The Devil Will Come A Thriller

July 9th, 2015 by admin
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#1 International Bestseller

New from the internationally bestselling thriller writer Glenn Cooper, whose books have sold more then 6 million copies worldwide, comes The Devil Will Come.

The stars move still, time runs, the clock will strike,

The Devil will come, and Faustus must be damned.

These enigmatic lines from Christopher Marlowe’s play Doctor Faustus may hold the key to a shocking, centuries-old truth in the thrilling new novel by internationally best-selling author Glenn Cooper.

Elisabetta Celestino, a brilliant young archaeologist at work in Rome’s ancient catacombs, has discovered a unique pattern of astrological symbols on an underground wall. She feels sure that evidence of a previously unknown pre-Christian sect lies in an adjacent chamber where the untombed skeletons bear a strange anomaly, and is devastated when the Vatican refuses to support her excavation project.

Ten years later, a cave-in damages the vault, and a shocking discovery is made. Following a violent and traumatic event, Elisabetta has left has left archaeology behind for the serenity of prayer and teaching, but the young nun unexpectedly finds herself in a race to solve the secret of the catacomb and prevent an apocalyptic event that threatens not only the Vatican but the future of mankind.

Moving between present-day Europe, 1st-century Rome, and Elizabethan England, The Devil Will Come is an exhilarating tale of a battle between good and evil that has been fought in the shadows through the centuries and across continents—and that both sides are willing to kill to keep secret.

About the Author:

Glenn Cooper has a background in archaeology from Harvard and practiced medicine as an infectious diseases specialist. He was the CEO of a biotechnology company for almost twenty years, has written numerous screenplays and has produced three independent feature films. His novels have sold over six million copies in thirty-one languages. He lives in Gilford, New Hampshire.


In The Devil Will Come, Glenn Cooper is once again skillful in playing with continuous transitions between past and present and shows he fights on the same field as Dan Brown and the esoteric thriller. He has constructed a story full of suspense taking us through dark periods like the Middle Ages and the first community of Christian martyrs.”

Luca Crovi, Il Giornale, Italy

“Glenn Cooper, the Indiana Jones of literature.”

Annarita Briganti, La Repubblica

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How Financial Transparency Ranking will improve Annual Report Contents

May 6th, 2015 by admin

Source Capital and BusinessDAY have come out with an innovative way to improve the level of financial disclosure and transparency in published annual reports. The introduction of a ranking of quoted companies based on the level of financial disclosure and transparency in their published annual reports will improve the contents of annual reports in Nigeria.  

There is no such ranking in the country currently and most companies basically follow the minimum regulatory guidelines in the contents of their annual reports. An evaluation of these contents by analysts who need this information to make an informed investment decision has been largely considered inadequate.  Usually the information in most annual reports are generic, full of platitudes with no in depth explanation of the rational of the business, the risks faced by the business, the strategies put in place to navigate identified risks and forward looking analysis of the company’s position.

Where detailed information is provided, non financial information, that cannot be deduced from the annual report are usually absent. Employee turnover, manufacturing capacity, market share, liquidity position, working capital needs and projections are all information that managers often do not disclose in annual reports. It is to ensure a more detailed disclosure in annual reports, which is the most accessible document, available to all stakeholder interested in a quoted company for their different reason that Source Capital and BusinessDAY have introduced the ranking.

Currently, the FTRA has separate indices for banks and non banks with a separate index for ranking the insurance sector still being worked out.  For banks, the FTRA will cover governance and risk management disclosure in their financial statements.

 The governance section covers disclosures concerning; Board Matters, Remuneration Matters, Accountability and Audit matters. The Risk Management section will analyze the disclosure of banks concerning their Credit Risk, Market Risk, Operational risks, Other risk (Strategy, IT, Legal and Reputational risks) practices.

 Over 100 indices for each area of disclosure have been developed. The sum of points scored by each bank will be covered to percentage scores. The higher the score, the higher the level of disclosure and transparency in the published annual reports analyzed.

The percentage scores will further be converted to an index on a scale of 10 which will be called the Financial Transparency Index (FTI). This index will be attached to the company’s or bank’s listed name on the stock exchange. This will be the indication of the level of financial disclosure by the company or bank, for example if XYZ Bank Plc has an FTI score of 6.5 and ABC bank has a FTI Score 2.5 then any external party looking at this information should easily be able to interpret this to mean that XYZ Bank Plc has a high level of disclosure and transparency in its financial statements than that of ABC Bank Plc.

For none banks, the FTRA will be ranking companies based on the level of their governance disclosures and that of the quality of their Management, Discussion and Analysis (MD%26A). The quality of the MD and A indices have been fashioned based on the exposure draft of the International Accounting Standards Board (IASB) which is in the process of becoming a non binding accounting standard for companies soon. It is quite detailed and ensures that management convinces all stakeholders that they understand the business they are running.  

In future, there are plans to extend this ranking to the public sector to cover state and local governments.

Usefulness of the FTI

Several studies have shown that companies showing a higher level of financial disclosure and transparency in their annual reports are better managed and financially stronger than companies that have low levels of disclosure and financial transparency.

For investors the Financial Transparency Index will thus serve as a good guide of where to put their money. Companies with higher FTI scores will naturally be a better investment choice than companies that have low FTI scores. The FTI greatly simplifies the investor’s decision making process as he or she no longer needs to go through several pages of different annual reports to see companies that are well managed and that deserve his or her earned money. The FTI will greatly simplify the process of investment choices for investors

How it benefits regulators and other stakeholders;

For regulators, the FTI will be an invaluable tool. At a glance, regulators will be able to easily identify companies/banks that pose high risk to the system and increase their supervision and regulatory activities on these companies or banks. Banks/companies with a low FTI score will naturally have a higher risk level than banks with a high FTI score.

Other Stakeholders

Depositors: The FTI will be a good indication of which bank to place their monies as higher FTI scores will indicate a strong bank or company.

Tax Authorities: A higher FTI score will definitely mean that the bank or company is making correct tax returns while a lower FTRA will mean that the bank or company’s tax returns bear further scrutiny  

Suppliers/Creditors: A high FTI score means a company that is in position to pay its suppliers without much difficulty while a low FTI score will mean that company will likely delay payments to its suppliers and may not be in position to even pay its debts.

A credible advisory board has been formed to administer the FTRA.

Finance and communication specialist with experience in banking, research and financial analysis and media. Academic qualifications include an M Sc in Banking and Finance, a Bachelor’s Degree in Finance and professional affiliation to the Chartered Institute of Stockbrokers (CIS level I) and the National Investor Relations Institute (NIRI) United States. Good computer skills- Microsoft Excel, Access and Word-. Won four different merit awards in financial journalism

How Will Your Kids Feel If They Know You Didnamp#039t Know This Much Concerning Credit Refinance

April 18th, 2015 by admin
It’s tough to provide exact credit refinance information and facts, specially in the form of very well written and educative content articles, nonetheless we now have gone through the difficulty of putting together as much handy related tips as possible. In case you are curious about further secrets in some manner linked to credit refinance the following content article ought to help quite a lot.

Every homeowner with a bad credit is quite aware of the difficulty involve in getting any sort of financing. What with credit card firms refusing to give credit, auto loan firms demand increased rates of interest plus department stores may simply refuse to avail credit. Is you are facing all these problems and more, your best bet is to opt for a bad credit mortgage refinance.

Do you want to begin the process of refinancing your bad credit loan? Then, it is significant you contact a dependable mortgage broker to talk about your position. Mortgage brokers are the main sources for poor credit refinance loans and an ideal mortgage broker has the expertise to see you through credit repair too.

If you are researching for a mortgage refinance provider and you happen to find the ideal one that meet your requirement; make sure you fill their application document carefully. It may interest you to know that other applicants who perhaps have better credit score than you are applying as well. Hence, you have to be thorough in your application.

Think about what you’ve read so far about credit refinance. Does it reinforce what you already know about the subject matter or such related information? Or was there something completely new? Perhaps the remaining paragraphs of this article will do the trick?

One of the best ways to avail auto loan refinance is to improve your credit rating. Hence, if your credit rating has been in good shape since you initially financed your car loan for instance, you will easily get the loan at an affordable rate. Luckily, time is the primary factor when it comes to improving one’s credit score. Some years say two, after a deplorable happening, such as foreclosure or bankruptcy, and it stops to have a crucial influence on your credit score.

Do you know that factors like cash reserves, investment and increase in earning capacity can easily enhance your credit score? With this you can have lots of invitations from brokers sites. However, get the best from this it will pay you to research various lenders before settling on any.

This web site contains specific as well as general tips and hints related to credit refinance. It also contains information somewhat related to credit refinance. Spend some time to go through our several other many and also really revealing writings and you will agree that this is indeed one content website of repute worth returning to and one which is worthy of ratting to your friends, work colleagues, relatives and even well-wishers about.

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Will Bankruptcy Affect My Credit Report

April 15th, 2015 by admin

Copyright (c) 2010 Suzy Vanstrusen

Credit problems are piling up due to the current recession we are experiencing nowadays. Some loses their jobs which reduces their capabilities provide for our loved ones. We often seek high interest credit accounts just to have sufficient amount of money to support our needs. We tend to just settle for the first lender who will extend us credit lines. Just before we can recollect our thoughts, we are faced with a more serious debt problem. These events made us resort to filing for bankruptcy.

Still, bankruptcy has its own set of benefits. This option can allow us to avoid losing our assets to repossession. It can prevent us from having our utilities services cut off. A bankruptcy can also put an end to harassing collection calls and activities of our creditors. And, most significantly, filing for bankruptcy can give us a fresh start. It can allow us to enjoy a life without all the stress and worries that are associated with unsettled credit.

Despite these benefits, a lot of people are still doubtful about this option. They think that having a bankruptcy in their credit report will totally damage their credit information. Others may also think that bankruptcy can eternally prevent them from receiving credit. But are these notions accurate? What is the impact of a bankruptcy in your credit report? Let us discuss the answers to these questions.

Impact of Bankruptcy on Your Credit Report

A bankruptcy court will inform the three credit report firms about its final verdict on your case. The court’s decision will be reflected on your credit report. This mark will be retained in your profile for a maximum period of ten years. However, you can request credit reporting agencies to erase your bankruptcy record after seven years.

What are the reasons why people think that bankruptcy can affect their credit records in a negative way? This is because this option eliminates the credit history that people have tried to establish in the past. It can also reduce credit scores and prospects significantly. It can lower a FICO score by as much as 100 points and cause people to have a difficulty in obtaining new credit lines.

Still, it is important to note that the negative effects of bankruptcy are not permanent. After your debts have been discharged, its impact on your FICO rating also starts to dwindle. By then, you can begin working on your credit history again, for you to recover your financial health.

Life after Bankruptcy

The first thing you need to do to regain credit worthiness is to ask for your credit records. You can always contact the three credit report bureaus to give you your most recent credit file. Once you receive your report, check all the debts that have been deleted because of your bankruptcy. And review all the non-dischargeable credit you still possess. This way, you can see which accounts you still need to settle. Start paying these debts one by one and you will see that doing this will slowly increase your credit rating again.

You may also decide to open new credit accounts. You can always take a secured credit card or a personal loan. Once you get approved for any of these, you need to responsibly manage your new credit. Pay your charges in full and on-time each month. This way you can expect to have high credit scores and soon be worthy to receive low interest credit lines once again.

For people who want to learn how to repair their own credit, Suzy Vanstrusen, a credit analyst and a writer of, has been providing consumers with tips and tricks in repairing your credit. Check the site for more free credit repair and credit report score.

Letter of Credit Which Will Help You to Improve Your Own Credit Score

April 9th, 2015 by admin

Letters of credit are useful tools which intend to help you  to improve your credit score by removing the negative items from your credit  reports. These letters are normally sent to the creditors and the collection  agencies as an instrument to protect you from fraud and at the same time to  judge the credibility of the creditor with respect to its right to get  associated with your credit report. These letters of credit should always be  sent by certified mail for future record.

Letters of credit are of different types depending upon the use  you need to put it in. The most important among them are the intend to sue  letter, debt validation letter, letters to remove unauthorized hard inquiry  from your report, pay for deletion letters, letter for account re-aging  request, cease and desist letter and dispute letters to the credit bureaus to  name a few. A letter of  credit is in some way or the other related to removing the incorrect  negative listings from your credit report thereby improving your credit score.

The use of some of the most important letters of credit is  summarized below.

Debt Validation  Letter: Debt Validation Letter is normally sent to a creditor or a  collection agency whose name appears on your credit report against a particular  debt. A debt validation letter should always be send by certified mail and the  creditor or the CA must validate the debt within 30 days from the date of receipt  of your letter, else you are not liable for the debt to the creditor whose name  appears on your credit report.

Pay for deletion  letter: Pay for deletion letter is normally sent to the creditor or the CA  after they have validated your debt. It is an agreement with the creditor by  the borrower by which the creditor promises to remove the negative listing from  your credit report once the debt has been paid in full.

Dispute letters with  the credit bureaus: A dispute letter is sent to the credit bureaus if you  do not agree with certain negative listings in your credit report. When you  send a dispute letter to the credit bureaus, the credit bureau verifies the  listing with the creditor, and if they find the listing incorrect, they remove  it from your credit report.

Cease and Desist  Letter: If you find any debt collector disturbing you continuously over  phone for collection of a particular debt which you do not owe, you can send a  cease and desist letter to the debt collector.

Anthony Marx is a professional credit consultant associated with various financial web communities. He is a financial writer of the credit community and helps people to recover from credit problems.

Fast Credit Repair Will Help You Qualify For The Loan You Want

April 9th, 2015 by admin

If you are one of those people suffering from a bad credit score you need to take serious measures for fast credit repair. When you have a bad credit rating you will have to spend more to be able to borrow. And it becomes very difficult to approach lenders and agencies for loans and other financial products. When you have improved your situation you will understand that having a good credit report really matters and you can enjoy life and get the things you need much more easily.

There are different ways in which you can accomplish a fast credit repair. You can either do it on your own or use the help of a number of agencies that specialize in credit repair. The time taken for the repair will vary from person to person because it depends on the amount of damage in your report. You will have to go through each step patiently and wait for the results to show. However, by making a serious effort on your part you will be able to emerge with a good score.

The first step for fast credit repair is to get the free annual copies of your report from the credit reporting bureaus. Once you get them you will have to go through the reports carefully.

The reports from all three bureaus may be slightly different from each other because the reports would have been prepared according to the information your creditors have sent them. So you have to carefully verify each of these reports for any mistakes. When you find errors you have to notify them in writing with relevant proof to support your claim.

Try paying off your debts. This will help you in a big way. By paying off your debts your creditors will report your new balance to the bureaus. This will increase your score to a great extent. Another way is to negotiate with your creditors. By negotiating you should be able to lower your interest rates or even reduce a certain amount from what you owe. If this is possible you should pay off the amount instantly and you will be able to repair your credit much quicker.

If you are unable to do this on your own you can use the help of some reputable companies who specialize in credit repair. Since they have the experience in dealing with such problems they will be able to identify the measures you need to adopt for repairing your credit. They will also do all the negotiations on your behalf to improve your credit rating. You have to identify a reputable company that has a lot of experience in this field and can guide you in the best possible way.

Are you looking for fast credit or fast credit repair? Be sure to visit my sites for all your credit needs.

Internet shopping. Pros and cons. Will it Work For You

March 9th, 2015 by admin
Everyone seems to be talking about online researching. It is simple and even requires a reduced amount of energy and also stress compared to a vacation to that shopping mall. Online searching applies unbelievable choice proper close at hand. By great stores to specialized accessories, the modern designer trends plus closeout specials, it’s almost all at It time there. You’ll discover toys, high-end art together with collectibles, cutting edge computers and electronic products, flea marketplace realizes and also auctions galore. In fact, you can find about anything you can possibly imagine On line, but some issues that truly are not.

Internet shopping is mostly a blessing to shut-ins, busy working folk and anybody whom, for whatever reason, simply cannot obtain released and even do heavy – duty hunting. Nowadays you can have a world-class selection of items when you need it plus obtain the majority of your store shopping finished in a single afternoon without having ever before venturing out in to targeted visitors, or trudging as a result of crowded shopping malls.

In several ways, On the net shopping can be a come back to the favorable days of the past as soon as shipping products were definitely confirmed. This alone can make the difference involving sending token flowers plus dispatching something great on specialized occasions. Your selections can be wrapped and even with respect to delivery in less time than the drive to the supermarket. and for the changing times when flowers really are a top quality rucksack, you can today actually pick what you want and even those solutions are incredible.

shopping Online beats catalogue searching which has no trouble, too. On the web you need incredible choices by means of far less dedication than pouring through stacks of mags plus sitting which has a phone at hold to be told that the color or maybe size is absolutely not available. Formerly tiresome buying tasks are now able to be done in minutes while using the click of some mouse.

Even though gift delivery is certainly a plus at special activities, it doesn’t stop at It time there. It is possible to buy a whole new closet, a wedding or possibly prom dress up, company supplies, an alternative computer, you may redecorate your home, or possibly shop for a new one, dabble inside stock market, stabilize a checkbook, pay ones own bills and even buy a car or truck your computer. Consequently, what’s the catch?

Street smarts are definitely the rule On the web together with off. Absolutely everyone already knows use searching, certain things you need to do and also don’t do in regards to your money and unfortunately your personal security. On line that goes double.

In the Computer:

In addition to a couple well-honed cyber block smarts, when searching online you should in the first instance be comfortable with your computer. There are several things to reflect upon should you be new to on line searching. The first is always to click the BUY button only ‘once. ‘ It may take a couple minutes for any transaction to process. If you happen to mouse click buy twice, you can be making the exact same purchase twice. There is not generally too high of an trouble in clearing up the double purchase, nevertheless it might be a hassle. Increase clicking is mostly a common error for first-time On the net shoppers.

Your second big rule is always to keep replications of everything relevant to the transaction. Print out the pages along with the description and also prices with the items you order. Use your charge card receipt. Most businesses will email a copy of the receipt as well. Retain that as well, plus make sure it matches your online information.

As just about all computer users discover, sometimes a glitch might derail this best-laid designs. But if the printer is down or simply falls when you make an attempt to find your print outs, find the ‘Print Screen’ key on your keyboard. Press that. Then go into your word digesting or simply paint process and also click ‘Paste. ‘ It is best to now see a picture of that which was on ones own screen at the time you made ones purchase. It is the next nicest thing if a printer is unavailable.

Okay, you are at ease your computer already. All possible secrets are covered and you simply are ready for a few serious store shopping. What about those so-called cyber smarts?

Cyber Streets Smarts:

Smart online shoppers, just like those with the physical world, know there are generally certain things you decide to do to keep up yourself. That they know to be aware of the local where they are buying. That they know to be aware of the reputations in the places the place they do business. That they know to enjoy their pouches, and also most notably, once they remain strangers, that they know to be aware of who might be scrutinizing them slightly too strongly.

Know whom What you are doing Business By means of:

Do a little explore. any one can build a website. If you happen to encounter an unfamiliar company where you intend to shop, discover out whom they can be. Look for a great address. Be wary involving any company that doesn’t list a particular. An address is no guarantee, but feel free to use it to examine references while using the Bbb, BETTER BUSINESS BUREAU. Their on line site with http: //bbb. org/ comes with nationwide results.

Sometimes you may want more information than the BBB gives you. In It instance, after the BETTER BUSINESS BUREAU check, use your favorite search engine together with try a particular ‘about look. ‘ The difference in the ‘about search, ‘ and looking for the site, is that you already know where the site is; now you ought to discover out what people are saying about it. Generally, just setting ‘about’ working on the company name will get you started.

To obtain a very small pay for, it’s possible you’ll wish to dispense with all this investigating. Although do make use of a low limit charge card. Which any time anything does become a mistake, a possibility which far awry. Certainly, most people know about the $50 accountability limit, nonetheless cheap limit card can be a problem saver internet.

You may choose not to train on a debit card On the net at all. A lot of debit cards tend not to offer the same protections against fraud as credit card providers. You will be putting the whole bank account at stake.

While you are in it, make certain to check out the return insurance coverage and guarantee. Internet plus off, most good companies accomplish accept comes back, either by giving a cash refund or product change. Note, however, delivering costs can even be not refunded with regard to Internet purchases.

On line Security:

Once you have found precisely what you are generally in need of, checked out the owner, and also their profit policy; the next thing you need to do is make certain the web page is protected. Secure means your personal information is encrypted in transit to the seller’s server. This prevents unauthorized (hacker) entry plus possible misuse with the credit info.

Examine the URL with the address bar. If the site is encrypted you should see a great ‘s’ directly following on From the http – enjoy https: //… The main site will not be encrypted, but the order page for any transaction should be.

Other things to look for – depending on the browser, you may see either an open or even closed padlock, or even whole or possibly destroyed key. If the important is broken or the lock amenable, you should assume that this site is never encrypted.

Sometimes safety measures issues get tricky. Suppose you really know the owner, it’s a solid local company, but there’s no encryption system in position plus they expect that you transmit your credit information Internet. With small companies, It is most often a claim of not being totally sure better, that will never, however, mean you don’t. Within cases like this, try to look for a phone number and also call inside your order. If there is absolutely no phone number with zero mailing address, you should seriously consider whether you want to risk an credit Online transaction.

Common sense is the rule On line and also off. Defend your personal information, among them Social Safety measures Number, bank username and also passwords and also passwords. Certainly no reputable merchant has a need for ones Social Safety measures Number plus its not standard policy to require it when you buy your groceries by way of example. Requiring That for the routine purchase will need to send up some sort of red flag and you should immediately take your enterprise elsewhere.

Some Online crooks will do whatever they will think of, in all of the kinds of official looking solutions, to find your private personal information. If you happen to name, they often for me personally assure you they do indeed need your money plus password to provide you that video game. Not a chance, just because it looks fantastic, plus they tone sincere, is not going to mean it to be or they usually are, and even you may well not know there seemed to be ever a difficulty until you observe your credit report.

Don’t forget:

Internet and off, when it looks too good to remain true, it more than likely is. Don’t allow the heat of that offer lull you to abandoning your good a wise practice. Not surprisingly, you may miss the deal on the lifetime, and even that could be exactly what this unscrupulous want want you to think. Likely when not, On the web and also shut off – if that sounds too good being true, it probably is.

searching the net is destined to swap the way we trade, nevertheless it holds a brand-new frontier, with most uncertainties that go with it. The one approach to really be secure Online is to develop ones cyber block smarts and sometimes, even that are probably not enough. It will unquestionably level the field though, and as a result of keeping ones own cyber smarts well honed, you ought to be safely shop the net.

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Will Debt Management Plans Affect Your Credit Score

March 6th, 2015 by admin

Debt needs to be handled properly if you want to eliminate it. You may need to enroll into a debt management plan to give your more breathing room in your monthly budget. But, you have heard that debt management plan may badly hurt your credit, is that true?

At the time you start delay your debt payments you are hurting your credit. The longer you let your bad financial situation as it is, the more you hurt your credit score. There is no way out of debt except you pay it off. Therefore, when you enroll a debt management plan, you are putting a solution to resolve your debt issue. If comparing to a problem without a solution, a debt management plan won’t hurt your credit score as much as you may think. However, using it to pay off debt may make you difficult to qualify for new credit. But, when you clear it off by following the schedule in the plan, you can always recover your good credit later.

In order to minimum the impact that may hurt your credit score, you can always take a few precaution steps to protect it:

1. Choose a debt-management plan wisely

It is so important to choose a debt management program carefully because if the agency that misses or late in making your payment to your creditors, your credit record will be jeopardized. You have to select a credit counseling service with good reputation and reliable in helping you to get rid of debt successfully. In addition, enrollment and monthly fee for a debt management plan may vary from one agency to another. Some agencies may charge a few hundreds a month while other may only cost $20 or less. You may have to take into consideration of the monthly fee as it will be a huge lump-sum when being add-up for years as the plan may take a few years until you fully pay off your debt.

2. Make on-time payment

Late payment hurt more than the debt management plan itself. You have to protect your credit score by ensuring you make your monthly payment to your account on-time. Always pay early and allocate enough time for your check to be cleared and transfer to your account so that the credit counseling agency can pay your creditors on-time. Although there will be comments stating you are paying an account through a credit counseling agency in your credit report. The comments won’t hurt your credit score in the least.

3. Monitor your debt counselor

Even though you make payments to your account on-time, but if the credit counseling agency makes late payment to your creditors, your credit score will also be affected. Therefore, you should ensure that your creditors are paid on-time by monitoring your credit bills carefully. If you discover a problem with bills paid through your debt management account and the problem is not resolved by the credit counselor, then report the company to a local consumer protection agency or file a complaint at the Better Business Bureau.


Enrolling into a debt management plan won’t hurt your credit score as badly as your may think. But, it does affect the easiness of your future credit application. However, you could minimize the negative impact of debt management plan by following the above steps.

Visit Henry Davidson at for more information and resources on how to manage your money properly. If you are in debt, then visit the site to find the best debt management plans that can help you to get rid of debt and achieve financial freedom.

Accepting Credit Cards from Customers Will Increase Your Sales

February 28th, 2015 by admin

When a company like Starbucks, with an average sales transaction of just $4, discovers the majority of their transactions are paid for with debit or credit card – do we really need to wonder whether or not it’s necessary to accept credit cards?  Accepting credit cards will increase your sales, as almost half of all American’s carry less than $5 cash and coins in their wallet at any given time.  You will lose potential customers if your products and services cost more than the amount of cash they have on hand – where as if you accept credit and debit cards, they can grab more items.

Customers Like the Security of Credit Purchases

It may seem the potential for fraud is higher when a customer swipes their credit card, but the reality is when a customer pays for their purchase with a credit card, they know they have the backing of the bank if there is a dispute over that purchase later on.  Many credit cards also give extended warranties or replacement programs to cardholders, which further increase buyer security and make credit cards the payment method of choice for many customers.

Credit Card Rewards Programs Encourage Customer Spending

If your business accepts credit cards, you indirectly benefit from the encouragement of customer spending through rewards programs offered by credit card companies.  Customers who are trying to earn rewards through using their credit cards have been shown to spend more or use their credit card more frequently to build rewards faster.  Help your customers earn credit card rewards by accepting credit cards as payment, or you may find your credit card-using customers will go to a retailer who does accept cards in order to earn their rewards.

Accept Credit Cards to Sell to Other Businesses

Most businesses make purchases with credit cards because it’s easier for them to keep track of their spending.  If you don’t accept credit cards, you could be missing out on sales to other businesses that you would get otherwise.

Customers Buy More Than They Can Afford With Credit Cards

While no business owner wants their customers to end up deep in debt, the reality is customers are going to buy more than they can afford when they have credit cards.  They’re going to do this even if you don’t accept credit cards as payment in your own business.  For customers who need to pay for purchases over time, particularly large ticket items, using credit cards is often a necessity.  Don’t lose customers to other retailers selling the same items just because you don’t want to accept credit cards.  Credit card processing is not as expensive or difficult to set up for small business owners as it once was, and your sales volume will increase as a result of accepting credit cards as payment to help offset any fees you do have to pay.

Steve Dowell is an expert writer on subjects related to credit card processing, merchant accounts and payment processing news and innovations. Read more on his blog

Pay your debt on time and this will help you to fastly improve your credit score

February 25th, 2015 by admin

For individuals who wanting to get their first advance, the greatest hindrance may be a low financial assessment, which is an evaluation or rating in light of past credit, credits and bills and how well he has paid them. Most banks and monetary foundations termed it as the FICO score. This is an issue for new borrowers on the grounds that they have no advance history and hence, will have nothing to build a FICO rating with respect to. It turns into a bigger issue in the event that you have a poor FICO score because of unpaid service bills or you continually defer your charge card installment. One extraordinary approach to enhance your score is through a secured Visa. These are not the same as different cards in light of the fact that they just have cash on them when you store it to the bank first. With these cards, you can’t bring on any longer obligation, you don’t need to stress over paying on time in light of the fact that it naturally deducts it from your card, and over the long haul you will have the capacity to raise your score due to them. In spite of the fact that that is only one approach to enhance your FICO rating, it is one of the best and most effective methods for doing as such. At the same time, in case you’re searching for more choices and different things you can do to help it go up significantly speedier, there are different things you can do. The simplest approach to enhance financial assessment for those with practically no record as a consumer is to seek a charge card and utilization it appropriately. It doesn’t make a difference on the off chance that its a low or high investment sort, since the premium rates won’t be significant. On the off chance that you truly have almost no by method for security, a secured Visa ought to be evaded, since they require a starting store that will focus the card’s credit limit.

Are you thinking about how to improve credit score fast? Do not worry just follow these steps.

Pay off: When we have a considerable measure of debt, we will have a lower score contrasted with somebody with none. Attempt to pay off your obligation as quick as would be prudent. I profoundly suggest that you pay off your Visas with the most elevated investment rate first and foremost, and afterward move to the following most elevated.

On time: You must pay your parities on time in the event that you need a decent FICO assessment. In the event that you don’t pay on time, you score will drastically drop and make it hard to raise. It must be paid on time, or you will see yourself in the same circumstance for long.

No more cards: If you’re somebody who opens a ton of Visas, stop. The more cards you have, the more regrettable your score will be. This permits you to have more obligation which is looked as a risk to numerous banks.

No more obligation: Do not bring on any longer obligation and chip away at paying off any current obligation. The more obligation you have, the bring down your score will be. Along these lines, quit utilizing your charge cards and consider just utilizing charge or money from here on out., our goal is to provide information to consumers on the best way to improve their credit and also to provide some information on available credit cards.