Social Engineering The Art of Deception Psychological Warfare and Mind Manipulation

November 18th, 2015 by admin
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From the shows we watch to the ads for our favorite products, mind control is in everything. It is in the conversations that we have with friends in family. We see it when we go to the doctor’s office. There is always something that is trying to influence the way that we think and the way that we act. We might not realize it, since we’ve become so sensitized to the feeling. But this guidebook is going to spend some time showing you the various ways that mind control can work.

When most people think about mind control, they think of a cult, or at least some crazy person who is holding another hostage. While this is a serious form of mind control and will be discussed in detail in this book, it is not the only kind. In fact, most kinds of mind control are much simpler than all that, and you encounter them every day.

In this guidebook, you will learn everything that you need to know about mind control. This includes things such as:

• What is deception?

• Psychological warfare and how it is used.

• Mind manipulation and its requirements.

• Mind manipulation for influence and control.

• Who can be at risk for mind control?

• Some of the ways that you are manipulated in your daily life.

• Sneaky ways that you can use mind control to get what you want.

• Popular mind control techniques.

There is so much to learn about mind control and how this is going to influence your daily choices and actions. Take a look through this guidebook to learn how powerful a tool mind control can be.

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Get your credit repair for a good social status

September 1st, 2014 by admin

Bankruptcy credit is the most devastating thing which can happen. This is increasing day by day. Millions of people file for bankruptcy credit. Its cases are multi. Sometimes it is accumulated debt which results in bankruptcy or sometimes it is unemployment. This state not only destroys once financial condition but it bring downfall to social status. Bankruptcy credit repair is the only solution in this case. Your credit report should be improved at the earliest. Bankruptcy credit repair can be done by careful planning and patiently following those plans. Probably everybody has filed bankruptcy and there is sufficient ways to improve the credit scores.

Credit repair is the utmost important thing to bring your life back on track. A good financial record not only sorts out your financial issues but is it also takes care of your other problems. Credit repair help can be obtained by credit repair agencies. There are many agencies who are desperately working for your credit improvement. Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) is established to avail credit repair help to people and also save their privacy pertaining to credit scores.

There are several ways for fast credit repair. This can be obtained by approaching the help of a lawyer or any credit firms.  There are paid agencies who work to improve your credit scores. You can also get fast credit help all by yourself. Few careful planning of strategies will help you to fix the issues. Timely payment of bills instead of hanging them is the best way. Showing low balances on credit cards and several others credit rating will surely help you in this situation.

You will get many strategic ways to fix bad credit. There are many reputable credits firms. They not only devise ways to take you out from bad credit but also work on improving credit scores. To fix bad credit you can also contact various bureau or attorney general offices. From them you know the legal ways to sort out the problems. Often credit firms charge extra to lay person. Acquiring some prior knowledge in credit repair process will help you a lot in the long run.

Most people realize the importance to improve credit scores only when it gets grave. The first step towards improving it is approaching the help of FICO   or credit scores is way of calculating scores on your credit with certain mathematical calculations. Fico ranges between 300 to 850 scores. Knowing your FICO is essential if you are in the way to improve credit score.

There are many self help ways to raise credit scores. The first and also the most vital way are to get a copy of your credit status from three main credit rating agencies. Reports from these three agencies will help you to make comparatively analysis of your credit scores. While studying the reports make sure that those reports have no errors.  A minute error can bring your credit scores down. Not having enough or new credit cards also help to raise credit score. More cards mean low credit scores.

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