Trouble in Paradise New Adult Rock Star Romance Tyler and Katie’s Story #2

November 17th, 2015 by admin
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Sometimes you have to get lost to find paradise…

When I met Tyler Cook, it was the end of a past I didn’t want to look back on and the beginning of a future I couldn’t wait to start.

One lick of Tyler, and that’s all it took. I was addicted. To him, to his wild, raucous life as a rock star on the road with the band Trouble, and eventually, to most of the drugs I discovered he was taking to make that life—and the secrets he was being forced to keep—a little more bearable.

But I couldn’t quit him, no matter how much it hurt. If you met Tyler, you’d understand why I think he’s so worth it. The man plays guitar like he f*cks—plugged in, turned on, and set to the ultimate high. Every girl wants him but I’m the only girl he wants.

Now he’s clean, he’s mine, and I have everything I could have ever dreamed of.

Until it all comes unplugged and our world goes blacker than black. And then I have to decide if the tormented, broken man I love more than anything is worth everything—even risking my own life.….more info




Taste for Trouble Blake Brothers #1 The Blake Brothers Trilogy

May 28th, 2015 by admin
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Another smart, sexy contemporary romance from award-winning author Susan Sey…

On the field, soccer star James Blake is pure poetry. Off the field? He’s pure trouble. When his fondness for fast women and bar brawls lands him a suspension from the game, he’s prepared to take his punishment like a man. But since when does a suspension come with a live-in nanny?

TV baking maven Belinda West is the epitome of home-made hospitality, on-screen and off. The personal is the professional when you’re selling the good life, after all. But when her wedding day implodes in front of a live studio audience, Bel’s career goes into a death spiral. She’ll do anything to save it, even take charge of soccer’s most famous bad boy.

To hell with the morals clause in his contract; James isn’t about to shape up for some knock-off Mary Poppins. But since when does Mary Poppins laugh like a naughty angel and smell like sugar cookies? He’s not looking for love but that kiss of hers is practically perfect in every way. And James has a powerful taste for trouble.….more info




Bad Credit History Loansloans Without Any Trouble

December 9th, 2014 by admin


Wishing to go along with the costly world and to enjoy luxuries, compulsively everyone have to take help of loans. And due to heavy burden of interest rates, some of the time it becomes rather difficult to repay the lending amount with the stipulated interest rates on fixed time. Due to these continuous debts and improper management of credit cards one has to face bad credit history in his life career. Due to the bad credit history you had created, you will be not able to get new loans. At these situations bad credit history loans will help you get the money you want.

Types of bad credit history loans:

There are two conventional ways of getting bad credit history loans.

1) Secured bad credit history loans.

2) Unsecured bad credit history loans.

If you are having an asset to keep as a security to the lender, you can take up the secured Bad Credit History Loans . The amount available through these loans is £5000-£75000 for a term of 5-25 years. Due to the collateral submitted to the lender the rate of interest is very low in spite of the bad credit history.
If you don’t have collateral then you can take up the money without the need of pledging any collateral with the lender, for your needs. The amount available through this option is £1000-£25000 for a term or 6 months to 10 years. The rate of interest is high due to bad credit history and also no collateral is submitted to the lender.


Online process helps you to make your search more specific. Online search for bad credit history loan takes less time as sitting in one place you come across many lenders. Just fill an online application that charges no fees.

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Instant Approval Bad Credit Loans – Gain Trouble Free Cash Money Online

August 26th, 2014 by admin

Are you trapped with financial monetary crisis? Need an immediate financial aid? Have poor credit score? All loan providers may refuse your loan request due to your bad credit status. At the time of urgent requirement you cannot manage to postponed or ignore it any case. Unexpected occurrence of expenditures in the mid of the month could be very difficult as at such time you don’t absent with enough amount from your fixed monthly earnings. At crisis time, instant approval bad credit loans give you easy cash assistance within no time of application. As the name implies, these loans get speedily approved by the loan provider with less formalities involved. Moreover, all bad credit holders can liberally demand quick cash help from these helpful loans.

You can raise cash help through instant approval bad credit loans can be utilized to meet several short term fiscal demands such as grocery bill, Phone or credit card bill, Car repair, Medical expenses, going for holidays, planning some kitty party and several other expenditures among others. Once you have satisfied the above loan endorsement conditions, you will be allow to obtain cash money funds ranging from £80 to £1500, for a refund period of 1 to 31 days. These loans carry a bit higher interest rate as it is short term nature of finances. You can easily extend the repayment terms as per your personal obligations.

It is very simple to take instant approval loans for bad credit. However you need to fulfill certain terms and conditions for the loan approval which includes-

• You must have completed the age of 18 years or more.
• You should be permanent resident of UK
• Permanent employee of a firm, with a fixed salary of minimum £1000
• Hold an active bank account under your name.

All bad credit record records are satisfactory such as CCJ, IVA, missed payment, arrears, defaults and bankruptcy among others. Online application services are the best standard by which via easy cash loans for bad credit now there will be no more anxiety for monetary constraints and loan request rejections due to poor credit score.

Instant approval bad credit loans offer a wonderful method to get immediate financial backing to carry out urgent requirement on time without concerning about bad credit tag. These loans contain lesser formalities such as no credit check, no fax and less paperwork which make the loan endorsement faster.   

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Credit Scores Small Mistakes That Spell Big Trouble

January 7th, 2014 by admin

Most people are aware of the big actions that can cause your credit score to take a tumble: filing bankruptcy, having an account sent to collections,or being foreclosed upon. However, these are not the only actions that can decrease your credit score. Here are some other mistakes a consumer can make with their credit. While not ‘major offenders’, these 5 missteps can still prohibit you from joining the credit elite.

Maxing out your credit card.

 The balance to limit ratio is almost as important as paying your bills on time, accounting for 30% of your credit score.  A good rule of thumb is to never charge over 30% of your credit limit. This means if you have a total of $10,000 as the limit on your credit cards, you should never have a balance greater than $3,000.

Consumers who think they are managing their finances wisely by only having one credit card, but are using over 30% of the limit are actually HURTING their credit score.

 Missing a payment

 Just one 30 day late payment can drop your credit score significantly. Payment history is the single most important factor in the calculation of your credit score, at 35%.

A consumer who has no late payments on their credit history is gaining lots of points for their positive usage! One late pay can change all that. It is possible for a good credit score to drop 80 points with just one 30 day late.

Whether you sign up for automatic payments through your bank, get an app that reminds you, or write the date your bills are due on your calendar, pay those bills on time!

 Not checking your credit report.

It is estimated that over a third of credit reports contain some sort of error. These bits of erroneous information can be accounts showing late that were actually not late, collections that should have never gone into collections, or accounts that are not even yours! 

By not checking your credit report, these errors linger on your credit history and can cause your score to take a dive. Be sure you are checking your credit report at least once a year.  Review all accounts, balances, and payment history.  Make certain to follow up on any information that looks erroneous, and get it removed from your report by filing a dispute.

 Co-signing a loan.

 Sure, you want to be a good friend, neighbor, cousin, brother, etc. and help obtain a line of credit your loved one cannot qualify for on their own.   However, becoming a co-signer on a loan for someone else is really asking for trouble.  If the borrower does not pay on time or at all, you are responsible for the loan.

The loan will also show up on your credit report and be factored into your credit score. If the borrower is paying late, all those late pays will show up on your credit report, affecting your credit score in a very negative fashion. And once that happens, there is nothing you can do about it.

The scariest part of all is that this can happen without your knowledge. Co-signers rarely receive a copy of the bill, so they would not be made aware of the issue until the account was in a default status.

The best advice on this one is: Just say NO!

 Closing an old credit card

 15% of a person’s credit score is their length of credit history.  Credit cards are factored in by the age of the oldest account, and the average age of all the accounts.

Look at this example. Say you have 4 credit cards. The oldest is one you opened in college, 22 years ago. The others you have had 15 years, 9 years, and one you just opened 2 years ago.  Currently, the oldest account is 22 years old, and the average age of the accounts is 12 years.  If you close the oldest account, that changes the oldest account to 15 years, and the average age of the accounts decreases to 8 years. This change in credit history can cause a decrease in your credit score.

The best idea would be to keep the old credit card, and use it a few times a year to make sure it is positively factored into your credit score.

 It’s obvious to guard against bankruptcy, foreclosures, and collections.  Also make it a top priority to put measures in place to make sure you don’t make any of these small credit mistakes either.  Your credit score will thank you for it!

Susan McCullah is the Product Development Director of Data Facts, Inc, a 22 year old Memphis based company.

Data Facts is a leading nationwide provider of mortgage product and pre-employment screening solutions. Check out Data Facts’ full explanation of services at

What does the security clearance involve for the navy’s nuclear program?

i recently signed my nuke contract, but i heard from a reliable source that they may take it away if i don’t pass my security clearance. the only thing that might be a problem is my credit. i have a below average credit score and a good bit of debt. is this going to be a problem?

The key is to upfront about everything and disclose it all. If they find something later and think you were hiding it – that will be a problem.