerings of various financial institutions. This enables them to make sensible decisions that could be converted into reality.

Everything you need to know about credit freezes and fraud alerts

February 1st, 2015 by admin

Identity theft continues to be an increasing problem in today’s world. This unfortunate crime can cause a lot of frustration and can have a big financial impact on your life, as well. It is important to understand credit score facts and to realize the potential dangers of identity theft. When someone uses your identity to open an account in your name, you will, ultimately, be affected. The longer it is before you catch the fraud, the harder it will be to recover. Therefore, it is important to monitor your credit score and to take the proper steps to make sure that identity theft doesn’t happen to you. There are several ways you can help protect yourself from credit fraud. If you are looking to prevent this damaging crime, you may want to consider putting a fraud alert on your credit report or putting in place a credit freeze.

Using Fraud Alert for Protection

A fraud alert on a credit report is a great tool in fighting against the damages of identity theft. This is particularly true for someone who has already been a victim of credit fraud. Applying fraud alerts could help put a stop to identity theft because they require lenders to take several measures to verify your identity before granting credit. That means that any time someone tries to open a new credit account in your name, a lender must go through several additional steps to make sure that you are actually the person applying for this credit. A fraud alert does not guarantee protection against identity theft, however, but it does add another layer in the fight against this crime. In other words, a fraud alert won’t prevent a new account from being opened with your information, but it will make it more difficult for an identity thief. A fraud alert is simple to use and won’t cost you anything. All you need to do is contact one of the three major credit bureaus and let them know that you are interested in this service.

Using a Credit Freeze

If you want a more guaranteed way to prevent credit fraud, using a credit freeze is another option for you. A credit freeze means that no new lines of credit can be granted in your name. Any attempt to open a new account will automatically be declined, meaning that it is almost a guaranteed way to stop credit fraud. However, unlike a fraud alert, a credit freeze may require a fee to either place it or remove it, and it might create a hassle if you suddenly need a new line of credit. It also makes it so that no lenders can access your credit report, and this can cause potential problems with your current creditors. If you do choose to use a credit freeze, you need to be sure to contact your financial institutions to let them know.

Check Your Credit Report on a Regular Basis

Whether you choose to use a fraud alert or a credit freeze on your account, you want to make sure to do your own credit monitoring on a regular basis. It is important to order your credit report several times a year so that you can review all of the information contained in the report. This can really help make you aware of problems that may indicate identity theft and keep your credit score as high as possible. If you spot any errors or suspicious information on the credit reports, you will need to contact the proper authorities immediately to get these problems resolved. The longer it takes for you to spot identity theft, the more damage you may incur and the more difficult it might be to recover. By getting your credit report several times per year, you should be able to stay on top of everything and catch any potential identity theft as soon as possible. When you monitor your credit score, you may be able to protect your identity and your financial future.

Protecting yourself against identity theft is very important, and there are several steps you can take to make sure it doesn’t happen. By placing a fraud alert on your credit report, you will prevent new accounts from opening without proper verification. A credit freeze is also a helpful way to prevent identity thefts from taking advantage of your personal information. Even if you use these services, it’s still important to perform your own credit checks on a regular basis. When you frequently order your credit report, you give yourself the best protection possible in the fight against credit fraud.

Joy Mali is an active finance blogger who is fond of sharing interesting finance management tips to encourage people to manage their personal finances. More specifically, she advocates that people should check credit reports and scores regularly.

Everything About Olin Credit Union

January 17th, 2015 by admin

Its’ general assets that it manages is round three hundred and thirty million.

As with every credit score union ins America, Olin neighborhood is a not for revenue organization run by it is members, which obviously makes most individuals really feel higher about dealing with them, as a outcome of they know they have nothing to achieve by having them join. When coping with an organization, you understand what their important focus is-profit. However, this is not the case with credit score unions in America.

When dealing with the Olin Neighborhood Credit score Union, you’ll generally obtain higher rates of interest simply because it is run by the members. These are the people who get to vote on the rates of interest, who runs the company, etc.

In case you take care of Olin credit union, you probably can anticipate to have a large say within the affairs of the union, one thing you certainly would not have when coping with your local financial institution for financial institution.

Also, as you probably expect from credit score unions these days, you probably can mange your account with Olin neighborhood entirely via the web, so you don’t have to drive anywhere, clearly a giant time saver. When you don’t reap the benefits of this, you’re needlessly dropping countless hours every month.

However, if you happen to don’t feel comfortable having your personal info on the web (regardless that it will possible be kept securely) there are 5 totally different places you presumably can drive to with a purpose to handle your money.

In fact, now the important question: who qualifies for membership? Anybody who is employed or resides in the Madison, Macoupin, Montgomery, Bond, Fayette, Jersey, Greene and Calhoun counties can change into a member. If you occur to do not take benefit of this, you’re needlessly dropping numerous hours every month.

Nevertheless, in the event you don’t feel comfy having your private information on the internet (although it is going to be saved securely) there are 5 totally different areas you probably can drive to in order to manage your money.

After all, now the important query: who qualifies for membership? Anybody who’s employed or resides within the Madison, Macoupin, Montgomery, Bond, Fayette, Jersey, Greene and Calhoun counties can develop into a member. You do not have to work for a sure company or the federal government to do so.

The bottom line is, in case you really feel better about dealing with a credit union versus a monetary company, as many individuals do, and meet the above criteria, then becoming a member of the Olin Community Credit union simply is more likely to be the very best resolution you ever made.

So is the Olin neighborhood credit score union the perfect group to entrust your cash with? here is a few quick data and info about hem that can assist you make this determination.

First off, Olin group credit union is located within the state of Illinois, and has nearly forty thousand members, making it one of the bigger credit unions in the area. Its’ total property that it manages is round three hundred and thirty million.

As with every credit union ins America, Olin group is a not for revenue group run by it is members, which clearly makes most individuals feel higher about coping with them, because they know they don’t have anything to achieve by having them join. These are the people who get to vote on the interest rates, who runs the company, etc.

If you happen to take care of Olin credit score union, you may expect to have a large say in the affairs of the union, something you definitely would not have when coping with your local bank for financial institution.

Additionally, as you probably expect from credit unions these days, you can mange your account with Olin neighborhood completely through the internet, so you do not have to drive anywhere, clearly a big time saver. When you do not reap the advantages of this, you are needlessly dropping numerous hours every month.

Nonetheless, in case you don’t feel comfy having your private data on the web (although it will be kept securely) there are five completely different locations you probably can drive to so as to manage your money.

After all, now the essential question: who qualifies for membership? Anyone who is employed or resides in the Madison, Macoupin, Montgomery, Bond, Fayette, Jersey, Greene and Calhoun counties can grow to be a member. You do not have to work for a certain company or the federal government to do so.

The underside line is, in the event you really feel better about coping with a credit union versus a monetary company, as many individuals do, and meet the above criteria, then becoming a member of the Olin Group Credit score union simply might be one of the best determination you ever made.

Micheal Henderson is an expert in writing articles about olin credit union and his site offers more informations about the subject. For more informations about olin credit union please visit %26lt;a href=’’%26gt;olin credit union%26lt;/a%26gt;, %26lt;a href=’’%26gt;the credit union%26lt;/a%26gt;, %26lt;a href=’’%26gt;the credit union%26lt;/a%26gt;,

A Little Bit of Everything For Dummies

January 16th, 2015 by admin
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Twenty years ago the very first For Dummies book, DOS For Dummies, was published. From that first printing of that first book came a series unlike anything in the publishing world, one that is global in both geography – we have been published worldwide in some 30 languages – and in coverage. No single volume can hope to summarize what thousands of titles have meant to millions of readers over the years, and we don’t claim to do that in this e-book. Rather, this e-book celebrates the breadth and depth of the For Dummies series, offering 20 chapters – in honor of our 20 years – from a list of books compiled by our global colleagues. We are confident the chapters we’ve included give you a representative glimpse at why – no matter what the topic – our products have meant so much to so many by Making Everything Easier. We’ve grouped our chapters into five main parts:

Part I: Dummies Classics, offers four chapters from some of our best-loved books. There’s a chapter from DOS For Dummies, the book that started it all, and chapters from two of our best-sellers: Windows 7 For Dummies and Sex For Dummies. And just for a bit of spice, we’ve included a chapter from French For Dummies.

Part II: Daily Dose of Dummies, offers the kind of lifestyle, self-help, and business skills that our readers have come to treasure. There’s one of our famous Part of Tens chapters from Cognititive Behavioural Therapy for Dummies and a chapter from Meditation For Dummies to help you get your center. Chapters from Leadership For Dummies and Marketing For Dummies help you develop new skills for the marketplace.

Part III, Fun with Dummies, celebrates life and all it has to offer. We’ve got chapters here from The Royal Wedding For Dummies, Guitar For Dummies, Digital Photography SLR All-in-One For Dummies, Puppies for Dummies, Knitting For Dummies, and Wine For Dummies.

Part IV, Get Social, highlights how we help you grow and develop new skills. Chapters here come from Facebook For Dummies, Social Media Marketing For Dummies, and Dating For Dummies.

Part V, Going Global, shares the worldwide appeal of the For Dummies series. These chapters from British History For Dummies, Canadian History For Dummies, and Rugby Union For Dummies were created by our global colleagues and authors and show how the For Dummies approach applies not only to whatever the subject is at hand, but also wherever the discussion is taking place.

Download and enjoy!

….more info




Everything You Need To Know About Credit Cards In India – Part 1

November 15th, 2014 by admin

Credit cards have become one of the most conveniently available financial instruments for any individual in today’s world. No matter what kind of store it is, credit cards are being accepted worldwide as a mode of payment. Whenever people consider getting the plastic money, they are often confused with what the market is offering. However, getting a credit card promises several perks besides just convenient shopping. By getting to know the product inside out, you can make a much better decision.

The Best Credit Card
Choosing the best credit card is subjective to each person. These days, banks have so much variety within this product itself that you are bound to find the perfect credit card for your use. Once you figure out what the primary purpose of your credit card is going to be, you can easily find the best credit card option for yourself. From student credit cards for people who are still studying, to business credit cards for entrepreneurs, to customized credit cards for women, there are choices galore.

The Easiest Way To Apply For A Credit Card
You can now apply for a credit card from the comfort of your own home. No matter where you are, as long as you have an internet connection, your application can be done without you even leaving the house. Banks have their own websites which allow you to complete the application process without any issues. They then either send representatives to answer your questions and take the required documents or you can even mail them scanned copies from your home.

Which Bank Should You Go With
Always go with the bank that’s giving you the most tailor made option for your credit card. Your interest rates should be comparatively low and the terms of the bank you choose should be comfortable for you to deal with. However, make sure that the bank you choose is trustworthy. It should be reputed and have standards for safety and precaution. Speak to experts if you’re in doubt and read reviews of other customers and their credit cards before making a decision.

Do Thorough Research
Make sure that whatever credit card you choose, you do a thorough research on everything involved with your choice. Read up on different types of credit cards you can choose from, speak to bank representatives and experts and go through testimonials online. An exercise that will take hardly any time or effort, it will nonetheless be more helpful than you know. You can make your choice easily knowing that there’s nothing for you to be worried about because you know everything involved in the process and cannot be taken for a ride.

Credit cards are meant to make a buyer’s life easy. Whichever one you choose, make sure that it serves that purpose as opposed to adding to your worries in terms of finance. Credit cards in India are now being accepted almost everywhere and people are finding it more and more convenient to use the plastic cash.  Get your own credit card and shop conveniently!

The author is a seasoned writer on finance topics, and her articles help readers more efficiently manage money matters. She writes about a variety of topics covering home loans , car loans, personal loans, credit cards, debit cards, insurance, etc.

Everything You Need To Know About Credit Cards In India – Part 2

October 28th, 2014 by admin

Credit cards are making life easier for shoppers worldwide. However, knowing which one to go for and how to handle it is much easier with a little bit of guidance. Credit cards can turn into financial burdens when not chosen with caution or used inappropriately.

Make sure that the plastic cash you carry around is there to make your finances easier and not turning into something you have to worry about all the time. Below are some pointers to help you get started.

Your Credit Card Cycle
Make sure that whatever credit card you have, you’re well aware of its payment cycle. Some credit cards have no interest charged on the purchases as long as you pay back the amount within the bill cycle. Late payments have a certain amount of interest that’s added and this amount is usually decided by the bank you opt for.

Safety Against Credit Card Fraud
Everyone has to be careful about their credit cards getting stolen or misused. Make sure that your bank is not going to hold you responsible for credit card fraud in anyway. If your credit card gets stolen you should not have to be financially accountable for the expenses made. Speak to your credit card company and find out what the process is in such cases much before you make the final decision

Why Is Buying The ‘Right’ Credit Card So Important?
Credit cards are extremely personalised for their buyers. Depending on what kind of things you buy and what the primary use of the credit card is going to be is what decides which kind is perfect for you. Banks have special interest rates based on your buying cycle making it much cheaper for you to have the specified card type. Also, several credit card companies have tie-ups with brands and stores, so if your shopping is primarily done from one or more of them you get discounts from them too. From reward points to air miles, credit card benefits are unlimited.

The Different Types Of Credit Cards
There are several different types of credit cards in India to suit an individual’s lifestyle. Some of them include Business Credit Cards, CashBack Credit Cards, Fuel Credit Cards, Woman’s Credit Cards, Travel Credit Cards, Rewards Credit Cards and so many more. The best credit card is the one that fits you the best and provides you with the most advantages. Choose the right one and you’ll never regret it.

Credit cards are there in plentiful for everyone to choose from. Banks have enough variety in the market right now for people to have exactly what they need and not even think twice. While credit cards make buying a more convenient process for everyone nowadays, it’s always better to know exactly how much and for what you’re to be using it. Soon making hard cash obsolete, this form of plastic money is becoming safer and easier to use. Applying for a credit card online hardly takes any time and effort and people are getting more aware about this. Get your own plastic cash now – apply for the best credit card today!

The author is a seasoned writer on finance topics, and her articles help readers more efficiently manage money matters. She writes about a variety of topics covering home loans , car loans, personal loans, credit cards, debit card, insurance, etc.

Platinum Credit Cards And Everything Theyamp#039re About

February 12th, 2014 by admin

Credit cards today are one of the easiest forms of cash you can carry. Accepted in most places nowadays, you know that if you need to make an instantaneous payment, you can use your credit card without batting an eyelash. Banks have such a variety of cards that you can find exactly the kind of credit card suited to your needs and income. By going through a few of the categories online, you’re better aware when you’re trying to choose. In choosing the perfect credit card, though, there are several other factors that you have to go through and be aware of.

Credit card frauds are a very real possibility today. Online payments and purchases and the sheer volume of credit cards being used all over the world make it very easy to be a victim of credit card fraud. You have to make sure that the bank you’re applying to has adequate security and ideal clauses for such situations. You should have no liability in case of fraud and your credit card agreement has to imply exactly that.

Another thing that you have to thoroughly research before you decide is credit card interest rates. A lot of credit cards these days have no interest charged if you pay back the amount on time. Even then, different credit cards have Whenever you want to go shopping, carrying around hard cash is may not always be safe. By carrying around too much of money in your bag or wallet you expose yourself to theft or loss and it’s not a risk that any of us like to take. In such cases, credit cards are what have become our favourite solutions. Whether you want to spend a lot of money on a day of shopping or you have to buy a necessity for your home, credit cards are the key that you’re looking for. With a majority of people now opting for credit cards in India, banks are starting to provide as many options as the consumers can handle. The plastic money is becoming the preferred option for everybody including retailers and dealers as they feel safer just swiping out a customer’s purchases. However, despite all the options a person can pick from, a platinum credit card is what grabs the most attention.

Being the elite choice among all the other credit card options, the platinum card has a much higher credit limit than other lower variants. Banks only provide this option to people who have more than a certain amount of monthly income, so they can be sure in knowing that the card owner can and will pay back the amount spent. The best part about platinum credit cards is that the interest rate charged to you is much lower than other credit cards you can opt for. A lot of banks offer their pre-existing customers platinum credit cards once they know that you’re loyal and reliable customers.

Platinum credit cards have a large number of benefits, too. While you might get a certain amount of rewards with a gold or silver credit card, platinum credit cards would ensure that you receive a lot more. Another great benefit with platinum credit cards is that you sometimes even get added plans of a particular insurance policy. The chances of credit card fraud are also lowered with these credit cards as there are several more security programs and measures that have been taken. All in all, it’s the best you can choose from in terms of safety, added benefits, credit limits and so much more.

Generally offered to people in the higher income sector, banks ensure that people who own platinum credit cards have more spending power. These cards ensure that the banks get a better deal too as people with these cards  use them a lot more and shop for larger amounts of money than other consumers. If you need a credit card only for emergency purposes or to buy very inexpensive things every month, this card may not be of much use to you.

Platinum credit cards are the elite product of any bank providing this service. You should carefully read what each bank is offering and compare all your options before making a choice. With a platinum credit card in your pocket, you definitely don’t have anything to worry about!

The author is a seasoned writer on finance topics, and her articles help readers more efficiently manage money matters. She writes about a variety of topics covering home loans , car loans, personal loans, credit cards, debit cards, insurance, etc.

could the sears credit card agreement be considered a poem?

The Sears Credit Card agreement as is, is not poetry. Poetry is a type of language where the means of expression (the words) are as important as the content (the message). The Sears Credit Card agreement is a legally binding document. So, by definition, the meaning takes precedence of the expression. So it is prose.

But the Sears Credit Card agreement is a Performative Utterance (saying the word, or – in this case – signing to them, does something). Performative Utterances – such as the form of Baptism, or the Wedding Ceremony – have interested many postmodernist performers, particularly feminist auteurs such as Peggy Phelan.

(Feminist fascination with performative utterance probably originates in the traditional female delight in all things Bridal. The Wedding Ceremony is almost certainly the most familiar example of a performative utterance).

It should be reasonably easy to prepare the Sears Credit Card agreement in some way which would foreground its performative qualities (maybe make a YouTube video of the text, delivered by an elderly woman in a Wedding Dress).

If the Sears Credit Card agreement were treated in this way, it could easily be re-imagined as a feminist postmodernist poem.